The white spy was walking down the sidewalk with his hands in his pocket and was whistling. But his tune was suddenly interrupted by the sound of a car motor. He looked back to see the black spy in a convertible. He was eating a hamburger when he looked at the white spy and then started laughing and then stoke his tongue and drove off throwing his hamburger wrapper behind his back and it landed by his feet. The white spy got extremely mad and his face turned red. He kicked the wrapper, but it exploded in his face. The black spy planted a bomb in it. The white spy's face was covered with smoke and he let out a cough of black smoke.

Later the white spy was in his home. He was building a bomb. He carefully placed together a few things and then he was done. He put the rest of the bomb together and then painted the bomb white and painted his face on it. After that he turned around to what appeared to be a life size dummy of him. He put the bomb on the neck and then put on a hat. He gave out an evil laugh.

The white spy walked out of his house with him he carried a wagon and a rope. He walked a little bit until he was in town. He tied the rope to the wagon and placed the dummy in wagon in a standing position he then darted across the street where he hid in a bush. He waited until he heard the sound of a car he peeked out of the bush to and looked in binoculars he saw from a far distance the black spy driving in his convertible. He then dropped the binoculars and started pulling the rope slowly. Making the wagon slowly go across the street.

The black spy listening to music in his convertible saw the dummy but, to him he thought the white spy was crossing the street. So he slammed on the pedal and his car had a sudden jolt. He was getting closer, and closer, but he then saw that the dummy was on a wagon and that it was being pulled by a rope. But before he could do anything it was too late. All there was was a scream and an explosion. After the smoke cleared the black spy was holding what was once a steering wheel turned into dust and was caught onto the wind. The black spy shed a tear and then, in a few seconds he started crying like no other. The white spy, who was behind the bush, was rolling on the ground laughing like a hyena.