Chapter Eighteen

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(Ron, Harry and Draco go into Dumbledore's office and Ron is wielding the sword – Draco picks up the photo of Zefron.)

DRACO: Do you both see the Zefron poster?

"Seriously who is this Zefron bloke they keep going on about?" Ron shook his head.

RON: Yeah Malfoy, we know about it.

(Draco touches Zach's head)

Malfoy shook his head in disgust. What in the world was he doing?

HARRY: Listen Draco –it's not that big a deal –could you just help us look for the horcrux please?

"Words I thought I'd never say," Harry muttered to himself.

RON: Is this thing of pencils a horcrux?

"It would be something Voldemort would find extremely valuable," Dumbeldore said softly.

"Which is stupid," Sirius stated. "Look I'm not going to tell the evil git how to run his life but if it were me, I'd put it in like a knut or a pebble. Do you know how hard it is to tell a pebble apart from another pebble?"

(Harry points the necklace at it)


"That medallion sure is handy," Sirius muttered.

(Draco and Ron continue to pull various objects out and say ―is this a horcrux?‖ and HARRY: says ―no‖)

"Dumbledore wouldn't have the horcrux out in plain sight," Hermione said, shaking her head.

RON: UUUUUGHHHHH This could take forever –there are so many things in this room. The only thing of real value – is that Zefron poster.

HARRY: Wait a second! You don't think.

"It's a poster!"

"But it would be a good example of Chekov's gun."

"Uh, Hermione? It's a poster, not a gun."

(They all look at the poster. Harry held up the poster and Voldemort's face appeared through the opening where Zac's face was.

"Well that's...terrifying," Cho said.

They all screamed and ran away and then point the sword, wand etc at Voldemort, Draco is hanging on to Ron's leg)

"Malfoy, let go of my leg!"

"I'm not exactly thrilled at the prospect of touching you either Weasley!"

HARRY: Ron – kill it – kill it –it's the last horcrux!

DRACO: No, it's Zefron!

"It's both," Hermione sighed and shook her head.

RON: But it's so charismatic!

VOLDEMORT: I'm not your enemy! Potter is the enemy!

"If you think I'm just going to fall for that…"

RON: Harry is my friend.

"You bet he is!" Ron nodded and Harry grinned.

VOLDEMORT: You gotta get your head in the game Weasley! (Ron is shaking his head trying not to listen) He will betray you – he will take that which you want the most!

HARRY: Hey Ron don't listen to him – he's lying.

VOLDEMORT: I know your faults. I know what you truly desire (Hermione shows up in picture frame)

Hermione flushed, the image of the two onscreen versions of themselves kissing in the previous scene playing in her head.

HERMIONE: As long as Harry's around – you'll always be second best! But if Harry were gone – then we could be together forever!

"But...the only reason we were friends in the first place was because of Harry," Ron said softly.

RON: But Harry's my friend.

HERMIONE: But don't you want me Ron, don't ya?

RON: Yes!

HERMIONE: Don't ya want me Ron?

RON: Yes!

"Okay Weasley we get the picture!"

HERMIONE: Then you know what you gotta do!

RON: Yes – I must kill Harry (Ron starts to move like a robot (or in a trance) heading toward Harry on the floor)

HARRY: No Ron – it's a trick – don't listen to her! Stop it – Listen Hermione is one of my best friends, I would never do anything to hurt you or her! (Ron has sword raised high and ready to strike)

"Unfortunately Harry, Voldemort is very persuasive," Dumbledore sighed with a small frown. He didn't like what he saw, Voldemort messing with the lives of his students.

HERMIONE: LIES – They are all LIES

HARRY: Ron it's not true – you're my best friend! (drums building – Ron turns and hits the poster – Hermione drops it and runs away; Ron continues hitting poster)

"Yes!" Ginny sighed in relief.

HARRY: Do it again!

(Ron drops to ground exhausted, reaches up on desk and get donuts and starts eating them, Draco picks up poster)

DRACO: Put some tape on this –it's fine!

"Oh Merlin, stop focusing on the freaking poster Malfoy!"

HARRY: Ron, you had me going there for a minute buddy

RON: Oh, yeah sorry about that pal. It's just everything she was saying and I couldn't. I would never do anything to hurt you! I love you man

HARRY: I love you too man. (They hug and Draco tries to get in on the hug – Ron pushes Draco away)

Remus couldn't help but smile at the hug between Harry and Ron. It reminded him so much of the friendship James and Sirius had shared.

DRACO: Listen Chaps, as fun as this was, I thought destroying the horcrux was going to be a lot harder.

"Did...I didn't just call you two chaps did I?"

"You did Malfoy. Never do it again."

"Don't need to ask me twice Potter."


RON: When you think about it – Horcruxes are just kinda stupid!

"While it could have been said in a more elegant way...Weasley does have a point," Malfoy muttered. Why keep your soul in something so easily destroyed?

(Bellatrix and several Death eaters have Ginny and Hermione by the hair and are running into the room with her! All swords and wands are out)



"Bellatrix," Sirius growled.

DRACO: Ginny, how did you get captured? You were invisible.

"I'm going to guess...they walked into one of the Death Eaters?"


BELLATRIX: Do it Potter and they die!

HARRY: Looks like we've got our backs up against the wall with nowhere to go. Put your swords down and wands.

"You've got to be kidding me," Harry shook his head. There was no way he'd just give up...he'd die to protect his friends.

BELLATRIX: Ah, look at little bitty Harry Potter, giving orders to his little bitty baby friends.

HARRY: I'm not a baby, I'm 12.

"But...Quirrell was in our first year," Hermione said slowly as if the plot point actually pained her.

(Snape enters)

SNAPE: What the devil is going on here? Whoa – déjà vue.

BELLATRIX: We have Potter and his friends at last.

RON: Dumbledore trusted you.

HARRY: You're a big fat traitor Snape!

"Everything that has been said is accurate. I'm not used to nobody being a liar."

SNAPE: Oh a traitor am I? Potter, you're exactly right because I'm about to betray someone! Right now! (Snape cuts left hand off the closest Death Eater)

"So now you're just a double agent," Sirius shook his head. "Plus you still killed Dumbledore."

(Mass yelling; other Death eater drops to ground – Hermione and Ginny run to Ron and HARRY)

SNAPE: Bat bogey hex (pointed at last death eater, who then runs around flapping his wings)

"Such a useful spell," Ginny grinned.

BELLATRIX: Serpents sorcia! (curse someone drops a snake by Snape who picks it up and yells)

"Why would you just pick up a snake?" Malfoy asked Snape, who ignored his godson.

BELLATRIX: (pointing at Harry, etc) Don't even think about it unless you want a snake too!

"Don't even think about it Bella," Sirius growled.

(Molly Weasley enters stage left)

"Mum!" Ginny and Ron grinned.

BELLATRIX: Who the hell are you?

MOLLY: I'm Molly Weasley and those are my kids! Avada kedavra…WITCH!

(Bellatrix falls down dead)

"Go Mum!" Ron exclaimed in shock. Never in his life did he think his mother would use an Unforgiveable. But then again, she was his mum. If there was one person you could count on to be there when you were in trouble, it was your mother.

Sirius couldn't help the small smirk that pulled at his lips. Bellatrix was finally dead.

RON: (Ron and Ginny run to their mom and hug her) Holy crap! You killed her – I thought you were just going to make her tuck in her shirt or do the dishes!

"Seriously Weasley?" Malfoy rolled his eyes.

(After a big hug –Molly bops them on the back of the head and they both moan)

MOLLY: Desperate times call for desperate measures – even the unforgiveable can be forgiven.

"But...then they're not unforgivable."

GINNY: What are you doing here?

MOLLY: I came here with the order of the Phoenix, Lupin, Tonks, Mad-eye Moody, Sirius Black and your brother Fred.

"Finally I'm going to show up!" Sirius grinned.

RON: Oh, great! Where are they?

MOLLY: They're all dead.

"What?!" Ginny gasped and Ron looked down. It was hard to believe...Fred...the only good thing was that it hadn't been shown on screen.

"At least we know it won't happen," Harry said softly. "If this is the future, we can stop it. And if this is fiction, well then it's sick but at least it's not real."

Sirius and Remus nodded. They weren't exactly thrilled that they were dead but at least they'd lived a reasonably long life. Fred was just a kid.

Anyway, I just came here to save your lives, go back to what you were doing (she fixes Ron's collar, opens door and blows them a kiss ) DISSAPARATE!

"Spoken like a true mum," Hermione said softly.