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Chapter One: Fun in the Sun

If there's one thing Robin has learned over the years it's that life never goes according to plan. Around every corner there's always something new, something different. It has been something that Robin has never really had control of. But for someone like Robin, he relied on change and also expected change.

But if there was one thing that Robin never expected, something that no one could ever expect...

Was for Robin to become what he hated most.

It really all began on a warm, sunny, all around a pretty perfect day. The tree's swayed side to side from the slight breeze coming from the west and the sun's rays were kind. The citizens of Jump City were all dressed in shorts and tank tops and some of the workers ditched work to enjoy the absolute perfect summer day. Children's laughter was everywhere as they ran around the playgrounds. A young girl watched as she spotted the Teen Titans. Cyborg, Beastboy, and Robin were all playing football and Raven and Starfire were sitting under a tree, shading them from the intense sun.

"Raven, why must the sun insist on being so hot?" Starfire asked while running her fingers through her hair

"It's hot because it's summer. It's supposed to be like this," Raven responded after glancing up from her current book.

"Oh I see. Summer is the season in which children get out of school and have I think it's called 'fun in the sun.' Correct?"


"Wonderful," Starfire smiled, "So...um shall we go get the boys and go find a place to rest...and possibly get something to eat."

Starfire had been ready to stand when the boys ran right up to them. Robin, Beastboy, and Cyborg ran up to them with huge smiles on their faces. Their faces glistened from sweat and they all were feeling the effects of their football game. The boys tried to get their female team mates to play earlier, but Raven denied in favor to read a book and Starfire sat out along with Raven so they could talk. Starfire smiled as she watched Beastboy pant as a dog, he obviously out of breath.

He resumed his human form and panted out, "Dude I so beat you guys out there. I mean I was like Beast!" Beastboy laughed, "Get it? Because I'm Beastboy and I said beast?"

"Hah! Man you didn't beat nothin out there. I was the one that kicked some A-S-S out there!" Cyborg bragged with a smug smile on his face.

"Guys, cut it out. It's not a competition, even if it were we all know I would win," Beastboy and Cyborg narrowed their eyes, opting to ignore them, Robin turned towards Raven and Starfire, "Hey guys, you want to go get somethin' to eat?" Robin rubbed his throat, he was parched and speaking hurt his aching mouth.

"Sure," Raven responded simply, she put a bookmark in her book and stood.

Robin shifted his attention towards Starfire and waited for her response.

Starfire's face lit up in excitement, "That would be delightful Robin. Where would you like to go? Perhaps go eat somewhere with indoor seating. I suggest…"

Before Starfire could finish her sentence Robin's communicator went off. He took it out of his pocket and opened it up. He seemed to scowl at the communicator before telling his team what it was that was disturbing the city. Robin couldn't help but feel a twinge of happiness for the thrill of defending the city once again.

"Titans, there's an attempt of bank robbery on Fifth Street. Mumbo was seen entering the bank just two minutes ago. If we hurry we might be able to get there without him turning anyone into an rabbit," He glanced at Raven's displeased expression, smirked, and Robin yelled his signature yell, "Titans go!"

With little hesitation all five Teen Titans started to head toward the Fifth Street Bank.

After dealing with Mumbo they were kept busy with a fire started by faulty wires which continued to spread into surrounding buildings. It took them about two hours to put out the fire and rescue anyone who needed rescuing. And if putting out a fire weren't enough they then had to deal with press. Their questions were ridiculous and annoying, but Robin answered ten of them and waved the rest of them off. They were working pretty much all afternoon and they all decided to just head home and eat at the tower since they were so exhausted.

Beastboy was the first to speak when they got back "Man, I am sooo tired. If I could, I would just fall down flat on my face and sleep. Like seriously."

"Don't you usually fall flat on your face…without any of the exhaustion?" Raven replied

"Oh come on, someone's been drinking hater-aid!"

With that everyone groaned and went to go heat up some freezer pizza. So much for having a nice time eating out.

After joining the rest of his friends in the living room for pizza, Robin headed for his office while the others went to bed.

Once Robin arrived in his office he started looking through some old files. 'What am I even looking for?' thought Robin. He continued to pace quickly across the room. Looking at all of the pieces of papers tacked to the wall he noticed that his work space was starting to get more and more disorganized every day. The apathetic Boy Wonder, observed the way his team and him haven't really done anything major for a while now. His thoughts began swirling in his mind, he sat down to avoid the oncoming headache.

"The crime rate has gone down a significant amount, which is a positive thing. And those who attempted to commit a crime, have easily been taken down. Their plans were all anticlimatic and not complex in the slightest degree." Robin sighed, and rubbed his temples, "I need a challenge. I'm going to go crazy if this continues."

The team had just defeated the Brotherhood a month ago, and so far the only things that had gone wrong were natural disasters. Nothing the local police couldn't handle, which left time for the team for their own devices. Granted, Mumbo had shown his face for the first time today but he didn't present much of a challenge. Robin shook his head, should he be gratified at the fact things were calm and relax...or should he stay alert? Could this be another calm before a storm? Robin raked his hands through his gelled hair, stood up, and paced around his table.

Where was Slade when he needed a challenge?

Robin stopped pacing immediately. What was he thinking bringing Slade up, again? It was best for everyone that Slade disappeared... right?

Robin's thoughts refused to calm down, but eventually-after reading countless files- he fell asleep at his desk.

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