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Marie turned to Laura shaking her head, "All set. She's going to kill us."

"Look, I had to kiss that assistant down in McKay's lab… Dr. Gordon or Geardon. And you had to kiss…"

"Don't remind me," Marie halted her.

To liven up poker night they'd instituted a game of truth or dare with a twist. Each week they took turns issuing the truth or dare and the group had to accept.

Cadman laughed, "I had to pull in every favor to get that boy injured tonight. I better skedaddle or she'll know something's up." She checked the hall before making her getaway. Last week it'd been Jennifer's turn and they'd counted on the doctor's dare not being that bad.

Laura remembered the pride she'd felt when Jenn issued the dare – first man each of them found themselves in a room alone with had to be kissed. The Marine had taken credit for pulling her best friend out of her shell.

Cadman'd felt a bit more pride when, halfway through the week, she'd realized Jennifer'd tricked them, she was never alone, except in her room. The rest of the time she was surrounded by staff or expedition members.

Marie greeted Jennifer when she entered the infirmary. "Sorry to call you in. I'd already sent the techs to grab a meal."

"No problem." Jennifer wandered toward the back and found Ronon on a bed.

"Since you've got this," Marie called, "I'm going to grab a bite too. Be back shortly."

Jennifer whirled around, "Wait, Marie…," but the nurse was gone.

Ronon smirked watching Jennifer nervously turn back around. It'd been worth the threatening glares until the Marines had caved with an explanation. He'd then had to promise no retribution several times to get them to inflict an injury worthy of stitches.