This is my first Black Books fanfic, it's not great, but I guess it can't be that bad… so…

Disclaimer: I don't own Black Books, if I did, it would still be running, Fran and Bernard would be together, and they'd all be as dumb as ever. So… Enjoy!

I woke up next to him, he smelt of cheap wine and smoke. I took the unlit cigarette out of his mouth and lit it. I stumbled around his bedroom, looking for some paracetomal. Why did we keep on doing this? I thought. It was the same thing, every time, we'd get drunk, sleep together, I'd sneak out before Manny would see and then we'd never speak about it. I sighed and rubbed my head. Bernard murmured drunkenly in his sleep. I sat next to him on the bed as he came round, muttering my name. But I knew it didn't mean anything. "Fran… Fran… W-what happened?" he tried to sit up, but swayed and slumped his shoulders, squinting in the sunlight, as rays of sun poured through the open window. "The worst…" I answered, putting on my jacket. He groaned. "Why do we do this?"

I shrugged my shoulders and turned to the door. "Don't go… Please just, Fran, I, we, we can't keep on doing this, it's…" "Pointless and infuriating and…" I thought, "Something we'll always regret." I finished for him. "Yeah…" "I'll see you then…" I got up, and walked out. And I knew I wouldn't forget this. I never did.


I felt sick when she left. I imagined her sitting I her flat alone, thinking about me. I knew I was just dreaming, I'd never be that lucky. Fran would never feel the same, I was just her pessimistic friend and we just happened to share a love of chain smoking and getting wasted most nights. That was it. That was all there ever would be. I walked downstairs and saw a few customers browsing. "Get out! Get out you bastards!" I screamed at them, to let out some steam. "Bernard, you can't just-" "It's my shop I can do whatever the hell I want in it," I cut across Manny, "Where's my breakfast?" He went in to the kitchen and I put my head in my hands. "Get me some aspirin, too," I called to him. Manny brought it to me. I tried to eat, but I couldn't swallow. "I'm not hungry anymore," I mumbled, and put on my coat. "I'm going out." I left Manny stood there, looking disappointed and annoyed. I walked to her flat, and knocked at number 2. I heard a man's voice. "I'll get it, Fran, you can get ready," he said. I hid. She was with another man? Why? I raced down the stairs, and heard the man say, "Bloody idiots." I heard the door slam shut. I stood in the street, my eyes burning.

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