Wow, shit. Sorry guys, it's been ages since I've updated….. :L I think this shall be the last chapter of the story (for like of motivation, ideas, inspiration, etc.) however, if you want more from this story (which I don't think anyone will to be honest, it's kinda depressing) just PM me :)

On with…

She'd been so stupid.

She'd thought that getting away from it all would help, but it didn't. going to Spain with the girls didn't help take away the pain, she still felt empty and lonely inside. She couldn't help thinking about him, and it was driving Fran insane…


He'd been so stupid.

He'd bottled it all up, when really he should've told someone, anyone, maybe even Manny, about they way he felt for her. Now she was on some sunny beach in Spain hitting on tanned guys whose names she didn't know. Jealousy was taking over him…


Fran left the sun-soaked island abruptly, surprising her friends when she said "Duty calls". It was, after all, time to face the music.


Bernard heard the door open and jumped up, hoping desperately hoping she would walk through that door.

"Heya." Manny said cheerfully.

"Fuck off, will you?"

"What's up with you?"

"Nothing! Just fuck off!" Bernard shouted.

"Okay, okay!"

Bernard sat back down, lighting a cigarette. The door opened again, but this time he didn't look up.

"Go away! We're closed!"


"No, out! Out!"

He stood up. It was her.

"You came back."

She nodded, she didn't know what to say. She'd imagined this moment to be so much more romantic. He'd run to her and they'd declare their love for one and other, then kiss in the rain. But that was just Fran playing silly childish games.

"Why did you come back?" her favourite Irish accent broke the tense silence.

"I guess you mean a lot more to me than I thought you did."

She was surprised at how composed she was staying.

Bernard nodded.

"I've missed you. Not just when you were away just… in general. Things have been tense between us and I just… I want things to change…." He cut off. She was moving closer to him. He felt a lump in his throat.

What are you doing? Fran thought to herself. He's your only decent fucking friend and he has no-one without you. So why was she inching closer to him, why was he tensing up as she gently touched his arm. Why was he tilting his head and closing his eyes? Why was she closing her eyes too? Why were there lips pressing together as her hands wrapped around his neck? And his rested on her waist? Their body's intertwined in the dark room. She didn't mind that their were inches of dust everywhere or that he'd die young from his unhealthy ways, she'd dreamt of this forever, and she wasn't going to pull away soon.

And the important bits? They'd come later, they had time. All that mattered now was that they were their together, in the moment and that was all they'd ever need.

Aw, happy ending! It sure needed one! Hmm, might write a follow up to this bundle of joy… :)

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