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Chapter one: The other option

"It matters not who you are... Death awaits you."

Fuuka gasped as she felt something of Nyx has changed. "Nyx's Arcana has changed to… Death!" Fuuka screamed in panic, as the others can hear her voice echoed in their ears.

"It seems that this is the last Arcana."

Minako's brows lifted. This is the last Arcana? Alright then, I'll end this quickly, she thought confidently.

They almost have wasted almost an hour to defeat eleven Arcana. Actually it was pretty weird, the Dark Hour was last longer than the usual, or maybe because it wouldn't gone? This was the end of the world, after all. To be honest, they have already kind of fatigue. Minako has used Soma about twice for the party, because they almost run out of Skill Points. Especially Yukari Takeba the healer. She wasted thirty Skill Points for Mediarahaan to heal all her friends. Yukari out of all members had the least Magic Power or Skill Points or Spiritual Power or whatever, that's why actually she wasn't really fit to become a healer, especially in this Nyx fight.

With an Evoker in her hand, she raised her arms and aimed it towards her temples. "Can I attack her now, Fuuka?" Minako asked.

After she heard a 'Yes' from the green-haired girl, she pulled the trigger. "Loki!" she shouted as the blonde hair Persona started to attack Nyx with Bufudyne. "Junpei-kun, it's your turn!"

"Alright, Brave blade!" Junpei said while he raised his Evoker that was gripped in his hands and pulled it vigorously. Trismegistus appeared and attacked Nyx; which is almost didn't hurt or even scratch her.

Both Junpei and Minako realized that their attacks weren't really hurt Nyx. "Fuuka, please analyze her," Mitsuru said. After few moments, Fuuka gasped."O-Oh my God. Her Health Points, it multiplied? It was almost 3 times more than her life while using the previous Arcana." While saying that, Fuuka sounded like she was trembling. She was afraid. Yes, every each person in this place was afraid too, especially the leader who has the responsibility for the whole team. What should I do…? Minako thought to herself. Wait a minute, whose turn now? Oh crap, she forgot that now's Akihiko's turn.

"Akihiko-senpai, it's your—"

"Caesar!" Akihiko shouted as a huge voltage of electricity strike the Material Being. "You should pay attention to the battle," Minako flushed in shame. "S-Sorry, I got something on my mind."

He sighed. "We do have things in mind. But now we have to concentrate in this battle. If you're not, you'll die here, leader." Minako nodded her head for the answer, and took a look at Yukari who started to use her Diarahaan for Junpei who wasted his energy for his 'Brave Blade'.

A blaze of fire started to burn Nyx, even though it wasn't really hurt her; at least she can see Nyx's skin burnt a bit. "Nice one, Koro-chan." Ken said to the white-fur dog and get ready with his Evoker in hand. The brown-haired boy pulled the trigger and yelled "Persona!" to call Kala-Nemi, Ken's robot-like Persona.

"You cannot defeat me…" Nyx groaned. Her wings flapped, and she looked like she will give an attack. Minako gasped. "Everyone, protect yourselves!" she screamed as the other started to use their weapons to defend their selves. Nyx raised her hand, and created a large purple spiral that shaped like a ball. That ball must be filled with emptiness, though it could destroy us all. It could kill those who weak. The purple ball was getting bigger and bigger. "Megidolaon."

Right in front of their eyes, the purple spiral ball thingy blasted. It separated into pieces and each piece became a single laser and tried to shot 'em all.

Minako's command to make the team guard their selves was the right choice. That purple flashy laser failed to knock them off in one shot. Some of them who got skill to counter the attack made it, they blocked the laser. And some of them who got counter skills not high enough got a little damage; well at least they didn't really hurt. "Phew, that was close," said Junpei.

"Yukari, Aigis is hurt, could you help her?" Minako asked the girl with pink sweater. Yukari nodded to her and summoned her Persona. "Diarahaan…" she thought in her head to command Isis. After she healed the robot, Aigis can barely stand up. Her legs made a robotic sound as she tried to stand up. "Thank you very much, Yukari-san," she said in her less robotic voice. She sound less robotic after the day she awakened her ultimate Persona; Athena. And now Minako can start a Social Link with her, too.

"Don't mention it," Yukari replied her.

They've been attacking Nyx until an hour, and their final enemy hasn't even looked tired or hurt, yet. The others started to fatigue. "She didn't even look hurt! This is useless!" Yukari screamed in a sorrow, she almost ran out of her Magic power, she was afraid that she cannot heal her friends anymore.

"No, we can't give up yet! There's still time, we have to do what we can," Minako told her friends as she put her hand in her pocket to take a Soma. The bead shines and all her friends' Health and Spiritual Power restored. "She's right, we cannot give up now," Mitsuru said, in a weak voice.

Even though what all Fuuka did was doing a back-up, she still felt tired. She's exhausted. It was difficult to catch up her breath. "Fuuka, it's okay. You can rest for a while, we will do this fight." Minako said to the green-haired girl. "B-But… Minako-chan—"

"This is nothing!" the leader replied her confidently. "This is the last Arcana, right? She wouldn't change her skills again."

Fuuka nodded in agreement, and let Juno—her Persona—disappeared.

"Let's go!"


"Dude, she looks weaker!" Junpei shouted after his attack to Nyx with his Brave Blade.

"Good one, Junpei!" said Akihiko while aiming the Evoker to his forehead; it was his turn. "A Ziodyne should hurt her a bit," he said again in a confidence. A voltage of electricity came out from Caesar's globe that was held in its hand.

Minako's twitched when she realized that now's Nyx turn to attack. She stared at the Material Being who looked like Ryoji.

"Why are you trying to defy your fate?" said Nyx, in confusion. "You cannot defeat me… Not even once"

Nyx flapped her wings and it started to cover her. She moved her wings again and there's something covering her. It was invisible, but everyone can tell there was something there. It looks like a… Ripple? Minako thought. "Heh, I don't care what has she done," Junpei said and summoned his Persona. Brave Blade, he thought.

Minako gasped after he saw Trismegistus floated over to approach Nyx and attack her. "N-No! Don't do that!" she bawled in shock. In front of her eyes, Junpei got his attack repelled and it attacked him back. "Uarghh!" he screamed in pain, and fell unconscious. "Damn that Stupei…" Minako grumbled. "Yukari-chan, please help him." Yukari nodded and summoned Isis. Recarm, she thought.

Everyone stared at Junpei when he was getting up after revived. "Phew, thank a lot Yuka-tan," he said with a wide smile. Yukari stared at her in horror—no, in annoyance. "So… what is that?" Junpei asked and pointed at the barrier-like thing that covered Nyx.

"That thing is a barrier," Minako started."Don't ever attack her when she still has that barrier protecting them." The other nodded, meant that they understood about that barrier.

Nyx chuckled, "So you have already understood my Moonless Gown…" the Moonless Gown thing lifted and disappeared.

"We can attack her again, can't we?" Yukari asked. Minako nodded and looked at Akihiko. Akihiko who understood what was she trying to say nodded his head, and summoned his Persona.

Akihiko attacked Nyx with his Ziodyne, as usual. After that was Mitsuru's turn, but she preferred to heal the hurt ones.

A few ten minutes later, Nyx was getting really weak. Minako let out a long sigh, and the others were getting fatigue, too. Finally, it's Minako's turn to attack Nyx. She decided not to summon any Persona, but only using her Naginata. Minako ran and tried to slash Nyx. Fortunately, it was a critical hit, and that attack decided to be the last attack.

Nyx screamed in pain. The others' eyes wide opened to saw Nyx defeated.

"D-Did we do it?" Mitsuru asked. After that, Nyx's body started to move, and floated up to the sky.

"…Such a pity," Nyx started. "You understand fate, yet you still fight against it with all of your will..." as she said it, the other just gave a confused look. "If more people were like you, then perhaps The Fall could have been prevented…"

"…But, it's too late now." Nyx ended her speech.

Nyx floated to the sky, approaching the brightly shining moon. The moon itself was weird, and it's peeling off something, like an egg that cracked and voila, inside you got the white egg and the yellow egg. And inside the peeled-off moon, it's just looked like an egg; the outer was bright white and there's a bright red and circle-shaped light on the center instead of yellow egg.

The others scrambled to shout out their mind. They're confused. Yes, so confused, and too confused to be true. Most of them asked "What is that?" to their selves. And of course no one knew the answer.

Nyx shoot a laser-like thing to the center of the red circle which looked like an eyeball. Akihiko gasped "Don't tell me… the moon itself is Nyx?" he asked in panic. The others gasped too after they heard Akihiko's statement which is makes sense.

While S.E.E.S was in their confusion, the other people without the potential—means who stay in their coffins when the Dark Hour occurs—released from their coffin. And for the first time ever, they experienced the Dark Hour

Of course most of them confused, especially when they saw the weird-looking moon. But some of them who believe in the cults seemed happy and grateful. "Look at the moon, its glorious!" said one of them in their laughs, well not after their bodies ripped out. Other people who saw them screamed in shock. "W-What's happening?" they asked, their voice was trembling.

Now, we back to the top of Tartarus, the Tower of Demise. S.E.E.S still looked confused. They were staring to the moon and Nyx when suddenly Takaya crawled up approaching them, laughing.

"What are you laughing at?" Minako asked him. "Vexing isn't it?" he chuckled. "The look on your face is priceless!"

Akihiko looked pissed off. "Shut up…!" he shouted at the skinny guy. "But, what are we gonna do?" Yukari asked the others. Fuuka turned her back to look at the moon and said "Something's coming!"

After Fuuka said that, something shook the whole earth. Of course it's coming from Nyx and the by the shook, all S.E.E.S members turned their backs to saw the moon, just like Fuuka did earlier. "W-what's that?" Ken asked. While the earth was still shaking, many of them lost their balance and started to fall to the ground.

One by one, each of them fell on the ground. Their bodies became weak and they almost can't move at all. Even Aigis the robot can't keep standing, her machine almost busted. "Ugh… Why can't I stand up?" Junpei shouted in pain. I feel…weak… thought Minako in her mind.


Minako blinked her eye. When she opened her eyes, she was in the Velvet room with Theo standing right beside Igor who sat on his chair like usual. "Is this…afterlife?"

Igor chuckled "Of course not, my child. You're still alive…" he said. Minako let out a long sigh.

"Do you remember that I told you once, how the strength of your Social Links will determine your potential?" the man with long nose said. "Ah… can you hear them?" he asked Minako.

Minako tried to hear it, and yes, she heard some voices, they were weak, but she can recognize the owners of the voices. She can hear it… Rio's distinct voice, Saori's weak yet kind voice, Bunkichi-ojiisan, Mitsuki-obaasan, Maiko, Hidetoshi…all of them, she can hear it.

"Yes…separately they're weak. But if they're together, they'll bring a new power to you." Igor said to her. "Now, it's the time to draw on the true strength of the bonds you have forged!"

A bright light appeared in front of their eyes. "This is the Universe Arcana…with this, you can save the world." Igor ended his speech.

A bright light engulfed her vision. And when she opened her eyes, she's back to the first place, on top of tartarus, lying on the ground. Her body felt light; like she can float to the sky anytime she wanted.

She stood up; the others looked at her in confusion. "How can you stand up?" Yukari asked weakly. "What're doing?" Akihiko shouted. "Wait!" Mitsuru screeched. "Don't go!" Aigis screamed in fear. "D-Don't tell me… She planned to fight Nyx all by herself?" Fuuka asked. She walked a few steps and about to departure from the ground. But before she could step further, she felt someone grabbed her ankle; it was Junpei. "What—Junpei! What're doing?" she screeched.

Junpei chuckled. "Sorry man…Didn't mean to peek under your skirt, but…" he began, his voice was trembling. "We won't let you fight her all by yourself…" Mitsuru said while she was trying to crawl, approaching Minako.

"No, let go off me!" Minako screamed. "This is how it should be…I, I have to do this! Only I can do this!" some of them realized that what she going to do was sacrifice herself. This is common in some movies, who wouldn't know?

"We can't let you sacrifice yourself… there must be another way!" Akihiko said in pain. "Senpai's right, Minako-san!" Ken spoke.

"There is another way…" a familiar voice heard. The others opened their eyes wide, shocked. "This voice…Ryoji-kun?" Yukari shouted.

Minako kept silent, the others were in her way. "What is this other way?" Aigis asked the voice source.

"She doesn't have to sacrifice her soul to be the seal of me, because that's the only way, I told you right? Nyx cannot be defeated. But yes… she can be sealed…not only by her soul…" he began. "You can sacrifice your Personas, not only hers, but all of yours, all eight of you…"

The others opened their eyes more widely, even widest. They were shocked, of course. Instead of Minako's soul, they have to sacrifice their Personas? Their Important personas?

"I-I don't mind!" Yukari screeched. "I don't mind if I have to sacrifice Isis!" Minako blinked her eyes in shock. "Yukari…"

"M-Me too!" Junpei shouted.

"Same here," Akihiko said.

"So do me," Mitsuru said.

"Same here!" Fuuka screamed.

"Me too!" Ken shouted loud.

"Woof!" Koro barked.

"I will do anything for Minako-san!" Aigis Screeched.

Minako was speechless, she can't say anything. She was touched by her friends. It was supposed to be her who sacrificed, but instead of it, her friends will sacrifice their Personas for her, just for her.

"Now, Minako-chan, show your Universe Arcana!" Ryoji shouted to her as she drew out the card like he said. A bright light engulfed the whole vision of her and her friends. All members of S.E.E.S summoned their Personas, ready for them to be sacrificed.

Minako turned her head to Orpheus who floated behind her. "Orpheus…"

"Thanks for everything."

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