AN: this is more of an Omake or an excuse just so I could have 10-10-10 11-11-11 which I thought was kind of cool, From one vet to all the others Happy Veterans day.

Dumbledore smiled at Harry "you have completed your training you are now the most powerful wizard alive at the age of 10 congratulations your parents would be so proud!"

"Your Parents would be proud of you regardless of how powerful or skilled you are Harry." Sirius added.

Harry simply nodded "Right lets go kill Voldemort there's no time like the present."

Harry thought about the last few years, he has surpassed Dumbledore in defense, dueling, transfiguration Perfected his metamorphic abilities and finally managed to master the last of his 11 animagus forms. he discovered he could control all elements and even was a shadow mage and it goes without saying he was a master of wandless magic….

10-10-10 11-11-11 10-10-10 11-11-11 10-10-10 11-11-11


Slowly the world started to dissolved along with his god like powers only to be replaced with another Harry shook his head trying to clear the fog only to wish he hadn't "Ouch!" Sirius thought he heard Harry mumble 'not again'.

as Harry tried to figure out which Albus was the real one Sirius started talking. "I told you he needed a break Dumbledore."

"I know and you were right let's get him to Poppy so she can check him for a concussion, thank Merlin this is only the second time this happened or Min and Poppy would skin my hide." Dumbledore cringed they can be quite… over protective of young Harry.