A/N: This is in response to the Shadows-of-Realm/IceMenace Flash Fiction Challenge: Downtime, Atlantis Style. 300 words or less. This one clocks in at exactly 300 not including this header.

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"What're they doing?" Ronon asked as he and Sheppard peered at a balcony a few stories down out on the East pier. The pair had been running during their downtime when the girls below had caught their attention.

"Sunbathing," Sheppard answered, looking at the two in bathing suits, reading books below.

John heard the big guy's growl and held in a chuckle. "I know, I don't like it either. We'll check on them again on our way back. Let's go." Two scantily clothed women this far from the main part of the city didn't sit well with him. Lt. Cadman could handle anything that came up, but her sidekick Dr. Keller was another story.

Sheppard noticed Ronon had steadily picked up their pace as they'd gotten closer to the balcony on their return. John peered over the railing and saw a lone figure lying on a blanket below reading a book.

"Doc shouldn't be out here by herself," Ronon complained, not taking his eyes off her. The woman could hold his attention in her Atlantis uniform or scrubs, but the sight of her in so little, absolutely scrambled his thinking.

John couldn't hold in his laughter this time. He'd seen that look on his friend's face often when in the pretty doctor's presence. This seemed like an opportune moment.

"Yeah, I don't like her down there by herself either, Chewie." John noted the Satedan still hadn't taken his eyes off Keller. "I've some paperwork I should get to. Do you mind staying with Doc and walking her back?"

John didn't get an answer, just a view of Ronon's back as he left. The Colonel looked over the balcony and watched the warrior step hesitantly onto the balcony. After seeing the welcoming smile from the doctor, John made himself scarce.