A/N:This was inspired by a review I got today from Luvliacd who reminded me that drabbles are never satisfying. Here is my attempt to add just a little bit more. Hope it helps.

This began as an answer to the Shadows-of-Realm/IceMenace Flash Fiction Challenge: Downtime, Atlantis Style. 300 words or less. This one clocks in at exactly 300as well, not including this header.

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Ronon walked with Jennifer from the transport to her room. Sunbathing… he could understand the draw. The sun hitting his bare chest had felt soothing, but the knowledge of a barely clothed Doc lying a foot away had kept him from relaxing.

This afternoon had been incredible and Jenn was in desperate need of some serious girl time with her best friend Laura. But she still had one other awkward obstacle to overcome… they were almost at her door and she didn't know what to do. Did she thank him? Would he want kiss her? The last thought made her blush as she stopped in front of her door.

Ronon had noted the slowing in pace as they drew closer to Jennifer's quarters. He grinned to himself and breathed a little easier knowing despite this new found mutual awareness, they shared the awkward discomfort of not knowing what came next.

"Ummm, thank you for keeping me company this afternoon." Jennifer had never felt more awkward.

"I want to come with you next time you sunbathe." Ronon tipped his head to the side gauging her reaction. He felt encouraged by her blush. "Safer… and I enjoyed it too."

"Yeah," Jenn hesitantly replied and watched Ronon turn and leave. She turned and activated her door, unable to hold in her smile.

"Jennifer," Ronon called having stepped back behind her, wanting one more thing.

She turned, startled to find him so near.

Without offering her a chance to protest, Ronon leaned down and kissed her before striding away.

Jennifer stared after him, stunned.

"I'll pick you up in a few minutes for dinner," he called, looking back over his shoulder. He saw the stunned expression on her face and grinned to himself. He might actually start to enjoy these rare moments of downtime.