~In Memory Of The Gambler.

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Neither in this time nor the next shall the master of time be triumphed, he believed, yet a young, teenage boy has trumped him this day. Ironic, seeing as the man always considered himself to hold the Trump Card. The Ace was up his sleeve, but Sora pulled something better that night: the boy used the Joker, the unusual yet ever-present final card of a deck. There are always two, and although he may be the Master of Cards, Luxord had forgotten that final rule.

No wonder I failed. He thought amusedly to himself as his consciousness wavered in the darkness. What a fool I was to not read my opponents hand, what a pity! He thought to himself as his mind was slowly consumed by the cold blackness surrounding his body. What a sad thing indeed. Roxas would have made a fine poker player had he only remembered sooner. What potential…

He imagined himself grinning, for he could no longer feel any part of a solid body to move. Ah, oh well! I wonder where I'll end up next. He thought of himself chuckling, and welcomed the familiar essence of an old emotion, for a while forgotten. I hope that fool Xigbar and my man Xaldin arrive wherever I shall. It would be dreadfully dull if they were to fade like I may and never allowed to settle their debts! Smiling only in memory now. I must remind myself…if the boys are up for a round tonight…even that lout Axel, the conniving brute…heck, I'll even allow Nine in a round or two, if that were to be the only way I were to ever play again.

His last moments, at least that he can remember consciously imagining, were the shocked mingled with horrified disbelief- expressions each member would produce upon their defeat…especially Xaldin.

It can't really do much for you in social standings, or in business affairs…especially financial affairs…but the Gentleman's Game can always prove to do one thing. It always, at least it…ha, "felt like"…it brought us all together, as Nine would say. I wonder…if such a marvelous game could be played one last time. One last round with them all…I can't say I wouldn't mind that. Not bad at all…

A simple tribute to the Gambler of Fate, Luxord; on his memorial day 10/10/10; October 10th, 2010. May whatever his fortunes foretell be the best for him, and namely, his Heart.