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Stuck at an All Girls High school


Name: Sakura Haruno

Age: 13

Appearance: I have pale skin, mid back length pail pink hair, i have bright green eyes, and I have my ears pierced, i am a tom-boy so i wear will not EVER wear a dress.

Personality: I am a happy and bubbly, but i have my dark side (like when i get out of bed, in the morning). people find me easy to talk to, as i am really friendly and love to help others out, i am a really protective friend, and if someone insults or hurts one of my friends they deal with me.

Likes: I am a black belt in karate, i love to hang with my friends, and to turn people into pulp if they get on my bad side, or hurt my friend.

Dislikes: Popular people, people who are up themselves and think they are all that, men who think women are only good for house work, and doing what there men want.

Family: My Mama and Papa died 8 months, and 2 weeks ago in a car accident, it is lucky Kyameron and myself are still alive, we were walking in the street a week after Kyameron was born, i was holding him and mama and papa where holding hands walking next to the road, when a man in a black car came around the corner to fast, Mama saw the car and pushed Kyameron and myself out of the way, while my Papa was trying to get my mama to move so that she wouldn't be killed, but was not fast enough so they got hit by the car and not us, mother died on impact. I was put in a foster home, with my brother, in Suna, but the family did not want me and i would not leave my brother so they throw us out, it really didn't help that i was very sad, and i get violent when i get sad, so yeah. It was December before I got fostered again this family didn't want me, but i would not leave my Brother, so they adopted me as well. When they moved to Konoha, i had to go to, I left my whole life behind, and it destroyed me. Just so you are in the loop this is a little about my new family:

Jefu- 41 years old, Foster Father

Teiraa- 37 years old, Foster Mother

Ashurii- 10 year old male, Foster Brother

Jordy- 5 year old male, Foster Brother

Kyameron- 8 month old male, Real Brother


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