Hey guys,

I am posting this because I got a very rude review by someone who isn't even polite enough to even have an account. I am a fanfic author I know my work isn't the best but that gives you no right to rip on me especially when this was the second story I had ever posted. I was 15 years old when I started writing this story and i have since stopped, I may rewrite it and fix it up at a later point but I would like to say this. If you want to criticise my work make an account and do it that way, offer advice on how to fix it. DO NOT tell me my story is "No just no" I know it isn't very good, and if you had half a brain you would have noticed I havent written it since 2010 last time I checked it is now 2013... It is rude and inconsiderate... im sorry for the rant just wanted to say that I will not be finishing this story I may pick it up at a later date and rewrite it... if you have a problem with this then sent me a message don't leave a review through a guest account!