Chapter three is here and things are starting to heat up. It won't be as long as the last one but it will have some interesting events…that's it I cant come up with more things to write oh well enjoy the chapter. Also if I didn't mention it in the last story I might as well do it now. The ages of the titans are as I guess they would be, Robin and Starfire are 17, Cyborg is 19, Raven is 17, Beastboy and Terra are 16, Isamu is 19, and Hikari is 16.

Future Trouble

Titans Tower

Raven was in her room looking over some books. When Hikari finished telling her all she saw about Isamu and Talsein fighting, Talsein overpowering Isamu, and killing Isamu infront of raven. Raven could sense Hikari wasn't lying or could have dreamed about it, she could sense Hikari was able to see into the future a dark and terrible future. One raven wasn't going to let happen. Raven told Hikari not to say anything to Isamu or the others till she figures out what to do. Hikari promised she wouldn't tell, but raven would have to tell Isamu. And Hikari would tell her master about what she saw; hopefully she would know what to do.

Raven has looked over some of her books to help her see what Hikari saw and hope she could find out when it would occur to stop Isamu from fighting Talsein. So far she found some spells that could help but were could only help her see events that will happen the next day. Raven closed her books and rubbed her eyes, she knew she couldn't tell Isamu what his sister saw, knowing him he would tell her not to worry or it won't happen.

So raven decided that to make sure he doesn't go out by hurt when he fights those hollows she would go with him. She knows Isamu isn't going to like it, so she would just tell him that she is going to observe. She closed returned all of her books back where they belonged and headed out the door. She hoped Isamu would buy her story and believe her, she didn't want to lie to him but for his safety she would have to.

Meanwhile down in the garage cyborg had just finished giving Terra and beastboy his lecture on driving. With what to do first before driving, the signs and what they mean, what to do in case of a accident, etc (you know what I'm talking about). When they finished cyborg gave them a small surprise test, he told them if they do well he will allow them to practice driving. Cyborg gave them all their test and gave them an hour to finish while he went over to clean his car.

Terra knew all the answers to the test, she didn't want to say anything earlier but before she came back as a titan she was studying to get her license. Sure she knew she was still young to take the test but she wanted to plan ahead so when she was 17 she would take the test and get her license. So taking this test was going to be a piece of cake for her…not so much for beastboy as she noticed him having trouble with the test. When cyborg was cleaning the inside of his car she would peak over and see cyborg getting most of the answers wrong. That and she noticed that he was looking at her paper to see the answer.

"All right class time's up so hand over your test" said cyborg coming back to his class and retrieved their test so he could grade them.

Beastboy seemed nervous while terra seemed confident and didn't seem worried about the test. She looked over to beastboy and put her hand on his shoulder to reassure him. "Hey beastboy its okay what's the worst that could happen if you don't do well" beastboy nodded and felt a little calmer.

Cyborg finished grading the test and decided to tell them what they got. "All right guys here are your grade Terra…beastboy" cyborg handed both titans their grades back. Terra smiled by what she got, an A plus as for beastboy he got a F.

Terra saw the disappointed look on his face and attempted to make him feel better. She leaned forward and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Beastboy turned to terra with a small smile. "Don't worry beastboy you'll do better next time" said terra.

"Thanks Terra" said beastboy feeling much better thanks to terra.

"All right Terra since you did well on your test we will begin practicing driving" said cyborg.

"Thanks cyborg" said terra as she went over to the car.

I came into the garage to clean my motorcycle; there I saw something I didn't expect to see. "Um guys what's up with the school stuff" I looked around and saw a blackboard, some desks, and a table. I wondered what was going on down here.

"Oh well Terra wanted to learn how to drive so I decided to teach her how to drive in the first ever cyborg driving school" said cyborg sounding proud for his school that he made up.

"Oookay then well I'm just here to clean up my motorcycle don't mind me 'professor cyborg'" I smiled a little with that last comment I had said. I never picture cyborg wearing those clothes professors use in colleges with the little patch on the elbows. It wouldn't suit him.

"All right Terra ready to practice driving?" asked cyborg as he approached the car where terra was.

"Yeah I'm ready, but um can beastboy come too please cyborg" asked terra as she wanted beastboy to come too.

"Fine but he's not driving the car" said cyborg letting beastboy come along with them.

"Thanks cyborg but are you sure you can't let me drive just a little" asked beastboy.

"Don't push your luck beastboy if you don't interrupt my teachings with terra I will teach you as well just pay attention to what I teach terra so I don't have to repeat it again" said cyborg as he and the others got inside the car.

Terra buckled her seatbelt, she checked the mirrors to make sure she can see from behind, and made sure everyone had their seatbelts before starting the car. "All right Cy are we ready to go?" asked terra.

"Sure just let me open the garage door and we will practice driving on the island" said cyborg as he pressed the garage opener.

Terra started the car and began to drive the car out of the garage leaving Isamu alone to clean his motorcycle.

I began to clean the wheels and the sides of my motorcycle when I heard the door open, it was raven and I knew something was up. "Hey Rachel what's up" I asked raven wondering what was on her mind.

"I need to talk to you its kind of… what's with the school stuff?" asked raven as she noticed the school desk, blackboard, and chairs.

"Uhhh well they used to belong to Hikari and I when Hanako homeschooled us. I remember waking up doing our morning training and studying for five hours nonstop, [sigh] good times fun times" I walked over towards my old desk and saw the carving I left on the desk.

Raven walked over as well and saw my desk and laughed. "I bet when Hanako saw this she put you in the corner with that dumb cone hat" said raven smiling.

"Uhhh kind of she would make me stand in the corner holding two water buckets in each hand for one hour" I rubbed both my arms remembering the punishment I suffered at the hands of Hanako.

Raven seemed surprise by Hanako's punishment ways. "Wow Hanako must have been strict huh" said raven.

"Not really only when we didn't listen or goof of. Hanako is a good person, she was just raised to be a bit strict sometimes but once you get her somewhere fun she becomes a softer person" First time Hikari and I saw Hanako in a good mood was when we would go to an amusement park. I think that was the first time we ever saw Hanako laugh or have fun it was one of those days you thought you never thought would be possible.

"I'm glad you had someone nice like Hanako Isamu" said raven as she went towards the desk.

I followed raven towards the desk and wondered what was on her mind. "Rachel what's up I know you got something on your mind" I knew she was hiding something. We have been together for a while now and we can tell when something's off.

Raven knew she needed to tell him what she wants to say. "Okay, Isamu I know it's your duty as a soul reaper to help protect souls and human from the hollows or other spiritual creatures that might try to harm them. But as a Titan we also have a duty to protect the citizens from harm, we even watch our own as well. So what I'm asking from you is…can I come with you to help against the hollows" said raven.

"Okay" I replied to ravens request.

"I don't care if you…wait did you say 'Okay'" asked raven who seemed surprise.

"Yeah I said okay, I don't mind if you come and help Rachel if you don't mind fighting something the people can't see and wonder 'why is the titan raven attacking the sky?' or what the media will say 'this just in titan member raven was spotted this afternoon fighting the sky more on this at eleven'" I couldn't help but laugh a little at the last comment. I do wonder what people would say if they saw someone on this team do that, it would be a sight to see.

Raven didn't seemed amused as Isamu she narrowed her eyes in annoyance and used approached Isamu and slapped him across the back of his head. "Not funny Isamu" said raven in her deathpan tone.

"Sorry Rachel but you got to admit what I say is kind of true" raven's annoyed expression hasn't changed I wan in trouble and needed to change the subject. "So um why do you want to come and help me with the hollows?"

"Well just in case you need some help. I know you and Hikari can handle the fighting those hollows…but maybe in case you can't it couldn't hurt to have a little backup" said raven as she turned and face Isamu face to face.

I knew there was more to this and I wanted to know what it was. "Rachel your right Hikari and I can handle the hollows but it's not just them is it? There more and I think it has something to do with what Hikari said isn't it? So please don't treat me like a child and lie to me. Just tell me what it is Rachel please" I asked raven.

Raven knew she could tell him but he would probably think the dreams were nothing and tell her to relax and that nothing bad will happen. In her mind she knew it wasn't if she doesn't do anything something bad will happen. "Isamu it's just that last time you could have died in front of me. Do you know how that would have made me, your friends, your masters, and Hikari feel. I will feel better Isamu if I'm there when you fight. So please don't do this for just me, do it for everyone who cares about you" raven looked at Isamu with her violet eyes, she was serious.

I knew I couldn't resist her beautiful eyes, its one of my weakness towards her. "Fine just for you Rachel you can come. Just don't blame me if the media sees you fighting a spiritual monster" I caved in and decided to go with it and find out later of why she wanted to accompany Hikari and me.

"Thank you Isamu" said raven as she game Isamu a hug.

I returned the hug and knew she was worried about me. I hate it when someone I love worries about me this much. I don't want them to worry about me, in fact it should be me doing the worrying not them. I gently stroke raven's hair and held my head on hers and smelled her hair. It was soft and she smelled amazing, if this wasn't love then I don't know what is.

"Hey I just noticed that cyborg's car is missing what happen?" asked raven.

"Oh well cyborg took it out to teach terra and beastboy how to drive" I said.

Raven had a mischievous look on her face. "So that means we are alone then" said raven.

I knew where raven was going with this and I gave her a small smile. "You do realize that we could get in big trouble if cyborg or the others caches us here."

"Well then we better hurry then before they get back" said raven as she quickly pulled Isamu in for a kiss before he said anything else. Isamu returned the kiss and the couple continued this until they started kissing ontop of the desk and over it till they were on the floor.

Hawaii, Honolulu

On the outskirts of Honolulu, Hawaii across the beach was a small hut with a lawn chairs outside both covered in towels and a stereo on the porch with a Hawaiian music being played. Near some palms trees was a hammock with a man about eight foot tall wearing gray long sweat pants, wearing a white muscle shirt, wearing flip flops, had some sunglasses on and had a coconut drink on one hand.

Suddenly cell phone began to ring and the man looked over and saw the phone ringing. He grunted as he let the phone ring trying to ignore it. Suddenly something hit him in the face. The man got up and looked around and saw what he got hit with, it was a fish. He looked over and saw who threw it at him; it was a woman who appeared to be in her 30's wearing a white bikini swimsuit.

"Ronin pick up the phone now I don't want to miss another phone call just because you're too lazy to get off your ass to do anything" said the women as she had a small harpoon in her hand.

"Hanako don't you ever talk to me that way or throw me a fish at my face again I didn't raise you this way to be rude" said Ronin as he walked over and picked up the phone. "Hello who is it?" asked Ronin sounding angry that Hanako threw a fish at him.

"Master Suzuki it's me Hikari I need to talk to Hanako it's important" said Hikari calling from jump city.

"Uh sure but is everything all right? Are you and Isamu okay?" asked Ronin who seemed concern.

"I just need to ask her something please Ronin" asked Hikari.

"Um yeah hold on, Hanako its Hikari get over here she needs to talk to you" shouted Ronin as he called Hanako over.

Hanako got out of the water, grabbed her towel and dried her hair before grabbing the cell phone to find out what her apprentice needed. "Hikari it's me what's up is everything all right?" asked Hanako.

"Well let's just say I think I saw something, a premonition" said Hikari.

Hanako seemed concern she looked over to her grandfather who heard what Hikari said and had a look of concern as well. "Hikari tell me everything you saw I don't care if it was a small part I need you to tell me everything" said Hanako as she sounded very serious.

"Okay from the beginning got it" Hikari began to tell her master what she saw; hopefully she can provide Hikari with the answers. If they can't who can then?

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