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Night to Rumble

Jump city

In the city the citizens of jump city were minding their own business as they were going about their night like any other normal people. Some of the people who were driving were heading either home or were getting to their night jobs. In one of the stoplights one driver looked around to see if there were any cars coming so he could make a right turn. As he did something crashed landed into the middle of the street sending a wave of rocks and debris all around the street. Many of the people seemed surprise by what they saw and some decided to check it out. As the cloud smoke disappeared they saw it was empty, there was nothing there. A nearby patrol car saw what happened and ordered the people to clear the area. What the people didn't know was something did land there, but unfortunately for the people they couldn't see what landed there was actually a person.

Hikari began to open her eyes and she woke up in what looked like to her a crater. As she got up she felt a sharp pain all around her body. She groaned a bit and wondered what happened. It was then she remembered what happened. It was an attack she received from the hollow who attacked her. As she got up she looked around a little dazed and wondered what happened. She could hear some of the people from the crater coming from all around her. She knew something like that was going to happen. Being hit and fall into a crater in the middle of the street while there are people was going to attract some curious people. As she dusted off her clothes she felt something coming towards her. She looked up and saw the hollow firing a zero blast towards her. She knew she couldn't dodge it if it meant some of the people would get killed. So she jumped at the blast and used a kido spell to create a barrier around the area. The barrier worked but barley held on.

Some of the people felt something hit near them and wondered what happened. Hikari couldn't fight the hollow while there was people in the area. So she used some of her powers to knock out some windows and cars so the people would get away from the area for her to fight. It worked as she thought it would. The people began to run away from the area leaving only Hikari and the hollow to fight. As she saw the last person run she saw the hollow was across the street from her sitting ontop of a bus. She saw the creature looking at her with its yellow eyes and its tail going side to side. She wondered what it was up to and why it was just looking at her like that. She took out her sword and got into fighting position waiting for the hollow to make its next move.

"Are…you…ready…soul reaper" said the hollow in a deep voice.

"What?" asked Hikari who seemed surprise the hollow was talking to her.

"I…said…are…you…ready…soul reaper" said the hollow again.

"Uhhh I guess so" said Hikari unsure of why the hollow would ask her if she was ready.

"Gooood… you…will die…soul reaper" said the hollow as it opened its mouth again shooting out another zero blast.

Hikari used her flash step to step out of the way of the blast and come behind the hollow. As she tried to cut the hollow's head off. The hollow jumped out of the way of the blade and behind Hikari. As Hikari missed the hollow kicked her in the gut sending her across the street. As Hikari got back up the hollow appeared before her again this time giving an uppercut to Hikari, grabbed her by the arm and threw her to the bus the hollow was on. As Hikari hit the bus the hollow grabbed a nearby car and threw it at her at shot out another zero blast before the car hit the bus. The blast caused the car to explode and the blast caused the bus and the cars around it to explode in a huge blast. The blast destroyed the sidewalks, other cars near the blast, windows, caused some of the buildings to move, and lamp poles as well.

The hollow looked at the destruction of the area where Hikari was. It seemed to form a small smile on its face and began to howl as if it was howling in victory. Suddenly the wreckage of the once bus began to move. The hollow looked at where the bus was and soon enough the bus was pushed off with enough force to land next to the hollow. Out of the wreckage came Hikari covered in dirt, burn markings on her clothes, and some scratches on her arms and face.

"I see…you're not…like any other…soul reaper…are you little…girl" said the hollow.

"No I'm not" said Hikari as she ripped the sleeves off her clothes and wiped away some of the dirt off her. "I'm much worse than a soul reaper. I am the kind of girl your kind doesn't want to meet in a dark alley pal" said Hikari as she raised her sword. "Let's go Shirogitsune (White Spiritual Fox)" said Hikari as her zanpaktou transformed into her shikai form. "Now then lets continue shall we?" said Hikari as her zanpaktou began to ignite in a fiery flash.

Over Jump City

Meanwhile up in the sky Isamu and Tetsip's fight was still going on. Isamu released his zanpaktou when the fight began. As did Tetsip now both men were fighting with their zanpaktous in their release form. And so far it's an even match between the two. The two have collided with their blades and then pushed each other off with neither one having a scratch on them.

What was strange about the fight was Isamu and Tetsip have been smiling after each time one of their attacks failed and countered it with another move only to have that move countered as well and then both pushed the other off to get some distance.

"Heh not bad boy I see your master has taught you well. Such a shame you're wasting your talents on helping the wrong side instead of helping the right side" said Tetsip who was impress by Isamu's moves.

"Sorry not interested, just like I told your buddies Chiasa and Yemon I don't work for someone who kills and hurts people" I said to Tetsip.

"Talsein doesn't kill people, it's our job to make way of people who dare to get in his way, try to harm him, our home, or try to ruin what we are trying to create" said Tetsip.

"Let me guess a utopia" I said knowing why Tetsip and the others did what they have done.

"Exactly, Chiasa probably already explained this to you. Humanity is destroying our home. If we don't do something the world will be destroyed. Talsein wishes to change all of that. If you join us the world will be in a much peaceful way where there would be no war, death, or chaos. A place I'm sure you and raven would love to live in" said Tetsip.

"How did you know about me and raven?" I asked wondering how he knew about me and raven.

"We have been watching you for sometime Isamu. And we have seen how you and raven have been going out for some time now. If you help us you and her will no longer have to worry about fighting again. In our new world we will have peace and happiness" said Tetsip.

"First of all the only thing that will make me happy are three things. One me spending the rest of my life with raven, my friends, and family. Two get front row seats to see wrestlemania. And three kicking your masters old crazy butt" I said with a confident smile on my face.

"Hmmm it seems it's going to take some time to convince you Isamu. Oh well I'm sure you will reconsider once your friends either join us or die" said Tetsip.

"What do you mean Tetsip? What are you planning? Who's fighting my friends?" I asked concern on who was fighting the others.

"Two of the three Generals of Master Talsein Yamamoto's empire. I am the first General in charge of the army of the empire, while Misa is second in command and Deathstar is third in command. Right now your friends are fighting my colleagues and I'm sure it's not going well for them" said Tetsip.

"You know I would be worried if they were fighting them. But Hikari and I have been training the titans and I'm sure whatever their fighting I'm sure they can handle it. Now if you don't mind lets continue with our fight Tetsip" I said wanting to end this fight soon.

Tetsip sighted and knew what he had to do. He knew he couldn't kill Isamu at least not yet, but had to keep the boy busy long enough for his master to make his move. "Very well boy I think it's time for you to see my true power. Ready bankai" said Tetsip as his sword soon disappeared and merge with his body and soon his entire body from the leg to the head was ignited in fire. He lifted his hand and soon the fire formed into a sword and on his other hand the fire formed into a whip. "Behold my bankai Hi no eien no kami (eternal god of fire)" said Tetsip.

"Wow that's impressive. But it's nothing I haven't seen before Tetsip. Now it's my turn, bankai" I said as a flash of light emerged from my sword engulfing me in it. Tetsip didn't need to cover his eyes since the light doesn't hurt him. As soon as the light disappeared I reappeared wearing a white sleeveless coat, with white pants, no shirt, and had white boots. My zanpaktou changed to a knights shape sword, and the handle had wolf markings on it. "Jū kusari shiroi ōkami (heavily chain white wolf)" I said.

"Good now this fight will be more interesting Isamu Ishida. And you better be right boy because if my friends kill your friends their blood is not on them or my master but on you" said Tetsip as he ignited his flames.

"They won't die Tetsip I know it" I said but in the back of my mind I was a bit concern for them. I knew I would have to end this fight soon to make sure they would be okay. Just stay alive guys.

Abandon Library

Back at the library the titans were fighting against Misa and Darkstar's robots. So far the titans were holding their own but everytime they took some down more would take their place making this fight longer and harder for the titans to finish.

Cyborg and beastboy were finishing up some of the few robots attacking them when more came from the entrance door and some from where Misa and Darkstar were. Beastboy quickly transformed into a giant Tyrannosaurus and lifted Cyborg away from the robots, and swung his huge tail at the robots knocking half of them out. Starfire and raven were fighting together in taking out much of the robots from air. The robots threw exploding shurikens at them but wasn't enough to bring down raven or starfire. Raven used her powers to block the shurikens and opened the barrier to allow starfire to shoot at the robots. Raven looked up and saw more coming, she used her powers to block the entrance door and prevent more from coming in. Hoping it would buy the titans enough time for them to take out the ones they are currently dealing with. Robin was in the middle of the room fighting off as many of the robots using his staff and using some of his discs to destroy as many as he could.

Up on the statue Misa and Deathstar were watching the fight with some amusement. "The titans seem to be holding their own, but for how long can they continue?" asked Misa as she sat on the edge of the statue looking down on the fight.

"As long as it takes, but from the looks of things they can go as long as they can. It seems the information we got from out friend was wrong. They're a lot stronger than we were first told and at the rate their going we will run out of robots to keep them busy" said Deathstar.

"And if that happens our masters plan will fail…so what if a certain young man keeps the titans distracted for me to separate the girl from the others" said Misa as she hinted Deathstar to keep the titans busy.

"Fine but just remember where to take her. And make sure your not followed" said Deathstar as he got on his feet, cracked his neck and fingers, and took off is scarf to reveal his face. He looked to be in his 20's and had several scars on his face including one around his left eye.

"Yeah I know Deathstar I know, just leave at least one of them for me to kill" said Misa as she also took off her scarf and got ready to make her move.

As the titans destroy half of the robots the ones from behind the boulder broke through and surrounded the titans. The titans got into a circle and waited for them to make their move. "Enough!" shouted Deathstar as he jumped from behind the robots. "It's obvious that these robots are not enough to defeat you children…so I guess it will be up to me to finish the job. As for the rest of you leave us and make sure no one gets involved" ordered Deathstar as the robots nodded and left the building leaving the titans against Deathstar and Misa.

"Five against one doesn't seem to be a fair fight" said starfire.

"Well then if that's how you feel my dear why not fight me individually and let's see if that would be fair enough for you all" said Deathstar was he waited for the titans to make their move.

The titans knew he was up to something. They have fought many bad guys in the past to know not to let their guard down. Robin looked behind Deathstar and saw Misa was still up on the statue watching them. Robin knew if they took out Deathstar quickly as a team rather one on one they could end this fight fast and then take out Misa before she could try and get involved.

"Guys listen I think we should try and take out Deathstar together before Misa tries and get involved" said robin not taking his eyes off Deathstar.

"Wouldn't it be better if we fight him individually I mean he doesn't look that tough" said beastboy who didn't seem to think Deathstar was a threat.

"That's what we thought against Arthur and look at what happen. We held our own sure but if we fought him individually I think the outcome would have been different" said robin.

"I agree robin there's something about this guy that doesn't seem right. Isamu has taught me how to sense spiritual energy from people so I know how strong they are. But this guy I can't even sense one little bit of spiritual energy from him" said raven who seemed concern that she couldn't sense anything from Deathstar.

"I'm all for kicking his butt together. But if we attack him we will need to do it quick and fast before he tries to pull anything on us" said cyborg agreeing with his friends.

"Doesn't seem fair but all right" said starfire.

"All right I'm in too so what's the plan guys" said beastboy.

"All right here's the plan" said robin as he explained to his team his plan.

Deathstar watched as the titans were making their plans on attacking him. He knew what they were planning and knew what to do to counter their plan. He turned his head towards Misa who saw him giving her a signal. She knew what it meant and got ready to make her move. Deathstar turned to face the titans as they seemed to be ready to make their move.

"All right guys ready?" asked robin to his team. They all nodded in agreement as they were ready to make their move as well. "Okay then titans go!" shouted robin as the titans all separated and robin charged at Deathstar with his staff in hand.

Deathstar waited for robin to make his move but as well kept an eye on the titans. Robin threw one of his discs at Deathstar which he threw a shuriken to cause the disc to explode releasing a huge smoke to surround Deathstar. Starfire then made her move as she opened fire she shot out her starbolts at Deathstar who blocked them using a similar staff robin has. As he did cyborg shot at him with his sonic blaster which Death jumped out of the way. But as he escaped the smoke beastboy appeared in front of him and transformed into a kangaroo and used his tail to smack Deathstar towards the ground. Deathstar flipped over and landed on his feet but as he did his feet was covered in a black aura. Infront of him was raven as the smoked disappeared. She lifted him up and swung him over the walls and ground until letting him go near one of the nearby statues. Deathstar got up and looked a little groggy but as he got up robin delivered a high kick to Deathstar on the chest sending him towards the statue. Deathstar hit the statue hard and fell face first to the ground.

The titans got back together and saw Deathstar wasn't moving. In their minds they figure he was out cold after hitting the wall. "Sooo we won then?" asked beastboy sounding almost surprise they beat him.

"That seemed a little too easy for someone who seemed so confident" said raven who didn't think they won.

"Maybe we hit him harder than we thought we did" said cyborg.

"Is he okay?" asked starfire noticing Deathstar hasn't moved.

"If he was dead I wouldn't be still here now would I?" said Misa as she appeared infront of the entrance.

"It's over Misa give up now or we will take you down" said robin.

"Sorry bird boy but I don't listen to any man except my master. If you want to take me down you can go ahead and try but I don't think it will end well for all of you" said Misa who looked very confident in herself.

"We'll see it's still five against one" said raven.

"You sure about that girl" said Misa as she saw Deathstar rolled on his back and kicked up quickly. He then ran towards the titans who barely noticed Deathstar got back up and he kicked raven in the gut sending her straight towards Misa. Misa grabbed raven held her with one arm by the throat and threw a flash bomb blinding the titans long enough for Misa to disappear with Raven.

As the light disappeared the titans saw raven was gone along with Misa. "Raven where are…" before robin could finish Deathstar appeared next to him grabbed robin and threw him at starfire. Cyborg tried to hit Deathstar but he was also tossed aside. Beastboy transformed into a bear but Deathstar jumped over beastboy lifted him up with ease and threw him at cyborg.

The titans got back on their feet still buzzing on what just happened. First they thought they won, then their friend was taken, and they got their butts kicked by someone who they thought was beaten.

"Where did you take our friend Deathstar?" said robin wanting to know what Deathstar did with their friend.

"Your friend didn't look well so Misa took her somewhere to rest. I mean honestly robin your some team leader letting one of your teammates fight looking so pale. For all you know she could have been sick or wasn't feeling well and you still let her come and fight…tsk tsk shame on you robin" said Deathstar sounding sarcastic by what he said.

"But raven has always been pale…at least as long as we have known her" said starfire not knowing Deathstar was making fun of them.

"Star he knows he's just making fun of us" said cyborg explaining to his friend of what Deathstar meant.

"Oh that was not funny" said starfire sounding a bit mad Deathstar made fun of them.

"Where did you take our friend? Tell us now or else" said robin threatening Deathstar to reveal where their friend was.

"Well let's just say there is someone who has been wanting to meet her for some time now. But unfortunately for you boy your friends and yourself aren't invited" said Deathstar as he began to remove his shirt and showed he had hundreds of scars all over his body.

"Now no more talk it's time for me to get rid of you kids once and for all. See when my master wanted to bring you kids in I disagreed with him. He thought if we could bring in the future heroes of this world that everyone would follow as well. But I didn't see it because you kids are nothing but a bunch of whiny brats who have no respect for no one but their own" said Deathstar as he tossed his shirt to the floor and began to do some stretches.

"Deathstar you don't know the first thing about us. Once we beat you we will go find out friend and take down your master" said robin as the titans got ready for the next round of the fight.

"You can try but you won't succeed" said Deathstar as he got ready to continue his fight with the titans.

Titans Tower

Back at titans tower Terra used her powers to escape from the tower and land outside in the training field. She looked up and saw Slade looking down on her from the broken mirror. Terra used her powers to throw several boulders at Slade who ducked out of the way of the boulders and land on the ground. Terra used her powers to lift several boulders where Slade was and threw them at him. Slade jumped out of the way of the boulders and used his speed to run towards terra. Terra used her powers to try and stop Slade, but his quickness and agility made it hard for her to stop him. Slade jumped over one of the boulders and landed behind terra. He then was going to deliver a swift kick when Terra used her powers to block it. But the power of the kick broke through the wall of rock and kicked terra hard in the gut causing her to slide across the field.

Terra struggled to get up on her feet as she coughed a bit of blood from her mouth. She looked up and saw Slade waiting for her to get up. As she did finally got up she looked into the one eye of Slade. She remembered that look. Although Slade wore a mask she could tell by looking in his eyes what he was thinking, and she didn't like it. She remembered all the things he made her do by trying to make her kill her friends and take over the city.

"What's the matter Terra? What happened to the terra who killed me by throwing me into the lava pit?" Don't tell me you've gotten soft in your time of peace" said Slade.

"So it was trap wasn't it Slade. Not for the titans or Isamu but for me isn't that right?" asked Terra as she figures the trap Hikari mention wasn't for Isamu but for her.

"Half right my dear. My plan was to get my revenge on you…while a friend of mine's plan involves your friends. Of course I'm surprise that they would accept you back after all the crimes you have done in the past" said Slade.

"They're my friends, they know what I did was bad so do I. Despite all of that they have forgiven me even though I know I don't deserve it. They're my friends Slade and now they I have regain their trust I am not going to ruin it" said Terra as she wiped the rest of the blood off her mouth.

"Hmm friends I doubt that Terra. They're not your friend's terra and you know it. They're probably keeping you around to make sure you don't cause any trouble like before" said Slade.

"That's a lie Slade. They do care about me they're my friends and they love me" said terra not wanting to believe Slade.

"You know it's true Terra. Despite all you have done in the past deep down you know they still don't trust you. And when you do show any signs of turning they will leave you Terra" said Slade as he continued to get into the head of terra.

"Stop it I don't believe you I don't" said terra refusing to believe Slade. But in the back of her mind she was having little doubts about what Slade said.

"Don't believe me Terra but in the end it won't matter. Because your little friends will soon perish from this world, oh but don't worry terra it seems my friend has some plans for you so you will live for now. But he never said I couldn't beat you within an inch of your life" said Slade as he looked ready to continue.

"Not going to happen Slade I have beaten you before and I will do it again" said Terra trying her best to keep her confidence and not allow Slade to see any doubts in her.

"I know Terra the last time we fought you used your powers to defeat me" said Slade. "But as you know a lot has happen since the last time we met. You should have taken Talsein's offer Terra because now the pain you're going to endure will be of your own fault" said Slade as his hands began to ignite in flames and a symbol was shown on his head. "It seems things are about to get a little hotter around here" said Slade as he launched a fireball at terra.


Raven began to open her eyes. She saw nothing but darkness with little light. She knew she was on the floor because she could feel the cold floor from her legs and hands. As she got up she wondered how she got where she was. Then she remembered what happened. She was fighting against Deathstar and Misa when someone kicked her in the gut, then a bright light blinded her, and then nothing.

"Hello raven did you have a nice nap?" asked Misa as she appeared behind Raven. Raven activated her powers when Misa put her hands up in defense. "Calm down Raven I'm not here to harm you. I brought you here because I was ordered to" said Misa.

"Who told you to bring me here?" asked raven as she still had her powers up.

"That would be me" said a less deep voice that came from above. The lights turned on and raven recognized where she was. It was the old hideout of Professor Chang minus the telescope and other items Chang had here there was nothing but a few tables and some desks.

Raven looked up and saw who it was. The last person she thought she would ever meet alone. "Hello Raven it's been a long time hasn't it" said the man as he climbed down the stairs.

"Not long enough for me…Talsein Yamamoto" said Raven as Talsein made his way down the stairs wearing his dark robe. Raven knew this day had gone from bad to worse.

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