Love and Courage need eachother. You can't have one without the other.

Taichi and Sora are the perfect example of that.

Love needs Courage.

Sora has the crest of Love. That means she has limitles amounts of love. But that also means one more thing. It means she has as much courage as she has love. Because you see it takes a lot of courage to say that you love somebody. Not just to say it to your best friend, but to admit to yourself that you are in love with somebody. Or in Sora's case her best friend Taichi Yagami.

Courage needs Love.

Taichi has the crest of Courage. It automaticly makes you think that he is brave, but you never think that he is brave for someone he loves. He loves all of his friends, true some more than others but he still loves them. And because of that love he is also very brave. If he wasn't he wouldn't be able to stand up to the evil attacking them and help/save his friends.

Sora needs Taichi as much as Taichi needs Sora. Love and Courage, Courage and Love. Both existing in harmony.