Well I finally decided to write a story. Feel free to criticize. You don't even have to offer solutions to problems. I just ask that you be specific.

Code Geass does not belong to me. And any original characters or ideas of mine are probably plagarised as well.

It was an older apartment building. Actually it was abandoned. The only reason the city hadn't condemned the large eyesore was because it provided the homeless with a warm place at night. The police overlooked the fact that illegal immigrants often made their homes there. Most nights the halls would be filled with people cooking food and making small talk. The sounds of life audible even from the street. There were no such sounds tonight. Not that it was quiet. Instead the sounds of gunfire and screams filled the night.

The girl was frightened. She could not remember the last time she had felt this afraid. She finished reloading her pistol and kneed a man in his crotch. Shoving him away, she quickly emptied her magazine into the crowd and ran out the door. The hall was already filled with bodies with a wide variety of injuries. Some of them were still conscious but were of no threat. The girl cursed as she realized she had used the last of her ammunition. As she turned a corner, she quickly ducked as an aluminum bat pinned her long green hair to the wall. Grabbing her attacker's arm she broke the older woman's arm and grabbed the bat. Then the green-haired girl brought it down onto the woman's head. The confrontation had cost the girl many seconds. She began running down the hall again to avoid letting another group catch her.

"I can't believe it found me", she thought. She swung her new weapon low, sweeping the legs out from under a young girl who had leapt from behind a door. The child screamed as her knife, which she had been swinging, dug into her own side. "Did that thing recruit the entire building?"

After several more short encounters the young woman reached a fire escape. She started to descend. "This has been going on for too long. The police should already be here. Thank god they haven't arrived yet." Suddenly a window exploded and the young woman's world was filled with nothing but pain and noise.

A young man crawled out of the window then tossed his shotgun and the girl's bat away. His appearance fit that of the classical "hobo" perfectly. He looked down at the young woman. She was wearing khaki pants, sneakers, a ratty blue thin winter jacket, and a lime turtleneck sweater. He smiled, showing his yellow teeth, when he noticed that her hair and sweater were the same color and that both were smeared with blood.

"Well, C.C., you certainly led me on a chase." The young man crouched down over the girl, C.C. "When did you get so good at fighting?" The man let out a low whistle. "I mean there must have been over five hundred people in their when the fighting began. Sure two hundred or so ended up running away and maybe another hundred are still looking for you or hiding, but that's still two hundred people bleeding to death in there." He stopped talking as C.C started to crawl toward the ladder. He quickly grabbed her by the hair and slammed her head into the railing. Sure they were only on the second story but he needed not only alive but functioning. He grabbed her face and forced her to meet his eyes. "Don't worry C.C.. You know I only want information. This won't take long I promise." Suddenly the young man collapsed and began to spasm. This continued for several seconds before he stilled.

C.C looked down at the man's face. His eyes had rolled back into his head and there was foam on his lips. "So it worked," she thought. C.C. rolled the man's body off of her and gingerly stood up. She noticed he was still breathing. After hesitating for a moment she made her way down to the ground. As she trudged away through the snow the sounds of sirens reached her ears. "This is bad. I only made it out of there by the skin of my teeth. Next time I'm as good as dead. I …I need …I need to…" C.C. stopped. She needed to make a phone call.

Yeah it's short but this is my first real story. The next chapter will be longer. Probably.