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"All units are in position. The advanced teams have begun their infiltration."

"Understood. The operation will begin at 1400 hours. Are all the targets accounted for?"

"We have the locations of the primary targets already. We'll have all the secondary targets marked within the next 15 minutes."

"Remember people, there may be a class S priority target in there. So watch your eyes."

Elysium was busy that day. Elysium was busy every day. And every night too. A city unto itself, the massive resort/club/casino/mall/brothel/strip-club/arcade/theater/theme park, offered anything and everything. Every minute of the day, hundreds if not thousands of illegal transactions occurred inside the psuedo-city, often right out in the open. It was widely known that the owners actually encouraged the less reputable members of society to use their establishment as a place of business. So long as it did not interfere with the other customers.

One such disreputable fellow was having the time of his life. Emphasis on the word "was". The young man was currently passed out in his private VIP lounge and in the process of being robbed by the two young ladies that had been flowering him with attention all morning.

"So why did you make me wait so long before sticking him with the syringe," said the first girl as she emptied the last of the man's pockets. "Another minute of that bullshit and I would have had to go down on him to keep the ruse up".

"Well you didn't, did you? Besides I had my reasons," replied her older sister.

"You were trying to milk a petty crack dealer for information! The only reason he's got this much money is because he was lucky in the casino! Not because he's some big shot!" The younger began to undress the man, cutting some of the clothing to speed up the process. His clothes, or at least the fabric, could be sold for some spare cash.

"The information I get out of these people is what keeps us out of the slammer …and alive. If it wasn't for the dirt I pick up on people, either the cops or the mob would have hunted us down by now. Instead they do business with us occasionally." The young woman finished packing away their haul into a duffel bag. "So any guesses on what's in the briefcase?"

Handcuffed to the, now naked, young crack dealer was a large metal briefcase. It had an electronic lock and was much heavier than it should have been. While the man had gleefully talked about everything else, he refused to say anything about the briefcase. In fact, he was very protective of it and constantly stopped in his merry making to confirm that it was still attached to his wrist. While he never suspected the girls of foul play he was certainly suspicious of everyone else. He actually had the wits about him to keep his back to a wall and his eyes on a door!

"No idea. Whatever it is it's important." The younger sibling grabbed the duffel bag and began to walk to the door. "I'll wait outside. You pick the lock on the cuffs. You need the practice".


The door to the VIP room was on a balcony overlooking a large dance floor. The sounds of the club washing over her, the girl took a moment to take in her surroundings. On the opposite side of the room a long line of tinted-glass doors led to the street. To the left was a large staircase leading down. To the balcony continued on, passing over a large bar on the ground floor, eventually reaching a smaller staircase. There was only one other person on the balcony. A shorter man, who looked about in his thirties, was smoking and leaning on the railing.

"Perimeter secure. Begin the operation."

A bright light brought the teenaged thief's attention back to the dance floor. One of the doors was open. She could make out another girl, possibly her age maybe younger step inside as it closed. The girl was dressed in black dress with a knee length skit and long sleeves. Her green hair was tied up in many tiny pigtails all over her head. The green-haired girl, now just a silhouette, didn't come further inside but just leaned against the door and looked around.

On the balcony the young woman followed her gaze. She stared at the dancing figures for a couple of moments then suddenly straightened. She ran down to the opposite end of the balcony and looked across the smaller dance floor on the opposite side of the bar. She wasn't seeing things. Immediately, she was flinging open the door to the VIP room with the duffel bag across her back.

"Didi! We need to get out of her now!" Her twin dropped her tools in surprise.

"What? What happened?"

"It's a raid!"

In moments the twins were racing down the smaller staircase. There was a fire exit through some back rooms on that side. As soon as they hit the ground floor the power went out. Immediately, people began to scream. At the same time, several scores of undercover police, who had spread throughout the crowds, converged on and captured several dozen people. More of them rushed the staircases.

Didi wasn't prepared for that. Her sister, Mimi, was. Whipping out two cans of mace she brought down the first three officers to reach the duo. Didi quickly recovered and dealt with the next two officers using a pair of telescoping batons. The unexpected resistance made the remaining officers take pause, giving the girls time to make a break for it.

The girls quickly lost their original pursuers when they made it through the hidden door in the wall. Zipping through backrooms they easily dispatched the few officers who were spread throughout the halls. Soon a few scattered emergency lights flickered on.

"That was easy," said Mimi. "So when do we reach that emergency exit anyway?"

"Be quiet. They have men stationed back here so they know about the layout. Those guys on the dance floor didn't lose track of us. They didn't follow us." Didi was scared. There were too many police officers involved in this raid. There must have been at least a hundred on that dance floor alone. Who knows how many others watching the exits? The lights were still off and they had seen no other civilians back here. This building was attached to one of the casinos! Surely somebody else made it out. "I'm taking us to a different exit anyway. It should be right around the next corner."

Sure enough the next corner immediately led to a small metal door with the word exit on it. In front of it was a woman standing over the unconscious bodies of a police officer and an older man. All three carried guns and the two on the floor were bleeding. Apparently the couple had tried to rush the guard.

"Hey lady!" yelled Mimi. "Get out the door or get out of the-"

"Move it!" Came a loud voice. Two men came rushing around the corner. Mimi stared as they pushed by the three women. That was the short guy from the balcony. And he had the briefcase! Time seemed to slow down as she watched the man smash against the door, knocking it open.

As soon as daylight touched them, everyone in the hall sprang outside. They were in narrow alleyway. Just a bit to the left on the opposite side was smaller alley. There was a dumpster next to it. Most importantly there were two police barricades on either side of the alleyway. The short man was gone immediately He never stopped after he hit the door and disappeared into the side alley. Didi and Mimi doubled back into the doorway as flashbangs and teargas filled the narrow space. The remaining man retaliated by pulling out two automatic pistols and firing blindly toward the police barricades. The older woman froze up. Both were quickly cut down in a hail of crossfire. Waiting until the gunfire let up Didi and Mimi used the teargas as a smoke screen and rushed toward the side alley.

C.C. watched as the dragon-class assault ships set down on the highway. Of course they were never referred to as such in public. It was contrary to the idea that the world was peaceful now. So everyone was supposed to refer to them as "heavy air transports". It was meaningless she thought. Everyone knew what they were really called and the average person didn't even bother being politically correct. On the other hand, the ones landing here weren't much of a military vehicle. They had been sufficiently neutered as to not "offend" and were being used as nothing more than prison transports right now.

"It's good to see you again C.C.!"

C.C. turned around surprised. Behind her was an older man of about fifty years of age. The smiling man wore a military uniform and had bright brown eyes.

C.C. smirked. "It's good to see you too, Major General Fearghalson."

"Oh please C.C., you know you can call me Ruarc. How have you been this past year? I see you cut your hair again."

"And you grew a beard. I have been fine. Work for the Directorate has kept me busy. How are you wife and kids?"

"Fine, fine. What do you mean the Directorate has kept YOU busy? You really don't need to be doing this grunt work. You practically founded the organization. To keep yourself safe no less."

"These 'grunts' are in the most danger. It's not that I care for them personally but each and every one is a security risk. It's best that I lead them, protect and monitor them. This way any infiltrations or information leaks can hopefully be prevented or more likely stopped quickly and at the source. Besides I didn't create the Directorate."

"Oh please, before you came along it was nothing but a bunch of incompetent and unconnected bureaucratic offices following a vague policy. Now we not only meet our original purpose we go beyond it. Most of it's a byproduct of the so called 'secondary' mission you've set for us of course, but crushing organized crime and domestic terrorists is a wonderful bonus in my book. No other branch of the Requiem Directorate does what we do. No other branch CAN do what we do."

"We still hit too many dead ends. We both know that we're running out of time. I just hope the archaeological teams are having more luck than we are."

"Commander! …and, um, Major General, I have the final report on the operation". A young man in carrying a clipboard computer ran up to the two commanding officers. "As of now we've captured 348 of the 349 listed targets. We've also captured an additional 147 wanted persons of varying importance. We've have about 34 casualties, but there were no fatalities. 84 civilians are currently being treated for injuries sustained, as well as 23 of the captured targets and 14 bonus criminals. All across the city we had people making breaks for it, but as of now only 3 are unaccounted for. Among them was the missing target. I'm having the identities of the other two confirmed now."

"Which target was the one that escaped?" C.C. asked coldly.

"Um…" the young man stopped and flicked his finger across the screen. "Someone called 'Gerald Meyer'." There was a small bing and the aide's face lit up. "Oh! The other two fugitives are the twins known as Didi and Mimi. You can see a summary of their files here." He quickly handed the pad to C.C.

Delphilia Deidre (Didi)

Physical description

19 years old

Black hair

Blue eyes


Criminal record






Sale of illegal substances/items

Possession of illegal substances/items


Grand Theft Auto

The aid suddenly interrupted C.C.'s reading, "the other one is called Millie Miranda or Mimi. It's basically the same list. Didi's the older one and the leader of the two. The both of them are a couple of pseudo-anarchists who will work for anybody. They're both highly competent masters of disguise. No idea what their real names are though."

C.C. handed back the aid his computer and pulled out her cellphone. "Ruarc, you brought Anastasia with you right?"

"Don't you think that's a little cruel?"

C.C. dialed, "Not at all, in fact I – Anny! It's C.C. I have some people I need you to find. …Yes I'll need them alive. …No, only two of them need to be in one piece. …The other just needs to be able to answer questions. …Good. Here's what you need to know."

Things were bad. Didi and Mimi managed to make it out of the alleyways by following the short man's trail; he had taken down every cop he ran into. Unfortunately, they were still trapped. All of Elysium was surrounded by the army. The revelation that it was military forces in charge of this raid terrified the twins. Luckily many of the pseudo-city's locals were crowding the streets in order to see what was happening. Moving carefully they made their way to their car. There they dropped of their things, changed into some disguises and split up. Resolving to meet each other once the military left.

Didi followed the crowd. She was completely unrecognizable. Anyone looking at her, would see a very busty blond in high-heals, and an expensive suit. Soon she saw several massive VTOL's lifting off just ahead. "So that's where they are." Didi pushed her way through the crowd until she reached the front. There was still one of the massive VTOL's on the ground. Outside a couple of dozen men and woman in military uniform ran around completing errands. A middle-aged man and a teenager stood off to the side talking. Didi recognized the teenager as the green-haired girl that Mimi told her about. "So she's one of them. But why are they still here? It's been over half an hour since they started the raid. Mimi and I aren't high profile enough for them to keep hunting for. Could they be after that other man? Or maybe it was that briefcase." Didi slowly scooted along the front of the crowd. Maybe she could catch what they were saying—

"Wow. You actually came here on your own." Didi spun around. Behind her was a tall purpled-haired woman. "You aren't going to try to run? That's smart, but it's not very fun." Didi noticed that draped over the woman's shoulders were two figures. One was the short man. The other was a girl in a "sexy" Raggedy Ann costume. "Mimi".

The green-haired girl looked over toward them. "Anny! I want to leave sometime today. Are you going to grab her or not?"

The purple-haired woman frowned. "I'm coming." Didi never saw what hit her. All she knew was the sudden pain and then everything going dark.

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