I've been told that my story is very confusing, so I made this chapter to focus on exposition. Not every question is answered and more are raised but you should have a better idea of the state of Britannia and the world.

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"The Britannian military's invasion of Elysium has sparked outrage across the nation. In Parliament, Ava li Britannia attacked the Empress as 'continuing her brother's policies of crushing all institutions that are not directly controlled by the Throne'. The Princess argued that by using military forces to capture petty criminals the Empress had overstepped her bounds. She continued by saying that had the affair been left to local police then there would not have been any civilian casualties. Princess Ava went on to contest just how many of the hundreds of 'convicts' were actual criminals, among them the President, CEO, and Executive Board of Elysium."


"An attack on our whole socio-economic system is what it is. Just because a company is making money through activities that some might call immoral, they have to be shut down. I for one happen to love gambling and drinki—"


"The Mediterranean Union announced today the completion of its first lunar base, joining the ranks of the Eurasian Confederacy, The United Federation of Nations, and Britannian Empire."


"Both houses of Parliament are echoing with cries that the Empress has trampled on basic, traditional, and respected Britannian values with this most recent action by the so-called Requiem Directorate. Many have accused the Empress of being a pawn to an international organization set on destroying Britannia. Others say that she has used the Directorate as a front in order to form a 'secret police'."

"There was some light skirmishing between the UFN and several pirate groups last night. Piracy has continued to rise in the Pacific after the formation of Refuge. The large manmade island continues to circle the north Pacific growing larger every year. The international community is at a loss on what to do about the strange conglomeration of ships, driftwood, and trash. It is commonly known to provide shelter to pirates, but is also home to tens of thousands of followers of the Cult of Ashira. Many experts in the Britannian military and the Black Knights argue that the HMS Lamrei, the decommissioned super aircraft carrier that makes up the core of Refuge, should be sunk or at least separated from the rest of the 'island'. They believe that without the massive ship at its center the rest of Refuge would safely break apart scattering the pirates but not killing the civilians. Whether this is true or not is hotly debated."


"Rumors have been flying about what led to the Requiem Directorate's attack on Elysium earlier this week. Some say that the organization known as the Inquisition was using the site as a base. Not much is known about the Inquisition aside from its stated goal to destroy the Directorate and 'tear away the lies of the world'."


"After a long negotiation process and many rounds of voting, the South American, Central American, and Caribbean Leagues have each decided to renew the Monroe Treaty of 2037. Once again this means that South American territories will be semi-autonomous commonwealths that will be allowed to operate as their own nations under strict Britannian supervision, the Central American nations will be non-autonomous 'states' that will be allowed to govern themselves under Britannian law, and that the Caribbean territories will be part of Britannian proper with a voice in Parliament. The treaty will be up for renewal again in 2098 atb."


"The most recent polls suggest that public support for Empress Nunnally vi Britannia is at an all-time low. At the same time Princess Ava li Britannia's popularity has been soaring recently. With Princess Ava's staunch opposition to the Empress this is unsurprising, but experts disagree on whether the Empress's drop in popularity is causing Ava's rise or vice versa. Or if the two are directly related at all."


Empress Nunnaly vi Britannia turned off the television. Sighing she placed the remote down on her desk and turned to face the window. New Pendragon sprawled before her. Her private office was found at the apex of the Imperial Palace, an enormous pyramid of glass and steel that wrapped around the mountain from which the rest of the city emanated. The 85 year-old monarch took in the view as she slipped deep into thought.

Several minutes later the sound of her office door opening and closing brought her back to reality.

"Ruarc. You're late."

"I apologize, your Highness. Shall we get going?"


The major general nodded and moved behind the Empress's chair. Ruarc then calmly wheeled the older woman out of the office and into the small lobby. Certainly the Empress could have received prosthetics which would have allowed her to walk again, but by the time the technology had advanced enough Nunnally was far to accustomed to her chairs. Of course having others, like Ruarc, push her was only a formality. Nunnally was more than capable of wheeling herself or using the chairs automotive systems. Even so the Empress appreciated the image it created. Appearing to rely on another humbled her, made her more approachable to the masses. It also helped others to underestimate her. Which of the two effects she appreciated more, Nunnally was no longer certain.

Within moments they had entered a private circular elevator. As soon as the descent began the conversation picked up again.

"Ruarc, I was not aware that our actions earlier this week had upset Parliament so much."

"It hasn't actually your Highness. Princess Ava and her party have been very vocal, but they are still in the minority. Unfortunately the media bias is affecting your popularity across the nation. Many members have begun to drift toward Ava's team in response."

"And to think things would get easier when Ashford Telecommunications virtually monopolized the national media."

"I don't see why. Milly Ashford doesn't have any memories of you. She does however have memories of Lelouch, memories that would seem to contradict what everyone knows about the Demon Emperor. I imagine that it didn't take much for Ava to get the woman in her pocket."

"Poor Milly and Rivalz. To think I can't even have 'Orange' visit them."

"Having Jeremiah Gottwald undo your father's work would simply complicate things. It would also be cruel. Both of them are almost 90. The shock alone could possibly kill them. Even if it didn't they would only have more questions."

"I am aware of that, Major General," stated Nunnally annoyance slipping into her voice. "You also forgot to mention that Gottwald is presumed dead and law enforcement the world over are under orders to execute him on sight should he ever be discovered alive."

A sudden burst of light revealed that the elevator the pair currently occupied was translucent. It also revealed that the elevator had emerged into a vast underground space. Currently the elevator was traveling down a translucent tube of some sort between the peaks of two massive glass conical pyramids, one which was located on the 'ceiling' the other on the 'floor'.

Fearghalson looked out across the second city that was located beneath the one above. "I still cannot believe that the geofront ever became a reality outside of science fiction. I understand that the Geass Directorate was based in one, but to create one where there was no cavern before? It was an impressive undertaking."

"As I've said before Ruarc, after the complete obliteration of the first Pendragon, the people were willing to pay any amount to ensure the safety of the new one and the Australians' excavation technology made it very simple, if time consuming, to create the geofront, even here in the mountains. Anyways it was only an experiment to see if we could actually build a fortified base around a Thought Elevator."

The Major General nodded as the elevator entered the second pyramid. Turning his thoughts back to matters at hand, Fearghalson began to bring the Empress up to speed.

"We've finished processing and interrogating all of the prisoners. Most have no apparent connection to Legion or the Cult of Ashira. They are currently being handed over to the courts. Of those who do have connections most are only pawns. The vast majority of them don't even know who they're working for. All of them are scheduled for continued interrogation. The good news is we managed to snag a sample of that new drug."

"It didn't detonate?"

"It did. Or tried to at least. The machinery in the brief case malfunctioned. Explains why the man we captured it with wasn't the one who was supposed to be carrying it. Must have been sent to collect it before we could."

"So Legion knew about the operation beforehand."

"Not necessarily. Legion's proud and confident, but not stupid. There was no reason to have anybody connected to the Cult there in the first place if it could be helped. Most likely someone realized they had a sample on the streets that wasn't set to blow if the dealer screwed up. The man we caught carrying it was sent to retrieve the thing if anything went wrong."

"I suppose. Who was the man anyway?"

"Someone named Gerald Meyer. He's wanted for supplying drugs to dealers."

"So who is he involved with?"

Ruarc smiled, "That's the best part. The man is a Legionite."

Nunnally's body twisted around to face younger man. "You captured a Legionite and didn't bother to inform me? Ruarc! I should have been informed immediately after you found out! Why didn't you tell me first thing when you showed up? Where is he now?"

"Please calm down Empress. It's not good for a lady your age to get this excited. To answer your questions: yes; I didn't tell you first thing because you wouldn't have bothered to listen to anything else; and he is currently being interrogated by C.C. and Anastasia. An autopsy team is already waiting to start on the body as well."

Nunnally quietly eased back into her chair. After taking several deep breaths she began speaking again.

"Is there anything else you have neglected to tell me?"

"Well, we've finished interrogating and processing those twins that C.C. had Anastasia bring in. They don't know anything, but they have plenty of underworld connections. Thanks to them we now know the names of every corrupt cop and official on the west coast. They're intelligent and skilled. They don't have any loyalties and have a large disrespect for any type of authority. However, we have enough dirt on their activities to have them locked away for a long time and they know it."

The elevator suddenly stopped and the doors opened. Fearghalson wheeled Nunnally out into a small cavern.

"Where are you going with this?"

"I was going to suggest we hire them."

Both remained silent as they approached the large pillar of light on the far side of the room.

"Checkmate!" "Time!"

"Mentat! Who wins?"

Didi was aggravated. When that purple-haired bitch had captured her and her sister they were brought to this military base. For the past few days they had been drugged, questioned, poked, prodded, drugged, questioned, and drugged again. She wasn't certain but Didi could swear that bastard (Leibowitz?) had even put their menstruation cycles into that damn computer of his. Today they had finally been freed into the custody of this Mentat character and his assistants. Mentat was a freak. From the first moment that they had been thrown into the room, (some sort of mission control?) he had never left the center of the room. Only his lower face was visible in the organic looking machine. He had spent the entire time ignoring the two of them. But none of this was what was bothering Didi right now. What bothered her was that she and Mimi were being beaten in chess. By a couple of bridge bunnies!

"Mentat! Who wins?" said the one called Mary.

Mentat's head turned toward the four. "Claire's clock ran out before Mimi was mated. However Didi failed to call it in time. Claire and Mary win this match. That's brings the score to 58 wins for Didi and Mimi and 72 wins for Mary and Claire."

Mimi whirled on her sister. "Damn it Didi! What's the point in stalling if you're not going to watch her clock?"

"Screw you Mimi! I told you I needed a pawn for the win a minute ago and you never got me one!"

The girls across the table simply smirked at the two of them. "You too willing to concede that we're smarter than you?"

Didi turned back to her opponent. "Shut up Claire. You suck at this. Mary's been carrying you the entire time."

The blonde's smile disappeared. "I can't help it if I'm not that good at bughouse. If we were playing regular chess I would wipe the floor with you."

Mentat suddenly spoke, "The Major General and the Empress have arrived."

Mary and Claire immediately stood up and snapped to attention. The next moment the doors opened and a middle-aged man wheeled an elderly woman in an ornate wheelchair into the room. Mimi noticed that instead of wheels it rested atop a ball.

"At ease," said the Empress. "So these are the two you were talking about Ruarc?"

"Yes, milady."

Didi and Mimi stayed perfectly still as the old woman looked them up and down. "Where is C.C.?"

Mentat spoke again, "C.C. and Anastasia are arriving now."

Sure enough the doors opened again revealing a teenager and a young woman.

The Empress turned herself toward the new comers. "C.C! Anastasia! How goes everything with our other guest?"

The green-haired woman, C.C. apparently, smiled. "About as well as expected. Thanks to the truth serum we managed to get some interesting information out of him. Unfortunately, he didn't survive Anastasia's turn. The autopsy is taking place as we speak."

"And his package?"

"The machinery was completely destroyed and most of the sample was lost. What was left is contaminated. You'd have to ask Mentat how much use it is to us.

Mentat spoke up again, "The analysis is still on going. We've sent a duplicate to Dr. Mazur and his team. I believe that it will be of more use to him then us."

"Will we be able to use it all?" asked the middle-aged man.

"I believe that we can use it to narrow our search. However the information we received from Mr. Meyer will be much more helpful."

Mimi chose that moment to interrupt. "Excuse me, but what the hell is going on? What do you want with us?"

Didi stifled the urge to punch her sister as the room turned its attention to the pair. Her impatience might have just cost them some information on what was happening that their captors didn't want them to know.

The girl named C.C. smiled again. "The two of you are going to work for us."

Mimi was aghast. "What? Why should we?"

"Both of you are currently in our custody. We have enough information about to have you thrown in prison for the rest of your lives. We wouldn't have to do that though. We could just kill you right now and erase every record you ever existed. If you did escape, Anastasia here would hunt you down. She's the greatest hunter that ever existed. She'd find you. And kill you. Or bring you back. It depends on what we tell her to do."

Mimi didn't back down. "I'm pretty sure we could take on your 'hunter'".

Anastasia started to smirk too. Then C.C. took out a pistol and calmly shot Anastasia between the eyes. The woman collapsed to the ground.

Didi and Mimi both jumped in up in shock. The rest of the room didn't react save for a couple of winces.

Both girls stood mouths agape as C.C. calmly holstered her weapon. Then before either could say anything Anastasia leapt to her feet. Scowling, she pried the smashed bullet out of her skull. "Damn it C.C. At that range it actually hurts."

C.C. ignored her. "Anastasia here is a cyborg. The technology was originally developed during the Black Rebellion. We've had 70 years to perfect it since then. You'd be hard press to even hurt her much less kill her."

Both twins gulped and sat down. After a moment Didi cautiously asked, "If we do consent to this, what's in it for us."

Anastasia looked at them incredulously, "Aside from not getting killed?"

The Empress interrupted. "You will aid us in defeating our current adversary. In return I'll issue the two of you pardons for all crimes committed in the past and in service to us. However, if you betray us I'll personally see to it that you are both locked away in a pit so deep and so dark that you will forget what light is."

Didi nodded slowly, not noticing the shocked looks the rest of the room were giving the Empress. The twin looked at each other for a moment, and then Didi spoke up again.

"We accept."

Mary looked surprised. "You don't want to know what they want you to do?"

"It wouldn't matter."

The Major General cleared his throat. "We don't have anything for them to do yet anyway. C.C., if you would be so kind as to begin their training?"

C.C. smiled a wide smile. "I'd love to."

Silently the twins followed the teenager out of the room. Both of them wondering if they had just made the greatest mistake of their lives.

Well here it is. As scifi fans might have noticed, I've begun to steal heavily from Snow Crash.

I've more or less introduced every character of mine by this point. The other two characters I have in mind aren't that important even.

That Leibowitz guy Didi mentions in passing is all that's left of another scifi plug/joke. It was going to originally be about how the Directorate is collects and stores information about everything.

Let's see what else might you want to know?

Oh yes, Since Lelouch's death Britannia has shrunk to only exist in the Western Hemisphere. As I've tried to make it clear most of the Americas don't want to be completely tied to Britannia but don't feel comfortable with out Britannian protection/ economic aid.

Other current superpowers are the United Federation of Nations, mostly in Southeast Asia and Africa.. The Eurasian Confederation is in Eurasia and didn't want to "kowtow" to an international government.

The Mediterranean Union is made up of the Iberian, Italian, and Greek Peninsula's along with all Mediterranean islands and some random small strips of land along the Mediterranean Sea. It's mostly an economic alliance.

I'm pretty sure that's everything. Best part is that less for me to have to add to the story somehow.