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Not So Happy Campers Part 1

Chris: he is standing on the Dock of Shame. "Welcome to the first episode of Total Drama ever! For the next three months, twenty two campers will be battling it out for 100,000 dollars. There will be friendships, enemies, and even romances," he is standing next to one of the tree cameras, "which will be caught on one of our hundreds of tapes stationed around the island, 24/7. Every three days, there will be a challenge that will pit three teams against each other. The first place team will get invincibility, as well as a one-time reward, or a reward that they will keep until the last team member is voted off. The second place team will get immunity, but no reward," he is standing at the elimination area, "but the losing team will be sent to the elimination ceremony, where all but one camper will get a marshmallow," back on the Dock of Shame, "That camper will walk the dock of shame and have a one way ticket to the boat of losers. They will never be able to come back – EVER. In the end, one sole camper will survive all of the eliminations and the brutal final challenge and walk away with fame, and 100,000 dollars," holds treasure chest, "which – let's face it – they'll probably spend in about a week. This is TOTAL, DRAMA, ISLAND!"

Theme Song
Chris: "Welcome back! It looks like our first camper is arriving." A boat pulls up and an average height guy wearing a black shirt with a tan skull, a tan undershirt, blue cargos, red converse, a spiked dog collar, and black hair with a bright green Mohawk stepped off of it. "Duncan, great to see you man."

Duncan: "Bite me. What's with the crappy summer camp, the brochure said it was gonna be a mansion." He walks off to the other side of the dock.

Chris: "Please welcome our second contestant, Heather."

An Asian girl with a super short red top, khaki short shorts, black sandals, and long black hair stepped off the boat in sunglasses. She took the sunglasses off and glared evilly.

Heather: "You have got to be kidding me! This is not what the brochure said. Where's the Jacuzzi, the butlers, the 24/7 spa. I did not sign up for this."

Chris: Holds up a really thick contract. "Actually, you did. Right here on page 347, in fine print. Good thing no one ever reads these things." He chuckles.

Heather: "Uugh!"

Duncan: "Hey hot stuff!"

Heather: "Shut it!"

Chris: "And here comes our next camper." A short boy with long, dark-brown hair wearing a blue and red sweater vest, a white undershirt, and army green cargo shorts and sneakers stepped off the boat. "Hello Noah!" he said enthusiastically.

Noah: He doesn't say a word and walks straight to where Duncan and Heather are. "Oh, wow," he said sarcastically, "an annoying cheerleader and a poser jock." He looks at Duncan. "Nice piercings, original." He said sarcastically.

Duncan: He grabs Noah's lip and is holding a piercing, "You want one?" he asked aggressively.

Noah: Noah didn't move from his spot. "No, fanks, ca I ha my lip back pleez." Duncan let go.

While this was going on, no one noticed that the next boat arrived.

Katie and Sadie: "Eeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Their squeeing was ear piercing. They both had black pigtails with pink scrunchies and wore black and white striped super short tops, pink short shorts, and pink high heeled shoes. But if you look closely, you could see that Katie was a tan skinny girl, and that Sadie was a white, fat girl.

Sadie: "Ohmygosh, Katie, can you believe we're actually here!"

Katie: "Ohmygosh, I know, it's so amazing.

Katie and Sadie: "Eeeeeeeeeee!"

Chris: "Shush. Don't squee again, okay!" said an exasperated Chris. "Go join the others. Okay, now that we're done with that, let's please introduce Gwen."

A girl who had black hair with teal highlights stepped off the boat. She was wearing a black shirt, mini-skirt, stockings and boots. She was very pale.

Gwen: "This is not what I signed up for!"

Chris: He took out a contract. "Like I already explained to the other campers, it's on page 347 in fine print." Gwen grabbed the contract from him and tore it in half. He took out another contract. "The good thing about lawyers, they make lots of copies."

Gwen: "Ugggh." She walked back to the others.

Lindsay: "Hiiiii."

A girl with long, blond hair and a blue bandana wearing a red top, orange mini-skirt, and brown boots stepped off the boat.

Chris: "Allow me to welcome, Lindsay."

Lindsay: "Oh my god, I think I've seen you somewhere," she stated clueless.

Chris: "I'm Chris." Lindsay stares blankly at him. "The host of the show."

Lindsay: "Ohhhh. Hi Chip." Chris sighs. Suddenly, he was embraced in a really tight bear hug.

The person holding him had blond hair and wore a white T-shirt with a blue maple leaf in the center, green cargo pants, and also, green converse. He was very fat.

Owen: "Hey man."

Chris: Chris was losing his breath, "Owen, let me go."

Owen: He lets Chris go. "Sorry man, but this is just so… AWESOME." He walks back to the others. "Hey m…"

Gwen: "If you say man one more time, I'm going to hurl."

Owen: "Sorry."

As this was going on, a guy walked off the boat. He had medium-sized, black hair. He wore a green T-shirt with a black handprint, a green cameo undershirt, black cargo pants, and green sneakers.

Chris: Trent walks up to Chris. "Please welcome contestant number nine, Trent."

Trent: "Hey man, you were great in that figure skating show."

Chris: "Thanks, I knew I rocked that show!"

Trent walks back to the other contestants. He spots Gwen and stands next to her. He looks at her but she turns away. He turns away and she looks at him. Mean while, an African American girl with long, black hair in a ponytail stepped off her boat. She wore a tan shirt with red kumquats on it, blue jean caprice, and black sandals.

Leshawna: "Hey y'all, Leshawna's in da house. You may as well pack your bags now, cause dis' girl's winning da loot."

Chris: "This is Leshawna."

Leshawna was walking back to the campers, and Chris felt someone breathing on his neck. The person had long, red hair, glasses, and wore a blue shirt with a space hamburger, a pink undershirt, army green pants, and tan shoes.

Chris: "Stop it Harold," he whined.

Harold: "Fine, gosh." He walks back to the other campers and notices Leshawna. "Wow."

Leshawna: "What?"

Harold: "I've never seen a girl like you before."

Leshawna: "What dat supposed t' mean string bean."

Harold: "Well, you're big, and loud." Leshawna punches him in the face, so he moves to a different area.

Chris: "Here's our twelfth camper, Beth!"

She was a short girl who had brown hair with a side pony, glasses, braces, a turquoise shirt with a vomit green girl scout vest (with badges), pink pants, and white converse.

Beth: "Oh my god, it'th Chrith. I am tho exthited to be here."

Chris: "Yeah, just go and stand with the other campers, okay.

Beth: "Okay Chrith."

Chris: "Weirdo," he mutters to himself.

Beth walks back to the others. Just then, dramatic music is heard. A strong woman who had black hair in a ponytail. She was wearing a blue tank top and blue shorts. She was also wearing knee high white socks and black converse. There was fire behind her.

Chris: "Please welcome, Eva!"

Eva walks straight to the other campers.

Trent: "Hi, I'm Trent."

Eva: "Shut it." She drops a heavy bag on his foot.

Trent: "Owww! What's in there, dumbbells?"

Eva: "Yes."

A boat was approaching. It contained a short boy who had long brown hair and wore a blue toque, green hoodie, and green sneakers.

Chris: "Please welcome, Ezekiel. What's up man?"

Ezekiel: "I think I see a bird, eh." Everyone snickers. "Prepare to lose to the Zeke, eh."

A guy who had long, brown hair and wore a red headband, sports jacket, and sweat pants, and white sneakers was waterskiing. He seemed to be doing quite well until he did a split, flew up into the air, hit his head on the dock, and fell in the water.

Tyler: "I'm okay."

Chris: "This is Tyler." Lindsay blushes.

A short boy with brown hair who wore a tan sweater with a grey dress shirt underneath it, blue jeans, and green shoes walked off the boat.

Chris: "This, is Cody."

Cody: "Heeey. Glad to see all the ladies are already here for the Codemeister."

At that moment, he tripped, and all of the girls laughed at him. A big, strong guy who had very short, brown hair and wore a white skullcap, a green T-shirt with an orange "D", grey cargo shorts, and green sandals walked off the boat.

DJ: "Hey Chris."

Chris: "DJ, muh man, how are yah?"

DJ: "I'm great man. You?"

Chris: "As great ad handsome as ever. You can go join the others."

DJ: "Thanks man."

He joined the others. A girl with a long, blond ponytail who wore a blue hoodie, blue jean shorts, and brown sandals stepped off the boat.

Chris: "This is Bridgette." Bridgette knocked him in the chest with her surfboard. "Owwwww," he whined.

Bridgette: "Hi everyone." She knocks Cody in the head, and Trent in the groin with her surfboard.

Cody: "Owwww!" he whined.

Trent: "Mommy," he whimpered in a high voice as he fell to the ground. Everyone winced.

Chris: "Glad it wasn't me."

A girl with short brown hair who wore a grey T-shirt with a white blouse underneath, green caprice, and black heels stepped off the boat.

Chris: "This is Courtney!"

Courtney: "Hello, everyone. You all look like formidable competitors."

Duncan: "Hey hot stuff, you look smokin' hot."

Courtney: To herself, "Ughhh. Why do I even try."

Chris: "Ahhh!"

All of a sudden, a girl who had long, frizzy, red hair and wore a short green tank top, a green skirt, and green slip on shoes jumped on top of Chris.

Izzy: "Hey everybody. Do you ever get the urge to just jump onto somebody's shoulders. It's so much fun.


Izzy: "Whoah, someone's cranky today. Whatever. Ha-ha." She does back flips over to the others.

Everyone turned to a boat where a boy with long blond hair who wore a brown cowboy hat, a pink unbuttoned button down shirt, blue cargo shorts, and blue sandals was dancing with the music blasting through a speaker. The boat reached the dock and he walked off.

Chris: "This is Geoff."

Geoff: "Hey dudes and dudettes, we seriously need to have a party later." He notices Bridgette and walks over to her. "Hi. I'm Geoff. Who are you?"

Bridgette: "Hi, I'm Bridgette."

Geoff: "Nice to meet you."

Bridgette: "You too."

All of a sudden romantic music began to play out of nowhere. Everyone looked at Geoff.

Geoff: "Hey! It's not me."

As everyone looked towards the dock, they saw a guy with black hair, a green muscle shirt, blue cargo pants, and green sandals. All of the girls and Owen stared dreamily at him.

Chris: "Welcome to the island Justin."

Justin: "Nice to be here Chris."

Justin walked towards Katie and Sadie.

Justin: "Hi ladies."

Sadie fainted.

Katie: "Eeeeeeeeeeee!"

Chris: "Okay, now that all of the campers are here, let me explain the rules. Every three days, you and your team will be pitted against two other teams in a challenge. First place, gets invincibility, as well as a prize; second place gets invincibility, but no prize; and third place gets a one way ticket to the elimination ceremony. When I call your name, stand over here. Tyler… Lindsay… Leshawna… Justin… Harold… Ezekiel… Gwen…and Trent." Chris hands them a flag. "From now on, you guys will be known as…" They unroll their flag. It is green and it has a picture of a gopher. "the Screaming Gophers! If I call your name, stand over here. Heather… Katie… Noah… Beth… Cody… DJ… and Sadie. You guys will be known as…" They unroll their flag. It is red and it has a picture of a fish on it. "the Killer Bass! The rest of you come over here. You will be known as…" They unroll their flag. It is grey and it has a squirrel on it. "the Mangling Squirrels!"

Chris: "This is the confession cam, where you can come to talk about your innermost thoughts, anything that's on your mind, or just to talk dirt."

Heather: "I'm on a team of complete losers. Chris is going to pay."

Gwen: "So far… this sucks."

Owen: "This is so… AWESOME. My team is full of so many nice people, like Duncan, and Eva.

Chris: Now, go to your cabins and meet me in the Mess Hall in one hour.



Eva: "I call top bunk."

Courtney: "I beg to differ." Eva glares at her. "You know what, you can have the top bunk and… I'll just take the bottom," she said with fear. Eva smirked.

Bridgette: "Izzy, do you want the top bunk?"

Izzy: "Sure. Thanks Bridge. This is like the time I let that hobo into my house and he let me have the top bunk because he thought I was so crazy I'd kill him if he didn't. That was such a fun night, but no one ever heard of him again." Everyone gasps. "Umm, hello, because he ran away. What did you think happened, I killed him. I would never do that… to a hobo."

Bridgette: "Okaaay."

Eva: "You bother me, Izzy, and it's the last thing you do!"

Izzy: "Woah! Touchy. Ehh, whatever, it's not worth it… yet."

Courtney: "Please, Izzy, just be quiet."


Duncan: "I'm taking my own bed."

Geoff: "Cool. I'll take the top bunk."

Owen: "Okay, I'll take the bottom bunk." There was a long pause. "Anyone else think most of the girls on this island are hot."

Geoff: "Bridgette is the hottest chick ever."

Duncan: "Not a chance. That title goes to Heather."

Owen: "Yeah, but she's so mean. Izzy, in the other hand, is awesome."

Duncan: Laughs. "Nutcase? She's crazier than a fangirl."

Owen: "Yeahhh, but she's so hot."

Duncan: "Whatever, just don't bug me."



Sadie: "Ohmygosh, I'll take the top bunk."

Katie: "And I'll take the bottom bunk under you, Sadie."

Katie and Sadie: "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Heather: "Shut it!"

Beth: "Can I have…"

Heather: "I'm taking the top bunk."

Beth: "Okay," she said gloomily.

Beth: "That was really mean of Heather."


DJ: "Noah, you can have your own bed if you want. I'll take bottom."

Cody: "Yeah, I'll take top, dude. The single bed's all yours bro."

Noah: "Thanks?"

Noah: "No one is ever that nice to me at home. I'm not gonna be fooled. DJ and Cody are going down. Even if it's the last thing I do."



Lindsay: "Greta, Lefanda, can I have my own bed?"

Gwen: "Knock yourself out, I'll take top.

Leshawna: "Guess dat means I got bottom."

Lindsay: "Oh my god, isn't Taylor soooo cute?"

Gwen: "Who are you ta… Oh, you mean Tyler. Um, no, not really. You like anyone, Leshawna."

Leshawna: "No. What about you, white girl."

Lindsay: "Oh my god, I saw how she looked at Trent. You totally like him don't you?"

Gwen: She blushes. "Why would I like him?"

Lindsay: "Cause he's super cute, though not as cute as Tyler." She swoons.

Gwen: "Trent is totally not my type." She scoffs.

Gwen: "Why would I ever fall for the popular, social… hot… sexy… ugggh." Static. "I want that tape! Uggh, how do you open this thing?"


Tyler: "I call top, you heard me!"

Trent: "Okay, I guess I'll take…"

Justin: "I call bottom!"

Trent: "Okay, then I'll take…"

Harold: "I call top!"

Trent: "Ugggh. Then I'll…" he said in an exasperated tone.

Ezekiel: "I call on a phone, eh. No, no wait, I mean bottom."

Trent: "But there aren't any more beds left. Where am I supposed to sleep?"

Tyler: "On the floor dude."

Trent: "But I…"

Harold: "No complaining. That's the second rule of calling on something. Right after rule one, the decision is final. I would know, I went to Magic Steve's Loophole Finding Camp, and there are none, I assure you."

Trent sighs.

Trent: "How fair is that? How come I have to sleep on the ground?" He sighs. "This is going to be a long three months."

Everyone was in the Mess Hall.

Chef: "I serve it three times a day, and you will eat it THREE TIMES A DAY!"

Noah: Whispering to Owen, "Get a room." Owen giggles.


Noah: "Nothing Sir," he said fearing his own life.

Geoff: Chris walks in. "Yo, Chris, can we order a pizza man?" A knife is thrown at Geoff. "No, brown slop's cool. Right guys?" Everyone nods their head with fear of what the chef would do to them if they didn't.

Chris: "Campers, meet me outside in your bathing suits for our next challenge in five minutes.

Katie: "Ohmygod, I'm so scared."

DJ: "It's our first challenge, how hard could it be?"

They are on top of a thousand foot cliff in their bathing suits.

Trent: "You just had to ask, didn't you?"

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