Chris: "Last time on Total Drama Island… the remaining campers had to face their greatest fears. While some succeeded, others failed. Also, we learned a little too much information about why Trent is scared of mimes. Also, two new couples formed. Noah and Katie, and Duncan and Courtney. Some fans have already came up with names for these couples. I think Duncney and Notie? Any who, the Killer Bass won yet again, and the Screaming Gophers were sent to elimination yet again. And Tyler was eliminated for not even trying to confront his fear of chickens. With our new creation of the Isle of Losers, the eliminated campers have a chance to battle for a place back in the game. Who will win today's battle? How will the Isle of Losers affect the campers' game play? And how much more drama can we squeeze out of these competitors? Find out on this episode of Total… Drama… Island!"

Theme Song

It was just about dawn when all of a sudden, a horn blasted throughout the camp.

"What was that?" Leshawna screamed.

Trent looked down at the ground. While all the campers were gathering around a mysterious box, which was what Trent was looking at. "There must be something in this box." Everyone stared at him.

"Well? Aren't you gonna open it?" asked Leshawna.

"I'm not gonna open it just to have something pop out ad scare me."

"Ooh! Ooh! Izzy will open it!" exclaimed Izzy. Izzy, opened the box, and much to everyone's surprise, nothing popped out of it. Instead, there was a note that said:

'Some have left and are gone for good,

Though you sixteen have beet the rest;

But, eliminations are not as they seem –

Especially from this point on.

So choose two members from each team

To share a peak at what is to come."

"What does it mean?" asked Lindsay. "Rhymes are so confusing."

"Come on Chris!" said Courtney, "You don't even bother to come up with a rhyme?"

"I think it means we pick two members of each team to go and see something worth seeing," stated Harold.

All of a sudden a helicopter landed right where the campers were.


"Izzy wants to go!"

"Fine," stated Courtney, "but I'm going too."


Beth started to say, "Cody, you should –"

"I'm going!" interrupted Heather.

"Ohmygod!" Katie said excitedly, "Noah should totally go!"

"No way," said Noah. All of a sudden, Katie kissed him. "Maybe I can go."

"Eeeeeeeeeeeh!" Katie screamed piercingly.

Before anyone on the Screaming Gophers could say anything, Harold said, "I think Trent and Gwen should go for our team."

Trent: "I totally owe Harold one when I get back."


The helicopter took off, and ten minutes later, the six contestants landed on a deserted island.

It was even more deserted than Camp Wawanakwa. So, Trent, Gwen, Noah, Heather, Courtney, and Izzy took a seat on stone bleachers. Chris told them to wait until he came back.

When Chris came back, he said, "Allow me to welcome back DJ, Sadie, Justin, Eva, Ezekiel, and Tyler who was eliminated at the last Marshmallow Ceremony!"

The six campers were awestruck to see the eliminated campers standing before them.

"What's going on Chris!" screamed Courtney.

"You didn't know?" asked Chris even though he knew the answer. "The contestants you eliminated will compete every three days to win a spot back in the game. There challenges will be brutal, but it's all worth it to have a second shot at the hundred thousand. Or should I say, the million. That's right! We lied to you. The actual prize is one… million… dollars! If you thought these campers were crazy before, just think of what they would do to win one million dollars.

"I'll crush all of them into the ground!" yelled Eva.

"I see Courtney and Eva are having a great reunion," stated Chris, "As well as Eva and Heather." Eva smiled evily towards Heather and Courtney. "So, I bet you twelve are wondering what the battle today is and what the stakes are. This battle is a classic. All six of you will balance on a wooden poll suspended 10,000 feet above a lake filled with sharks. The last three still balancing will stay alive and continue to try to win their way back into the game. But the three who fall of first along with having painful bite marks, will be out of this game for good, and will have no chance of winning the million dollars."

"Ooh, fun!" shouted Izzy.

"Anyways," continued Chris, "eventually two eliminated players will win their way back into the game. And I'm sure they're already plotting their revenge." Cuts away to Eva sharpening a sword that literally has Heather's name written on it. Heather gulps. "So, we'll draw for spots."

The positions were as following. All the way to the left was Justin, followed by Eva, Sadie, Tyler, DJ, and finally Ezekiel.

Chris shouted though his megaphone, "READY, SET, GET ONTO YOUR WOODEN POLES!" The six got onto their poles, but Tyler immediately fell off. "Tyler is out of this game for good, and is technically the first person voted off of this show!"

Tyler: "I'm not very coordinated. I'll miss you Lindsay!"

DJ: "I'm used to balancing on my tippy toes. You know, step on a crack, break momma's back? I just can't let that happen."

Eva: "This battle was made for me."

Sadie: "I have a hard time balancing because of my weight. But I have to keep on going for Katie!"

Ezekiel: "I'm used to balancing back home, eh."

Justin: "I was not about to let my perfect skin get ruined by that water and those sharks. But then again, the longer I stay up here, the worse my pedicure gets. Which do I want to keep? My perfect skin, or my perfect pedicure. Hmmm…"

"I'm taking a dive!" said Justin. "I just can't ruin my pedicure." Justin jumped into the lake and the sharks were too enchanted by his beauty to harm him. In fact, they brought him back to shore.

"Two down, one to go!" shouted Chris.

Heather: "Please be Eva. Please be Eva. Please be Eva."

One Hour Into the Game

DJ was not budging at all. Ezekiel was starting to lose his balance, but he saved himself and got back into a steady position. Eva did not budge as well. Sadie was moving, but not enough to make her fall into the lake.

One Hour Later

Sadie and Eva were both losing their footing, but Sadie fell a couple of seconds before Eva.

Chris said, "And Sadie is eliminated. That means DJ, Ezekiel, and Eva remain in the game!"

Heather: "Nooooooooooooooo!"

Trent: "I don't know much about that DJ guy, but he seems pretty cool. I hope he makes it back into the game."

Sadie did not emerge from the water. Chris was starting to get worried about a law suit.

Noah: "I'm going to kill myself. But, she is Katie's BFFFL, damn that word, and Katie couldn't live without her. I'm going to kill myself."

Noah jumped into the water, and started distracting the sharks while Sadie swam to shore. She was beat up and her right arm was chewed off up to right below her shoulder. Not so long after, Noah swam to shore with a bite mark on his head, but he was okay.

"Somebody call 911, quick!" exclaimed Chris.

An ambulance eventually came and took Sadie to the hospital, where she would hopefully get surgery to fight off the infections in her shoulder and to hopefully give her a prosthetic arm.

"Well, um," Chris started to say, "I think we should cut to commercial right about now. I'm so gonna get sued."

I hope everyone will like this story better now. I changed everything around to make it more like the greater fanfics. I'm sorry about Sadie to her very few if any fans that she has, but the only thing that could make Sadie more interesting was to give her an injury. Flame if you must, but hopefully you won't. Please vote on my poll to see if I should continue Aftermaths. And stay tuned for the reward challenge, and then Up the Creek which will follow.