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Jasper's POV

I've got to hand it to them. Emmett and Peter have outdone themselves this time. How in hell did they find this place? Climax is a high end strip joint/dance club in Boston. It's pretty snazzy inside with two long stages one for female strippers and the other for male strippers with a large dance floor in between. The club was packed and hopping and with a few hundreds slipped surreptitiously to the hostess, we were able to get a table smack dab in front of the female stripper stage. Edward looked like he wanted to make a mad dash at vampire speed to the nearest church to confess his sins. Good. He hates it here, exactly what we all wanted.

"Edward, relax and enjoy yourself for once." I heard Carlisle say.

"This place is not proper. They have women and men disrobing in public for financial gain." I rolled my eyes at Pussy Boy's response.

"It's called stripping Eddie and those women up there, they're called strippers. They take their clothes off for our pleasure. Now, those melons protruding from her chest, they're called tits, Eddie. They're made for nuzzling." Peter replied with a smirk.

"I know what breasts are Peter. I've been to medical school twice."

"Oh, okay so you know that a woman likes it when you oh so gently roll her nipples in between your fingers and give them a little flick with your tongue?"

"I'm not responding to that."

"Uh-huh, didn't think so pussy."

Edward and Peter's discussion was getting a little out of hand and Carlisle finally decided to step in and break up their tiff. "Okay, boys, come now, let's not fight. We're here to celebrate Edward's last night as a bachelor and have a nice night away from the women for once. Let's just sit back and enjoy the um...scenery."

Carlisle's POV

I've been alive for over three hundred years and even I'm not such a prude. Edward really needs to loosen up a little. Sure, I don't make it a habit to frequent strip clubs, but even I know how important it is to relax and live a little. Amanda is even worse. I'm positive that the girl was born in the wrong century with her medieval views on sex and marriage. You know, she's actually perfect for Edward, they're like two peas in a pod. Maybe they'll extend their honeymoon by a few years and give our family a break. Frankly, if anything good came out of our abandoning Bella, it would be the fact that my baby girl doesn't have to subject herself to a life with Edward. I really do wonder how she's doing? As soon as Edward and Amanda leave for their honeymoon, the day after tomorrow, Esme and I are planning on finding our daughter and bringing her back home to us. We've had enough of this nonsense and it's time Bella takes her rightful place within our family.

Emmett's POV

Oh yeah, Eddie hates it here. Good! After the shit he's pulled taking my baby sister away from me he deserves this party. He may think we're here having his bachelor party, but we're actually celebrating pussy boy leaving us for a while to go on his honeymoon. Good riddance! For fuck's sake, why did he have to come back from South America and then bring home a new human? Unlike Bella, the new human looks at us like we're piranhas. She has absolutely no personality, is dull as a board, and if you try and joke with her she spouts out quotes from the Bible. I actually went back to Forks to look for Bella while Eddie was off tracking Victoria, but she wasn't there and Charlie had passed on. I'm so worried about my baby sis that as soon as Eddie and his nun leave for their honeymoon, Rosie and I are going to go look for Bella. It's time my sissy comes home to our family.

Hot damn! Look at the ass on that stripper. I think I'll go give her a big tip and a spanking. "Oh yeah, baby, come to Papa."

Peter's POV

Yeah, I pushed his buttons, but I take great pride and joy in offending him and the Pixie Bitch as often as possible. Speaking of Alice, my Yoda Radar tells me that she and Eddie are getting their comeuppance for the shit they pulled on the Major and his veggie family soon. She's already having trouble with her visions and something's gonna happen to shake things up for this family and especially for the Major. Great changes are on the horizon my friend. Shit! I'm even beginning to sound like Yoda.

Now to enjoy the women. The strippers are all nice, but the girls two tables over at the bachelorette party—now they're hot! With my vampire senses I can hear their conversation and I, Peter Whitlock, never thought women could be that perverted. Fuck! They're putting me to shame. Did I hear correctly? Did they just order Cock Pops? What the hell is a Cock Pop? I get my answer ten minutes later when the waiter in the loin cloth delivers eight perfectly penis shaped popsicles to the table. I hear one of them saying, "Okay, girls whoever finishes their popsicle first wins a gift card to Victoria's Secret. The catch is, you have to give it a real blow job—no biting allowed." God, I love human girls. Emmett and Garrett's eyes were bugging out. The Major had an intense look of concentration as he silently observed the table of girls. Edward, the closet pervert, had a disapproving scowl on his face, but he was still watching the girls intently. In fact, our whole table turned to watch the show just as that same girl announced, "Ready, set, blow!" And they were off. Eight women licking and sucking penis shaped popsicles. I wonder if I could get Char to...nah, she can just suck on my dick. One of the girls noticed us watching and whispered to her table, "I think I'm hallucinating because I'm staring at a table full of male models. I've never seen such perfection in my life. Talk about inspiration." They all turned to look except one girl muttered under her breath, "Must be fucking vampires," Then she slinked around her chair and straddled it while facing the seat back with her Cock Pop still in her mouth. She did a quick scan of our party, smirked, and then stared straight into Jasper's eyes. At the same time I hear Jasper, Edward, Carlisle, and Emmett gasp, "Bella!"

Jasper's POV

Oh my fucking God, it's Bella. She looks hot as hell. Her long mahogany hair falls in waves to her elbows and it looks like she's been working out because her body is just spankin' hot. She's still looking into my eyes as she continues to suck on her popsicle—it's almost as if she's seeing into my soul. Bella suddenly pulls the Cock Pop out of her mouth and licks her lips with her glorious tongue. She continues to lick all up and down the frozen dick and then moves it in and out of her mouth. I can feel my jeans tightening as my cock begs me to let it spring free. The entire table of girls is racing to lick and suck their Cock Pops clean, but I only have eyes for my Bella. I can imagine her on her knees in front of me stroking my cock as she looks into my eyes and purrs, "Can I taste your Jasper Pop, Major?" Shit, I need to stop that thought right there before I blow my load right here and now. She pulls the popsicle out of her mouth again and this time she gives it a firm stroke, from bottom to top, with her velvet tongue. In all this time, Bella still hasn't taken her big, brown doe eyes off of me. She then stops to concentrate on the tip a little before she rolls her head back, wraps her full lips around the Cock Pop, and takes the whole thing into her mouth and then, "Ungh, Bella..."

Bella's eyes are wide as saucers and then she bursts out laughing, "Fucking A, Edward, did you just cum in your pants?"