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Ten years later...

Peter's POV

It didn't take the rest of us long to move to California. Life was easier out here for vampires. There was an excellent support system already in place and we vampires could live life as normally as possible. Each couple rarely saw the other couples now. We had friends on the outside that kept us busy so none of us were dependent on family as much. I, actually, found it ironic that the original six that moved out here hung out with each other all of the time. Marcus and Char both said that it was because of Bella's bond with both Rex and Rose. Still, they knew their boundaries and didn't overwhelm each other. All of us lived separately from the rest of our family with our mates. It was nice, peaceful, and I was able to unwind at home with Char at the end of the day.

Char and I were the first to move to California, along with Carlisle and Chelsea. We moved in February, after Chelsea and Char held a massive Valentine's Day clearance sale at their sex shop. Carlisle explained to Riley and Sushmita that he no longer wished to reside in Texas. That's when Riley broke the news that he wanted to take a hiatus from life. Sush, of course, knew this was all coming. She suggested that they close their medical practice down because she wanted to go home to India for a while to visit Amrita and Amar for a few months. So, it was agreed upon that Carlisle would leave the practice first, then at the end of June, Riley and Sush would close up shop.

Alice got the help she needed immediately. She protested, but after Mike told her that he would have Chelsea break their bond, she went to California and checked herself into Lorena and her mate's private clinic. It took eighteen months, and most of us willingly went to counseling when requested. Jasper, Rose, Rex, Tanya, and Amanda refused to go. Lorena told Alice that she couldn't expect all of her family members to forgive her and that she had to respect the boundaries that they set for themselves. It took her awhile, but Alice finally understood. The big secret that she had told Riley and kept from the rest of us was brought out into the open. Alice had known that James, Laurent, and Vicky were coming that day in the baseball field and she threw Bella into harm's way on purpose. What she didn't foresee was Emmett and Jasper ripping James apart. From that point on, her plans to have Bella killed were set awry, thank God. Many of us didn't speak to her for months after she admitted the whole truth, the only person that continued speaking to her was Bella. Lorena said that this is what ultimately set Alice's healing into motion.

Alice and Mike were now living in California close to Lorena in Encino Valley. They liked it better that way. Alice now had her own New Age store. She did psychic readings because she wanted to use her gift for good for once. People flocked to her because she was dead on accurate. Duh. Okay, well, honestly, the career fit her well, and sometimes I even went in to do some readings to help her out when the store was really busy. She still planned on returning to Walmart in ten years.

Mike still ran Newton's with Edward. They still donned stage make-up and ran the businesses from California with occasional visits to their stores. They were due to pass their businesses on to their sons, Michael, Jr. and Edward, Jr. soon.

Edward and Amanda were still going strong. They lived in Chicago for about three years before moving to Brentwood, and they were as happy as can be. Amanda opened up a boutique, along with Katie and Tanya, on Melrose about five years ago. It was hip, popular, and frequented by Hollywood celebrities.

Katie and Garrett took a short break and went on vacation for a couple of years. They settled in the Hollywood Hills upon their return and Garrett went back to teaching middle school. He had a huge war room in his house where he, Jasper, Felix, Rex, Tony, and a few other vampires met once a week to do their thing.

Manuel and Rodrigo, and Tony and Claude lived in separate houses in the gay enclave of West Hollywood. There were several other gay vampire couples that lived in that neighborhood. They formed the Gay-Lesbian Vampire Association of California. It was a subgroup of the Vampire Association of California.

Rodrigo was an investment banker at a local bank while Manuel ran a business with Tony out of his home selling blood meals to vampires in the area. They were making a killing.

Claude opened up a beauty salon in Beverly Hills with Gianna and Sahil. Their clientèle was chock full of movie stars and vampires alike. They still did our family for free—especially Bella's and Char's hair. They looked at doing their hair like doing a community service. Both of them always had their beautiful locks up in messy ponytails. Claude and Gianna were frequently seen chasing the two girls down so they could get to their hair—usually Rose and Irina would have to pin them down.

Sahil was considered a master at waxing and spray tanning. He was frequently called onto movie sets to give actors and actresses abs. We introduced the vampires in California to spray tanning and they all flocked to Sahil to get their tans on every two weeks or so. As a result, Sahil had to have 'after hours' specifically for vampires to get spray tans.

Sushmita had her own private family practice with Irina in Alhambra. Irina received her medical degree from UCLA and she finally found a career that she loved. Both women did a lot of work with the needy, and had a sliding fee scale at their practice as well.

Sush and Sahil spent three years in India before returning to the States permanently. Amar and Amrita still had their tea farm in India, but they had hired trusted vampires who were looking for employment to work the farm for them. We found these vampires for them through the Vampire Association of California. They lived half the year in India and the other half in Bel Air, California. The same was true with Eleazar, Carmen, Alistair, and Esme who had a genuine parental bond with those two. Esme had come so far. She, Carmen, and Amrita ran a design firm in Darjeeling which was an apparent success.

Laurent was a physical therapist with his own private practice in the same office building where Sush and Irina's practice was located. He still taught karate two evenings a week with Claude, and now, Mike.

Felix and Gianna lived in Huntington Park, California. Felix was a professor of Civil War History at USC. The two of them spent three years in Italy along with Tony and Claude before moving here. They lived in the former Voturi lair while they were there. Actually, that's where we all stayed whenever we went to Italy. Esme, Carmen, and Amrita had redesigned the entire interior so it was not so medieval looking anymore, and each couple had a room assigned to them.

Speaking of Volturi, Marcus and Renata moved to California immediately. Marcus was a marriage counselor in West Hollywood. He ran a practice out of his home and was very successful because he could see the bonds between the couples and he'd be straight up with them and tell them whether their relationship would succeed or not. Humans loved him for his honesty. Marcus was responsible for a ton of celebrity divorces in Hollywood. Marcus and Char coming to California helped tremendously because they were able to identify mates for some unmated vampires in the area.

Carlisle and Chelsea lived in Beverly Hills. Carlisle was a professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. On the side, he was doing research along with a couple of other vampire doctors trying to come up with a lotion that vampires could use so they wouldn't sparkle in the sunlight. This was all done under the guise of finding a cure for melanoma—which they were also trying to do.

Chelsea and Char opened up a female friendly adult toy store on Melrose. They were making a killing. They both ran their shop and held classes in the evenings. Both of them had a head for business, and I didn't mind because it kept them out of trouble—for the most part. Chelsea still had a problem with mating people that she became pissed off at.

Rose finished up law school and she had two jobs. She was a part-time attorney, but her real job was working with me at our full service auto body, repair, and customization shop on Santa Monica Boulevard called Vamped Auto. We hired Juan Gonzalez, who Jasper had let escape from Maria's clutches, to work for us. Tanya and Emmett stuck to him like glue and tutored him until he got his GED, then, as a reward, Jasper sent him to trade school to become a mechanic. The kid was a natural. He was a frequent visitor at Rex and Tanya's because he admitted that he liked looking at Tanya. Hehe, the little sprite.

Emmett and Tanya also ended up going to law school. They graduated one year after Jasper, Bella, Rex, and Rose. Tanya, like Rose, was only an attorney part time because she had her shop to run with Amanda and Katie.

After law school, Rex went back to teaching. He was a history teacher at Beverly Hills High School. He was, by far, the most popular teacher at the school. Mothers loved him. He's been propositioned more than once during parent-teacher conferences. Rex was also a part-time attorney.

My great-grand baby graduated from law school at the top of her class. I was so proud of her that day. I showed up with flowers, a camcorder, and filmed the whole thing. I bought her an automatic transmission Maserati as her graduation gift. She was the first attorney in the Piper household. Then, Bella, being Bella, broke the news to all of us that she was only going to practice law part time and open up a bookstore in Westwood Village with Renata and Edward for fun. It was called Shields Bookstore and it was extremely successful. Edward handled the finances because neither Renata nor Bella were good with numbers. Bella could handle the cash register because everything was scanned in and she had been trained to use them from a young age.

Then, there were Jasper and Emmett. Both of them were full time attorneys and loving it. They had a law firm in Century City called Whitlock, McCarty, and Associates. The associates were Bella, Rose, Rex, Tanya, and Edward. They've been in practice for five years and they were quickly gaining notoriety in the legal field.

Riley and Vicky went off on a honeymoon ten years ago. I told the little shit to send me a postcard from wherever he went, but did he? Nope. They were coming home today, though. Riley called Bella last night and asked her to pick him and Vicky up from the airport at four pm. That's where Bella, Jasper, and I were right now. I checked Bella's purse and Jasper's pockets before we left to make sure they didn't have their passports with them, lest they get any ridiculous ideas and hop on a flight to wherever. It was entirely possible with those two.

"I can't wait to hear about their trip!" Bella said, fidgeting nervously in her chair. She missed her big brother immensely.

"So, what do you think Tony and Manuel are cooking up for Christmas dinner?" Jasper asked as he ran his fingers through Bella's hair to calm her down.

"I have no idea, but I bet it'll be good," I said. It had better be. Since they opened up their business, our entire family have been sent out all over the United States with five gallon containers in which to bring back blood for them to cook with. Those damn things are so bulky to run with. It made for fun hunting trips, though. Some of our vampire friends joined in, too. Actually, the traffic running through both Manuel and Tony's house was ridiculous. Everyone would drop off blood here and there so they had enough to cook with. That's how cool everyone was. Of course, both Claude and Rodrigo were annoyed because both of their basements had five commercial refrigerators each, all filled with animal blood.

Five minutes later, Riley and Vicky came out from the doors. Bella bounded into Riley's arms. He hugged her, picked her up, and passed her off to Vicky who also gave her a huge hug. Meanwhile, Jasper and I gave them both hugs too. I finally felt complete. My two grandbabies were home with me at last.

We drove to Jasper and Bella's house and talked.

"So where did you two go to?" I asked.

"Oh, we went to every single one of Jasper and Bella's homes and lived there for a few months each. We alternated between Switzerland and Scotland in the winters so Riley could ski. I just stayed home and knitted. I hate skiing," Vicky admitted.

"So, were you both able to unwind?"

"Yes, we definitely needed this. I feel so relaxed now and my mind is clear," Riley said. "We missed you guys, though."

"We missed you, too," Jasper said. "So, have you decided where you're going to settle?"

"We were thinking here. We want to be close to all of you. Where is everyone else living?"

"California, but we're spread out now. The only couples that live in Beverly Hills are Jasper and Bella, Carlisle and Chelsea, and Char and me."

"Where are Irina and Laurent?"

"They live in San Marino near Pasadena. It's not too far from here. Irina's now a doctor. She and Sush have a medical practice together."

"Wow, when the hell did that happen?"

"A few years ago."

"I'm going back to work as a clinical psychologist for a few years," Riley said. "I'm not counseling Alice anymore. I made that decision while I was away. It's too much stress. How is she anyway?"

"She's doing great," Bella said. "She runs a New Age shop and does psychic readings. She's pretty popular because she's accurate."

"Huh, interesting," Riley said. "Oh, before we forget. Our passports expire tomorrow and both of our driver's licenses have long since expired. And, um...uh...I crashed your helicopter into the Arabian Sea by mistake. Sorry."

Jasper and Bella looked horrified. I started chuckling. Jasper had enough money to buy a thousand helicopters if he wanted to, he didn't care about that. He was more worried about their safety because helicopters have a tendency to crash and burn.

"How the hell did you crash my helicopter? It didn't catch on fire when it crashed, did it?"

"Um, I kind of ran out of fuel so Vicky and I had to dive into the ocean before the helicopter took a nose dive. No one got injured and we made sure that we ripped off any identifying marks from the body so no one knew it was yours."

"I take it that's when you were staying in Dubai."


"As long as you're both safe," Bella said with a twinkle.

"So, Christmas is in a few days, what's on the agenda?"

"Big gathering here with just the family, then a party at Venom with just vampires. That's only if you want to go."

"Hell, yeah, I do," Riley said. "I think Vicky and I have been isolated for too long. We didn't interact with anyone—vampire or human, while we were gone. We're definitely ready to rejoin society now. Are you still playing football on the weekends?"

"Of course we are. Felix is playing now, too—he's a scary motherfucker. Edward is fast as all hell, the traitor plays on Brent Sanderson's team and Mike is on ours. He refused to change allegiances because he still thinks of you as the football king which pisses Brent off. Oh, and we have Juan."

"Who's Juan?"

"Juan is a kid that Pete and I knew from our time in Maria's army. He's only sixteen, but he's fast and has dexterity. He's good competition for Edward. You'll meet him at Christmas. We found out that he had been spending Christmases alone for over a hundred years so he comes to our house."

"Oh, that's so sad," Vicky said.

"Yeah, it is. Oh, I forgot to tell you. There's a support group for survivors of vampire wars. Most of the members served in the Southern Vampire Wars, but there are a couple of people who served elsewhere. We meet once a month to talk. It's really helpful," Jasper informed her.

"Will you take me along the next time you go?"

"Of course I will. We're meeting this evening. Actually we need to leave now."

"Riley, would you mind if I go?"

"Go right ahead, it'll be good for you. I'll hang out with my baby sis."

An hour later, Jasper, Vicky, and I were at our support group. Char never went and neither did Juan, but neither of them were in it for as long as the three of us were. For those two, it was like reliving bad memories which were like blips in their lives. Felix came along too. He had massive PTSD from his time with the Volturi. He received counseling from Lorena, and she referred him to this group. He was too afraid to go by himself so Jasper and I went with him, and that's how we started attending the meetings.

Vicky was terrified. Throughout the entire meeting, she was clutched onto Jasper's side like white on rice. He protected her, though, and she had nothing to worry about. There were people here who committed atrocious sins, and had sins committed against them, and this was where they could let it all out. These people weren't only from Maria's army, they also served in opposing armies.

One man approached Vicky after the meeting and apologized to her for beating her when she was still with Maria. I think she was stunned out of her boots. After the meeting, we sat and talked at Felix's house.

"I need to apologize to a lot of women in there," she said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Well, I saw at least eighteen who have master's bites from me."

I know that we shouldn't have, but Jasper, Felix, and I started laughing. We just couldn't stop.

"Shit, Vicky, did they all sleep with James?" Jasper asked.

"Yes! And I hated when people took what's mine, even if he was a shit head."

"Gee whiz! I think he was worse than me and Pete. How the fuck did he get all of these chicks?"

"Well, he was quite the charmer. Maria used to say that he was a more sensitive lover than you and Peter."

"Haha!" Felix was rolling on the floor laughing.

"What the fuck do you mean by Maria said that James was a more sensitive lover than I was? That's bullshit!" I yelled.

"No shit! I'm calling Manuel and Rodrigo and ask if they heard anything about me being an insensitive lover," Jasper said. Both of our egos had just taken a massive hit.

Jasper dialed their number. "Diga me?" Rodrigo asked. He always spoke in Spanish to anyone that spoke the language.

In Spanish, Jasper asked him if Maria had mentioned anything about us being insensitive lovers.

"Si, toda la hora. Usted y Peter eran amantes egoistas. James era sensible a sus necesidades sexuales."

Jasper snapped his phone shut pissed off at Rodrigo's answer.

"What did he say?" Felix asked.

"He said that Maria said that Jasper and Peter were selfish lovers, and that James was sensitive to her sexual needs," Vicky translated while chuckling.

Jasper and I just sat there growling.

"Look, I wouldn't have stayed with him for so long if he weren't so good in bed," she said.

"Grrrr..." was the only sound that Jasper and I could make in response.

Riley's POV

"Come on, Rye, let's go do something," my kid sis suggested.

"What d'ya want to do?"

"Do you trust me?"

"Of course I do, Bells."

"Okay, come on, let's go." Bella threw me the keys to her car.

"When the fuck did you get a Maserati?"

"Mm...about seven years ago. Pete gave it to me as a graduation gift. I think he kind of overindulges me a bit."

"No? Really?" I rolled my eyes at Bella. Pete spoiled her rotten because she was the only girl in his family. Actually, I shouldn't talk. He spoiled me rotten because I was the only boy in his family. He totally rebuilt a convertible 1965 Chevy Chevelle for me. I'm sure he's kept it safe in his garage for me. I couldn't wait to drive it.

"Alright, where are we going?"

She had me drive to what looked like an observatory of some sort. It was located in Griffith Park and overlooked Los Angeles. The place was closed, but the two of us hopped over the wall and climbed to the top of the round dome.

"Isn't it beautiful up here, Rye?"

"Yeah, it is. How did you find this place?"

"I had to go for a hunt alone one day and came across this place. It was just so perfectly situated. I come here alone when I want to think. I look up at the sky and imagine that Daddy is watching me. Sometimes, I just lie here and talk to him."

I put my arm around Bella and we both looked up at the stars.

"Hey, Daddy," I said. "Thanks for making sure that the helicopter didn't catch fire while Vicky and I were still in it. It would have been a hell of a way to go. I'm home now, I'm with Bella again. I'm pretty sure she's stayed out of trouble, but I'll be looking out for her just like I promised you that I would."

"I'm glad you're home, Rye," Bella said, giving my hand a squeeze. I pulled my sister close to me and we both continued to watch the stars together.

After awhile, I asked Bella, "Do you think Daddy is doing okay up there?"

"Yeah, I know he's okay, and I think he's at peace because he can keep an eye on both of us from where he's at. He's probably met some hot chick and is living it up in heaven. I mean his grandfather is Peter."

"True. I think you're right. Do you want to go for a quick hunt?"

"Yep, let's go."

I looked up at the night sky and thanked Daddy. It was weird, I'm positive that one of the stars actually blinked.

"I'll be back, Daddy," Bella called to the star. "I love you."

"Bella, did that star actually blink?"

"Yep, it did. That was Daddy," she replied simply. "Um, could you not share this place with Vicky? I know it's a lot to ask, but..."

"I want to keep it our special place, too, Bells," I finished for her.

"I love you, and I'm glad you're back, Riley."

"I love you, too."

I was running through the forest with Bella on my back. She wasn't as fast as I was, and I liked to go really fast when I hunted. I put her down as soon as I detected the scent of deer. We split up for a few minutes to go chasing after our prey. I took down a deer and a coyote, then went in search of my sister. She was feeding off of a bobcat so I kept my distance. As soon as she was done, I approached her, and helped her to bury her kill.

"Bella?" I asked as we were walking back to the car. "When you and Jasper were gone for ten years, what did you two do?"

"I told you what we did, Riley. We sailed around the world."

"That's not what I want to know. Let me rephrase that. What did you think about?"

"Ah, you want to know the deep stuff. Hmm...okay, I thought mostly about my relationship with everyone in the family and boundaries. I thought a lot about boundaries. I thought about how my relationship was closer to some than others. Jasper's a given, so are Rose and Rex. You and Pete, I don't even include because you're both blood, and blood is thicker than water. I'm stuck with you guys whether I want to be or not. And yes, I'm glad that I have blood relatives with me for eternity. Everyone else, though, well...and I'm going to sound a little cold here...but I kind of had to re-evaluate my relationship with them because I realized that I was living in this fabricated family that Carlisle had created over a century ago out of loneliness. So, that's what I did. I decided to come home and establish some real boundaries. I didn't want people to just stop by without calling first, and I certainly didn't want anyone butting into Jasper's and my personal business. That kind of stuff flies in some families, and that's fine, but for Jasper and me, it was unacceptable."

"And do you still think of everyone as family?"

"The funny thing is that I do. Now that we've all moved to California, everyone has established their own boundaries. They finally understand the privacy that Jasper and I craved for years. Now, we all call before visiting. And since everyone is living separately from each other with only their mates, they've begun to cherish their togetherness."

I started laughing. "You know something, Bella?"


"It was you who told me in the beginning that you didn't want to move in with Carlisle and Esme when we were still in New Hampshire. I should have listened to you, then."

"Meh, you live and you learn, Riley. So, what did you think about during your ten years away?"

"Same stuff as you, except I was probably harsher in my assessment of them. I concluded that my family was filled with nutty people and that they were too dependent on each other. It all stemmed from loneliness, you see—this co-dependence. I was lonely, too. I realized that I couldn't really be myself in front of everyone except for a select few people. They had all come to expect me to be the rock in the family, and to solve all of their problems. I also started to wonder why we all had to live together in the same town. Then, you and Jasper pulled one out from under the rug and hightailed it away from Dallas to Houston, then finally to Beverly Hills. I understood, then. It took me awhile, but I understood. Rose, Emmett, Tanya, and Rex all moved here with you, but you two didn't mind because you had healthy boundaries set, and you weren't dependent on each other for your happiness. You all created your own happiness, and that's what I ultimately set out to do."

"So, what made you decide to go back to counseling?"

"I enjoy it. I just don't want to counsel my family anymore. I don't mind if they come to me for advice for minor issues, but for big disorders like NPD, I won't see them anymore. It wasn't just Alice, it was Esme, too. Those too both thought that it was okay to bitch about you in front of me. You see, they had forgotten that you're my real family because, let's face it, the rest of our so-called family are really just family friends that are closer than the norm. Am I making any sense to you?"

"Yep, essentially, you and I came to the same conclusion."


"Now, are you going to go to school to become a clinical psychologist like me?"

"I might eventually. It could be fun. I'm running a bookstore right now."

"A bookstore?"

"Yes, it's called Shields. I'm running it with Edward and Renata. It's fun as all hell. We decided to start it because we noticed that people were complaining about lack of personalized service and what not. We run reading groups and sometimes, Tanya comes in to teach jewelry making, and it does very well, considering that we're only open from ten to six on Tuesdays through Saturday. We're not doing it to make money, you see. We're just doing it for fun, but because we're only open five days a week, and for such a short period of time for a retail store, people flock to it, thinking that it's exclusive."

"How the hell did you get so smart, kid?"

"Dunno, I think I took after you."

"It's possible that we took after Peter. He's always been pretty wise."

"Yeah, well we won't tell ol' gramps that. It's better to keep him on his toes."

"Alright, hop on my back, baby girl, I'm running us back to the car. Then, I want to see what your Maserati can do."

Two hours later...

Emmett's POV

I was hanging out at our secret home office, located in Bella and Jasper's house, working on some new driver's licenses. It was around eleven pm. My business cell phone rang all of a sudden.


"Emmett, it's Bells."

"What's up, sissy?"

"Can you come and bail Riley and me out of jail?"

"What the fuck are you two doing in jail?"

"Um, Riley was just picked up for felony speeding, among other things. He was also driving without a license and has a couple of other infractions. I think they're just holding me, but they really have no cause to. I was just a passenger."

"Which jail are you in?"

"Um, the one in Palm Desert."

"Palm Desert?"


"I can't talk on the phone for long. Just listen," she whispered at vampire speed. "He lied and told the guy that his license is at home. He doesn't have one."

"I'll get right on it. Hang tight, sissy."

Jasper and Vicky walked into the house at that moment.

"Hey, Em. What are you doing here?" Jasper asked.

"Just making some id's. Listen, I just got a call from Sissy."


"Sissy and Riley are in jail."

"Jail?" Jasper and Vicky both blurted out.

"Yeah, Bella said that Riley was picked up for felony speeding."

"The idiot was probably testing out her Maserati. I wouldn't put it past Riley," Japser said. "Alright, we've got to forge a new license for him and get it into the Department of Motor Vehicle's system. Call Edward and have him come over here. It's going to take the three of us to override everything and forge a new identity for him. Did you happen to ask Bella what name he used?"

"Um, I might have forgotten that. Let me check to see if the arrest is in their system yet." I fiddled with the laptop, but nothing was up yet.

"Alright, I'll have Rex run up there to try and see them. He can usually charm them into giving out info."

"You might want to send Tanya up with them in case it's a guy, or Rosie."

"Good point."

"Wait! Hang on, it just went into the system. He used Riley Swan."

"Okay, let's get a move on this. I'll call Edward."

Edward came rushing over to Jasper's house. The three of us got to work immediately. Normally, we could handle this job by ourselves, but time was of the essence since Riley was in jail. We needed to hack into the DMV's database before the police went and got their specialists to go looking for it.

"I need a new license number," I told Edward.

"Hang on, I'm in the social security database now. Alright, plug this social security number in and see if it generates a new driver's license number."

It worked. Bingo.

An hour later, the three of us had forged new paperwork and identification for Riley. Vicky wasn't even anxious. She just sat around knitting something while watching TV.

"So are you coming with us to bail the fuckers out, V?"

"Nope. I'll just sit here and knit."

We arrived at the Palm Desert jail two hours later. We sped, but we didn't go crazy fast. Just enough to shave a bit of time off of the usual drive time.

"Why the fuck would Peter buy Bella a Maserati?" Edward asked.

"No idea, she's the apple of his eye," Jasper said.

"Yeah, but Bella goes speed limit in it. I mean, it's not just a Maserati, it's a Gran Turismo. It has a top speed of a hundred eighty-eight miles per hour."

"Do you think Riley went top speed in it?"

"Probably. He's the only one that would take the risk of doing it on an open highway."

We arrived at the police station to bail the two out. We could hear Bella and Riley arguing at vampire tone and speed from downstairs. The humans were all oblivious to the fact that they were even talking.

"You smashed my car into the center guardrail, Riley!" Bella chastised.

"I said that I was sorry."

"It was made out of concrete."

"Yeah, I know. Lucky we're vampires, huh?"

"Oh my God! Pete's gonna kill you."

"No, he won't, I'm the apple of his eye," Riley said.

"Um, excuse me, I'm the apple of his eye."

"No, you aren't."

"Yes, I am."

"No, you aren't!"

"Yes, I am. And you know what else. Daddy's in heaven right now, shaking his head at the idiot son he produced."

"I am not an idiot!"

"You fucking smashed a Maserati into a concrete guard rail, Riley. That makes you an idiot!" Pete whispered walking into the police station. He turned to us. "Have you bailed my grandbabies out yet? My gift told me that I should be here."

"No, we're about to," Edward said.

He and I went to work our legal mojo.

"They have absolutely no probable cause to hold me," Bella whispered from downstairs. "The police chief is a fucking dick. Be careful of him."

Bella was released immediately after we told the police chief that he was breaking the law by holding her for absolutely no reason. Riley took a bit longer to bail out. In the end he was charged with reckless driving, damaging public property, and driving without a license. He had to appear in court in ten days and his brand new license was temporarily suspended before he even got to see it. We got a good chuckle out of that one.

"Alright, how many miles per hour were you going?" Edward asked him as soon as we left the station.

"One eighty-four."

"Yeah, then he skidded into a fucking concrete guard rail and totaled my car," Bella added, angrily.

"We can get you a new car, babe," Jasper said.

"I know that, but that car was a graduation gift."

Two hours later, we were all at home. Rosie was in the garage tinkering with an engine. I told her what happened. She was more pissed off about the Maserati than about the arrest. It was so Rosie.

"I love you, sweetheart," I said.

"I love you, too, Em. I'm gonna let Riley have a piece of my mind tomorrow, though."

I had no doubt that she would. He was the third vampire in our family to total a car. He would forever hold a special place in her bad memory bank along with me and Jasper. His was, by far, the worst; Jasper and I didn't total a Maserati.

Bella's POV

Oh well, my car was gone. I guess that means that I get to pick a new one. Not that I give a shit what I drive. Jasper was brooding for some reason.

"Honey, what's wrong?" I asked.

"Am I selfish lover?"

"Are you a what?"

"A selfish lover."

"No, no you're not. What brought that up?"


"Vicky said you were a selfish lover?"

"No, Vicky said that Maria said that James was a more sensitive lover than I was. I called Rodrigo and he said that Maria said that I was a selfish lover."

I started laughing. "Well, gee, Jasper, maybe you just didn't want to have sex with her and you were trying to get it over with."

"It's not funny, Bella! I've got a rep to uphold."

"Oh, yeah. Uh-huh. Jasper, the only opinion that should matter is mine," I said, kissing his lips. "Now prove to me how sensitive a lover you are, this instant."

"Mmm...come here, baby."

He picked me up and carried me to our bed. All the while, he was planting kisses all over my face. We made out for a while, with him cradling me in his arms, as he slowly removed my clothes, piece by piece—being careful not to rip anything. Jasper kissed me along my body, taking each breast into his mouth for a bit. He slid his hand down to my clit and started rubbing slow circles on it, causing me to moan in pleasure. After a while, he replaced his fingers with his tongue, lavishing me with his soft piece of velvet. I shivered to my first orgasm while he was down there, and I begged him to take his clothes off so I could feel him inside of me.

He entered me slowly, and that's how we made love. Slowly and sensually, his length filling me, connecting me to him, making me feel loved, wanted, secure. Our bodies tangled together and we explored each other's bodies using our hands, our tongues, our thighs, our toes; and as our lovemaking came to fruition, Jasper intertwined his fingers with mine and we both shuddered to our peak together, bonding us, calling each other's names out—simply loving each other.

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