Hey guys! So this is my first story. Please don't be too rough with me. English is not my mother language so please forgive me, if I make any stupid mistakes. But don't hesitate to correct me. I hope u will like my story and review. Anyway lets stop this babbling and begin.

My name is Isabella Marie Cullen but everyone calls me Bella. I'm wandering on this earth for nearly 360 years. It's a long time. You wonder how it's possible for a human to live that long? Well let's just say that I am not a human anymore. I am a vampire. Back when I was human I lived together with my mother an my father. My fathers name was Carlisle Cullen and the name of my mother was Marie. My father disappeared when I was twelve. He had to do some job for his father. Dad said goodbye and promised me to come back. But that was the last time I saw him. Up until now I never found out what happened to him and it's really bothering me.

I don't remember much of my human life but what I remember is that my father used to dance with me and my mother nearly every night.

After he disappeared my whole life changed. Mom was always sad and to keep us alive she had to marry again after dad was declared dead. It broke her heart to marry someone she didn't love. I remember her words as she told me the news.


"Bella, come sit with your mother. We have to talk about something.", she said. I did as I was told and she continued. " I want you to listen carefully to what I am about to tell you, OK? Sweety I hope that you know that the only man I have ever and will ever love is your father." I nodded "I don't know what happened to him but chances are good that we will never see him again." The first tear rolled down her beautiful face and I was close to burst into tears as well. "But for us to be able to live the life your father wanted us to live, I will have to marry again. The man is kind enough to take care of us, so please treat him nicely. I don't expect you to welcome him with open arms, but please try. He knows that he could never replace your father, but you could give him a chance to be your uncle or something like that. Could you do that for me please?" I nodded. I didn't like the idea of another man in this house but I understood why it was necessary.

-end of flashback-

The man that married my mother was called Richard Swan. He was a good man and took good care of us. He never asked me to call him "father", which I was grateful for.

When I was sixteen, he picked out a man for me to marry. Back then it was usual for the father to pick out the man for the daughter. The man he picked out was nice and would take good care of me. And what was most important to me, my father would have liked him as well, I was sure of that.

But I was never able to marry him, because two weeks before the wedding I was attacked by a vampire in the forest. He managed to stop and stayed with me during the change. It was the worst pain that I have ever felt. I thought a lot about my parents and the good time we had. I repeated it over and over and over again in my head.

After I woke up to my new live, my attacker introduced himself as Jared Williams. He told me he was sorry for attacking me and that it was an accident. He told me that I was a vampire now and he told me about the Volturi and the rules and gifts. He offered me to travel with him, under the condition that I would not kill humans but feed of animals as he did. I didn't like the thought to kill humans so I agreed. Ever since then we traveled together. We try to live as humanly as possible but since we don't age we have to move very often. And it was again time to move. This time we decided to move to Forks, Washington.