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Bella's POV

While we walked back to the house, I was debating with myself whether I should tell them straight who I am or not. But I came to the conclusion that it would get harder the longer I waited. So I just went straight to dad, looked him in the eyes and said: "I'm sorry for my behavior. I didn't even introduce myself properly. My name is Isabella Marie Cullen." He looked shocked. The look in his eyes told me that he knew who I am. I waited for him to say something. Why wasn't he saying something? Then he made a step towards me. He cuped my face with his hands. I leaned into his touch an closed my eyes. How many nights did I cry myself to sleep, wishing he was there. The next thing I know is that my father was holding me in his strong arms making me feel safe and secure. I started to sob and cried tears that would never fall. We stood there like this until I calmed down.

"I missed you so much." It was barely a whisper but he could hear me.

"Oh, my sweet, little Bella. I missed you too. I'm so sorry."

Then Rosalie cleared her throat to get attention. "Sorry for interfering this cute moment, but who are you?", she asked, looking at me with the coldest glare I had ever seen.

"Rose, calm down.", said dad.

"I will calm down, after you told me what's going on and who that girl is.", she said, still angry.

"This is Bella, my daughter.", he said with what looked like a proud smile on his face.

Silence. They said not a single word, but stared at dad, then at me and then back at dad.

"Soooo, does that make you my new little sis now?", Emmett asked.

"I-I guess?" It came out more as a question than as a statement.

Esme laughed a little as she came towards me, hugged me and said: "Of course, dear. You are as much part of this family as every one else is. Jared, you as well, of course."

Dad had his hand on my shoulder.

"Now, that this is settled, I would really like to hear your story, little one.", dad said and led me to one of the couches.

Everyone sat down and I started talking.

"You know, after you disappeared, it was hard for us. Mom cried every night and after some time we both lost the hope to see you again. It wasn't long after you have been... declared dead, that mom told me that there was this man that wanted to marry her. You know how it was back then, she had no choice but to accept.", I said.

"What was he like?", dad asked concerned.

"Oh, Richard was a good man. He took good care of us. He knew mom would never really love him and that I would never see a father in him and he was fine with it. He and mom got along great. They were good friends. And for me, he was like one of those nice and caring uncles, who would give everything for me to be happy. We were very lucky to have him. I don't want to think about what kind of man could have come to live with us." I actually shuddered at the thought. And the others in the room seemed to understand what I meant. "He had to work at night so I still heard mum crying. It got better with time but she never came over you.

Anyway, when it was time, he picked out a man for me to marry. He was charming and nice and he would have taken good care of me. He was even good looking. You would have liked him. But two weeks before the wedding, I took a walk trough the forest. And then I felt like I was burning. It was the worst pain I have ever felt. After what seemed like forever, the pain stopped and I woke up to my new life. Jared was sitting next me and he told me everything he knew about being a Vampire. The rules, The Volturi, just everything. He said I could travel with him, if I would try to live from animals instead of humans. I didn't like the thought of killing a human being, so I agreed."

Dad seemed to be relived. Then he turned to Jared.

"So, it was you, who changed her?" It was just a simple question but it held the request to explane what happened.

"Yes, I was the one, who changed her. It was an accident. I lived on our diet for fifty years at that point. After I realized what I was doing, I willed myself to stop, but it was too late to stop the change. I was responsible for this so I couldn't just leave her there. I stayed with her during the change and helped her to adjust to this new life. Ever since then we travel together. I am really sorry for loosing control.", he said.

"I know you are sorry, Jared. But it's fine. Without you, I would have never found out, what happened to my father. And besides that, you haven't had a single split up since then. You are even able to work in a hospital. That shows how much control you have, don't you think."

"Thank you, Bells.", Jared said gratefully.

"Wait. Hospital? You are that Dr. Williams, who is starting next week?", dad asked.

"Yep, that would be me.", he said, a bit shyly.

"Then I'm looking forward to working with you.", dad said and smiled at Jared who smiled back.

Then Jared spoke up again. The rest of my new family just listened and took it all in.

"There's one thing, I wanted to ask you since we came here. Do the Volturi know about you? We've met them a few times and I can't imagine Aro being happy about such a big coven. You could be threat to them.", I haven't thought about it but he was right and now I was curious.

"The Volturi know about us. And you're probably right. He would see us as a threat but I lived with them for a while and we are something like friends. Aro knows that we are no danger to him.", dad answered.

"That's all really great.", Edward said, "but I really want to know now why I can't read any of your minds."

"Oh, you're a mind reader?", I asked. He nodded. "That would explain the frustrated look on your face. You must know that I am a mental shield. My mind is protected from any kind of infiltration. And since I didn't know you guys, I put Jared under the shield as well."

"You can expand it?", asked dad.

"Yeah, we found it out, when we first met the Volturi. Aro couldn't read my thoughts ether and he wanted to find out if Janes power wasn't working on me as well. Jared stepped in front of me to protect me and as I saw him lying on the ground, twisting in pain, I wanted nothing more than to make it stop. And it did stop. Jane still hates me and ever since then Aro wants me to join them. I can put down the shield from Jared but not from me. I don't know how."

We sat there like this, talking for hours. Me sitting next to my father. I was smiling the whole time. Everyone expect Esme and Rosalie told us their stories. They said it wasn't the time to tell them. But as we came to Jaspers story and after he told us what kind of life he lived for over one hundred years I was impressed. He said he had still problems with his control but if you think about the way he lived for so long he was really doing a great job. Jared came up with what he thought was an excellent idea.

"You won't be able to loose control over you blood lust if Bella is near you.", he said.

"And why that?", Jazz asked.

"You see, little Bella here, has her own problems with human blood. It's not a little bit appetizing to her. It's the complete opposite. Every time she smells it, she nearly throws up, right?", he asked me in a teasing voice. I just nodded.

Everyone was quiet. I guess they never heard of anything like this before.

"Hahaha. Bella you are really strange. First your stuttering and now this! Are you sure you're even a vampire?", Emmett laughed.

Since he was sitting out of my reach. I smiled the sweetest smile I could make and asked:

"Rosalie, could you be so kind and do me a favour?"

An evil smile crossed her beautiful features. "Of course Bella. And please, family calls me Rose." And with that she smacked the back of Emmett's head. He went quiet but everyone else started so laugh now.

I haven't been this happy for 365 years. And my wish finally came true. I could dance with my father again.

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