Vital information

In the 300 years that have passed since the journeys of all the young trainers of years past new Pokémon have been discovered though no old ones have become extinct. All trainers in this world start at the age of eighteen because, unlike the adventures of Ash Ketchum, it is extremely dangerous. The Pokémon in the wild are not likely to just run away. If you happen to wonder into an area during mating season the wild ones will not care who they use to relieve themselves. Also if you run into the larger meat eating Pokémon you are likely to be viewed as food. To curtail extraneous deaths all people aspiring to work with Pokémon are sent to a school where people who have survived their own adventures teach them what they need to know in order to have a fighting chance. The students are sent to the academies at the age of five, though they only begin the survival and non-Pokémon battling once they reach the age of thirteen. There are also colonies on every planet, a few dwarf planets, and the Earth's moon.

Ranko, the main character of this story, is from a newer region on Earth discovered by the rest of the world 200 years ago, where all the new technology was originally made, known as the Virtua Region. The academies teach their students how to fight with energy weapons which are more effective than the old metal ones because they, being made of energy, can slice through even the hardest of skin. Besides the weapons there are also new vehicles that replaced all the old modes of transport. There are halo riders that replaced cars and space shuttles, halo decks that are basically hovering skate boards and halo-vs that are like hovering vespas. There is a new Pokédex system called a Personal Pokédex Assistant, or PPA for short, which takes the form of a scouter. The PPA system allows for a trainer to hear their Pokémon's speech as if they are speaking English (or any other language spoken by the wearer). Instead of backpacks to carry all of the necessary items in, every one either has metal wrist bands or metal gloves with one arm holding the screen the other holding the keypad; these are also used to scan for credits. Credits are the money system all over the universe.

A new evil team has appeared over the years, they call themselves the Virals. The Virals are true terrorists; they don't care how they get to their goals. They will kill, maim, steal, and various other unpleasant things to accomplish their missions. They have their own versions of all the advances in the technology over the years. Their halo riders are known as Worms because of their connection to the virus like team. Not much is known about this group much less who the high ranking members are, all that is known is that most people who get in their way die.

Pokémon modifying is a process by which a normal Pokémon is taken to a lab and the professors then introduce DNA from a specified type and add it to the captured Pokémon. The academy's graduation exam is to send prospective trainers out into the area surrounding the school to capture two Pokémon. These Pokémon are then taken to be modified to the trainer's specifications. If a trainer fails to capture two Pokémon they fail and must stay another year at the academy.

People born in the colonies have mutations that make them different from the humans of Earth. People born on the moon have the ability to jump great heights, people from Mercury can hover, people from Venus have the ability to cast an illusion to appear as a person's sexual fantasy, people from Mars are fire proof, people from Jupiter always have weird hair colors and super strength (but only if they grow up there), people from Saturn are telepathic (they can communicate via the mind and move things with a thought). The people of Uranus can move at the speed of sound, people from Neptune can breathe under water, people from Pluto can camouflage their skin and cold resistant (but if a person grows up there they are physically weak because of the low gravity). The people of Eris have x-ray vision, the people of Haumea can create mind barriers, people of Ceres can interface with machines, and the people of Makemake can create objects with their minds. People from Earth can have diluted abilities if they have a parent from another planet. There can also be people with a mix of two planets.