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Summary: Post War AU, set cannon all alive, other than Voldemort - Set at the end of seventh year. Sequel to 'The Gryffindor Writer'. Hermione Granger and friends have been abducted and sent to the Isle of Pan to become sex slaves. How is Snape going to find and rescue them?

The Gryffindor Slave

'Clever tyrants are never punished.' Voltaire

Hermione didn't like Apparition when she wasn't the one doing it. It sucked the breath right out of her, not having been prepared for it. One thing she hadn't counted on was the distance of the Apparator. She vaguely wondered if house-elves had a bigger set of lungs than they did. The light heady feel of being oxygen deprived settled in as she started to see that wall of blackness that threatened to close in. It was a very close call, before the world settled right again, as she drew air deeply into her lungs while sprawled on all fours on the ground. She wasn't the only who sputtered and coughed trying to catch a breath.

"Bind them." Came the cruel voice.

Hermione knew that voice. It had been over two years, since she had heard it last. She once longed to hear it again. He had abandoned her. She had felt every bit of that abandonment. Things became so much clearer with the realization of what he had actually done registered to her. Sex with Vladimir had been entertainment for him, there was no pain for him. It was a pure pleasure. To trust, or not to trust? She trusted him the first time, her very first time. That first time had been painful, it had hurt, she had felt like she was stabbed and splayed wide open before him. She had been transformed and awakened to those passions. Sex to her had equated love for him, but she knew better now. Instead of the love she used to have for him, rage along with hatred swelled inside, boiled over with a fierce and unbridled passion of murderous intent.

"Vladimir!" Hermione growled out as she raised her head and launched herself at him.

Harry was up and lunged for Hermione as he tackled her, then twisted with her to Apparate. Nothing happened. Harry screamed as a sheer force of pain blinded him, and he was enveloped in blackness as he passed out. Hermione felt strong crushing hands pry her out from under Harry's body. She fought but it didn't help, even when her uncontrolled magic lashed out. The hands never let her go. They gave a neighing scream upon receiving her burning hexes that left her body. Those screams sounded eerie on the hill top mound that was surrounded by the huge heavy Druid stonework circle.

Stonehenge, Hermione thought, or very much like it.

"Quickly!" Vladimir commanded. "We need to be off. We are not dealing with some nitwit across the pond today."

Hermione's detailed mind took everything in. Draco, Pansy, and Ron were already bound and had been stripped of their clothing. They also had collars on. Each of them was made to lay face down upon the ground. A Satyr stood by each one with a hoof on the back of their necks. She felt the bindings that magically curled upward along her body as her clothes were magically banished from her to the pile in the middle of the Druid circle. Harry was already bound as well with a Satyr's hoof to the back of his neck.

Vladimir stepped up to her. She saw the collar in his hand.

"Remember how much fun you had with one of these on my little pet?" Vladimir said with a ruthless smile.

Hermione spat in his face. Vladimir backhanded her. She felt the metallic bitter taste of her own blood inside her mouth. White flashing strobes dotted her vision in no coherent pattern from the blow.

"None of that now you little wench." Vladimir snarled as he clamped the collar shut about her neck. "I look forward to giving you another lesson in pain."

Severus was livid. He stood with his arms folded across his chest as he stayed in shadows of the room. Five of his students had gone missing four hours ago. Two Slytherins, one Gryffindor, and two adopted snakes; the two adopted snakes right before his very eyes. Albus had sealed the castle from house-elves magic too late. It was the only flaw in the school's protection. In order to use house-elves their magic had to be allowed. It was their magic that allowed them to Apparate in and out of the school, no other magic could be used for Apparition, at least not the Wizarding kind, until the Satyr put that to the test as well. One Ministry of Magic worker was already on the hunt for a Satyr flute.

They had Aurora Hargrove in their possession. She was a very clever witch indeed having removed her memories. So when the answers of I don't know came, she really didn't know. Severus, along with Lucius Malfoy, Arthur Weasley, Preston Parkinson and Albus watched as Unspeakable Croaker attached one of the brains from the Department of Mysteries to the witch. Albus had sent Minerva to get Hermione's parents in person when it became apparent that they would need to be notified. Sirius Black was prowling outside the room in the hall with Remus Lupin. The Aurors had banished him to the hall because he couldn't contain his anger and had nearly killed Aurora while questioning her the first time once she had been inside the Ministry.

"I highly doubt this is going to work." Severus said derisively. "Veritaserum didn't even work. I am telling you, this is a waste of time."

"I agree, Severus." Albus stated with a dejected sigh.

"It is not like we have a lot to go on here." Lucius growled out. "The wench has to have something hidden somewhere in that brain of hers on the whereabouts of my son."

"Not just yours Lucius. There are others as well." Arthur hissed.

A loud pop was heard, and Dobby materialized out of thin air in the Auror questioning room. He whimpered at the sight of Lucius and then looked at the Headmaster.

"Dobby is most aggrieved. Dobby is not able to locate, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Pansy Parkinson or Ron Wheezy. Dobby was able to get as far as a Druid circle. Dobby has found this, Headmaster sir." Dobby pulled out five sets of clothes and handed them over to Albus.

"Merlin's bullocks!" Lucius exclaimed. "Magic from Druid circles can't be traced. You can be led to them, but not from them via magic detection."

Albus sighed as he took the clothes. The Auror Williamson, wearing a scarlet robe and his hair pulled back in a ponytail that ran past his shoulder blades looked at the clothes.

"Not if we can find a way to separate wizard's magic from the others around the circle itself." Auror Williamson stated.

Severus gave a snort and turned to Shacklebolt. "Are you sure this idiot is an Auror?"

Kingsley grinned at Severus. "Afraid so. Standards are a bit low right now."

"Obviously." Lucius stated.

"Come with me Williamson. I think you need further education on Druid circles." Kingsley told him. Williamson went with Shacklebolt across to the other side of the room.

Severus looked down at Dobby. Dobby had proven very useful so far. This was the second task they had sent him on, and he had not come back empty handed each time. His first task had been to Aurora Hargrove's last employer, the Salem Witches Institute in America. Dobby had come back with a rather lengthy bit of parchment from the Headmistress of the school. They were missing four students as of last year. Nothing showed that their defense professor at the time had been behind the missing students until Dobby went baring parchment from Albus concerning the professor. The American Headmistress would be getting in touch with the American Auror division over there to contact the British one.

"I have another job for you Dobby." Severus said, after he had given this some great deal of thought over the last hour waiting for the elf to return. "I need you to find Viktor Krum for me."

"Dobby will do as you ask, Professor Snape Sir. What is Dobby to do once he has found him?" Dobby asked.

"Bring him here." Severus snarled. "I don't care what he is doing, even if he is in the middle of a Quiditch match, you bring him to me."

"Dobby, wait, don't leave yet." Albus commanded quickly and turned to Severus. "What does Viktor Krum have to do with all of this?"

Before Severus could even answer the Headmaster, Croaker the Unspeakable, turned around and joined in. "Bulgaria is playing Argentina and my money is on Bulgaria to win. You better have a damn good reason for pulling him."

"You can't do that Severus. Not without good reason." Shacklebolt said. "Nothing we have so far had led to Krum. The Bulgarian Minister will have our heads."

"Shut it, Shacklebolt." Lucius said. "I'll put money in the Bulgarian coffers. Severus' wild and unimaginable hunches always lead somewhere."

Severus jumped in before anyone else could butt into the conversation. He was looking annoyed at Albus. "You agreed when I showed you the note she wrote and the memory before you came into my office that even Hermione confirmed that Aurora is indeed a Mistress. Even if her memories are gone, which only adds more proof that she is hiding it."

"Yes, I am agreed. Where does Viktor Krum come in?" Albus asked.

The door to the room opened as Severus started his explanation. "Miss Granger met a Dom before her fifth year while in Bulgaria visiting Viktor Krum. All I have his name, and it is tied to that visit. We need to find a Master, who is in this lifestyle that is a wizard that knows Hargrove. That is why I need Viktor Krum, I need more information than a bloody first name."

Severus looked at the man who had entered the room. Instantly, he knew this was Hermione's father. He had the same honey brown eyes as his daughter. His hair was salt and pepper. His very nature reeked of confidence as his eyes bore into Severus. Severus noted the white business shirt with tie, grey slacks, and dark dress shoes. Most Muggles were frightened coming into the Wizarding world. Severus saw where Hermione got her courage from. It came from her father. The man showed no ounce of fear being in the room.

"Did I hear that correctly? My daughter met a Dom before her fifth year in Bulgaria?" Mr. Granger asked Severus as he stared him down.

"You heard correctly." Severus said in an even tone, not wanting to rile this man. He wanted to be on good terms with this man and his wife. His future if he had any say in the matter rested upon it.

Mr. Granger then in turn looked at each wizard that around him. He gave a slight nod to Arthur Wealsey. "Arthur." He said by way of greeting.

Mr. Granger turned back to Severus. "As seeing my daughter was not of age of consent at that time. I see no problems with getting this Viktor Krum. Matter of fact. I insist upon it."

Severus looked down at Dobby, who had been frantically hopping from foot to foot. "You heard Mr. Granger, Dobby. He insisted upon it. Go get Viktor Krum."