Severus watched as Kingsley looked back to Viktor, "You're Uncle Vladimir he is a wizard?"

"Yes." Viktor answered. "I do not understand. Uncle Vladimir would never hurt Hermioninny."

Severus hissed. "She informed me of this herself. The man's name was Vladimir." He could feel as Mr. Granger turned to look at him. Severus did not want to look at Mr. Granger at the moment, he only had eyes for Viktor. "Where is your Uncle?"

"He would never." Viktor insisted.

"Would never what boy?" Mr. Granger asked. "Take advantage of young teen away from her parents?" He moved closer to Viktor and Severus could see the hesitation in Viktor's face as he watched Mr. Granger come closer. "I'll have you know we consented for Hermione to go because we had your word as well as the word of your parents that she would be well taken care of. She was to be at your parents house, not your Uncle's. Then you had the audacity to leave my daughter under the care of dominate male."

He raised his hand as to back slap the man and Severus watched as Viktor covered his head and coward. The hit never came and Viktor lowered his arms and looked at Mr. Granger. Severus noted Kingsley was looking at Mr. Granger as if he never saw the man before, but he could see a respect in Kingley's eyes. This was one Muggle who was not afraid of a wizard. Knowing full well a wizard had the advantage of magic.

"Now you are going to answer my questions. Do you understand?" Mr. Granger asked.

Viktor nodded as he swallowed hard.

"I need a verbal answer boy." Mr. Granger hissed.

"Yes, sir." Viktor said.

Mr. Granger lowered his hand. "Why were you with your Uncle and not your parent's?"

"I moved in with Uncle Vladimir a week before Hermioninny came."

Severus set a scowl upon his face. Why would the boy move?

"Did your Uncle know that Hermione was coming to visit?" Mr. Granger asked.

Viktor nodded. "Yes. Sir."

Mr. Granger put his arms on the chair Viktor was in and bent down so he was closer to Viktor even though the seeker backed up in the chair as much as he could. Severus couldn't see Mr. Granger's face, but Viktor's had fear written all over it.

"He knew my daughter was coming to visit you. You agreed to move to his home. How long were you there before you had to leave to your mothers side?"

"Two days."

"And in those two days. Was your Uncle always around the both of you?"

Severus could frantically see Viktor trying to recall those two days. He skimmed the surface of Viktor's memory as the scenes flashed before him. Vladimir had been around and even Viktor had noticed the way his Uncle had looked at his friend. Because that was what Hermione had become to this boy during her fourth year. Severus tore his eyes away as his anger flared. He had seen the desire in Vladimir's eyes and so had his nephew.

"Yes, sir."

"And at any point in those two days, did he ever show an interest in her?" Mr. Granger asked.

Viktor shook his head, "Uncle Vladimir would never…"

"Do not go further with that statement." Severus growled.

He watched as Mr. Granger looked at him. Severus met Mr. Granger's eyes, so much like his daughters. "Detected that lie as well have you?"

Severus gave him a jerked nod.

Mr. Granger turned back to Viktor. "Answer my question now boy. Before I bring you up on charges for aiding and abetting your Uncle."

Severus could see the fear in Viktor's face return full force. "Yes, quite a few times."

"Do you know what your Uncle is and does?"

Viktor hung his head. "Yes. But not while Hermioninny was there. I have lived with him for two years now. I found out a few months ago." Then he looked up at Mr. Granger. "I did not know he would hurt her."

Severus could see the shame and revulsion clearly written on Viktor's face. The boy was telling the truth.

"Where is your Uncle?"

"I do not know. He is away. He said he wouldn't be back for a month. He left yesterday."

Mr. Granger rose and looked at Kingley. "Check his story. Verify everything he said is correct."

"If it isn't?" Kingley asked.

"I will be pressing charges. If his story is correct, I won't be pressing charges on a boy who was used by his Uncle." Mr. Granger said.

Severus watched as Viktor sagged in relief. That action alone had Mr. Granger looking back towards him, he shook his head and then turned towards Severus. "You and I need to have a talk Professor Snape. Privately."

Severus acquiesced with a nod. To say he was nervous was an understatement, but he also knew he had no idea really what the man wanted to talk to him about privately.

"You can use the room next door." Kingsley said.

Severus gave him a nod and headed for the door with Mr. Granger. Once he opened it, he could see the waiting parents and guardians out in the hall pacing or either leaning on the wall waiting.

"Well?" Lucius asked. "Do we know anything else yet?"

"Not at the moment, Lucius. Excuse me." Severus told him and went to the door to the room next to the one he had just left. Once Mr. Granger had entered behind him and the door was shut Severus pulled his wand out and said a few spells to make sure whatever the man wanted to discuss would remain indeed private. He put away his wand and noticed Mr. Granger had him under intense scrutiny. Severus controlled his breathing as he waited.

Mr. Granger narrowed his eyes as he continued studying him. "When did my daughter confide a personal matter to you?"

Severus let out a slow deep breath, "yesterday evening before going to bed."

He watched as Mr. Granger came closer to him. The man was his height, six foot, and yes, he could feel the imposing manner in which the man watched him. But he had also learned from watching him with Viktor he would smell a lie easily. Mr. Granger's eyes were very assessing and he could see a calculating look, same one Hermione would get when she was studying a potion of her classmates trying to fix their mistakes as she hissed instructions to them.

"Why didn't you inform me of this once you found it out?"

Severus closed his eyes, the letter was only half written, and it was on his person in his robe. It was a delicate matter and even he knew Hermione had been underage at the time. The letter also included what had transpired in the great hall and stating that she was now in care of Slytherin at the school along with Harry Potter. He reached inside his robe and removed the parchment as he opened his eyes and looked back at Mr. Granger.

"It's not finished yet. I am not fully aware of how much damage has been inflicted." Severus told him as he handed the parchment over.

He watched as Mr. Granger read only a half formed letter. He would also see places where Severus had crossed out what he written and restarted. Where other sentences had been reformed as well.

Mr. Granger spoke as he kept looking at the letter. "You had a hard time controlling your anger writing this. Your concern for the psychological damage speaks very well for you at this moment." He saw Mr. Granger's brow raised as he looked at him. "Her magic started a fire while she was sleeping over a dream. Yet you say it's a memory."

"Yes. Dreams do not evoke protective magic. Memories do."

Mr. Granger looked back at the letter as he growled out. "He put her in a bloody coffin."

Severus could fully understand the anger, he had it as well. "Yes. It had to have been wooden, fire will burn through the wood to release her. Protective magic is innate."

"Has this damaged her magic at all?" Mr. Granger asked as he looked back at Severus.

Severus furrowed his brow. "Not that I'm aware of. She needs monitoring, by someone who can control any outburst in the future."

Mr. Granger folded the parchment and placed it in his pocket. He rubbed his forehead then he looked back at Severus.

"How much do you know about the lifestyle?"

Severus gave shrug. "Only what I've read so far. It has it's appeal." No way was he going to tell the man at the moment that he had every intention of making Hermione his at the moment. They had to find her and he needed to remain very much a head of house at the moment. Not a potential suitor yet.

Mr. Granger gave a bark of laughter. "Yes, you would find it appealing out of all the men in that room."

"I would like to accompany you when you go the club." Severus relaxed while Mr. Granger gave him a look and reassessed him.

"Better you than the bloke who was trying to force himself in. At least you would make it through the door."