Chapter: 2- An Unexplainable trust

I found I was scared from the doctor

Mainly because I thought he going to take me away from my father I felt like it happened with me previously also someone take me against my will from someone close to me but I couldn't remember anything…. When I saw in his eyes like it were saying there's no danger, relax I'm up here with you, you can feel safe, like his eyes were always smiling, caring and something I don't want look beyond…he come up to me and says so "you are awake now, so how are you feeling right now" I didn't answer just nodded my head…..still blank….unawake from my fear totally. But kakashi answered ''ya she's fine but little scared and worried from her surrounding".

Doctor poked his spectacles and says "this is obvious, while she's so small to bear it….and her last memory…" his voice stopped at his last word... and he look towards me as if he was going to say something I shouldn't know…. Well I don't think much about it as I was already blank, anxious and was a few min before, I met my father….then he says nurse to give me a dose and an injection….. I get horrified by knowing it. Nurse came to me to give me the medicine but I rotate my head when she tries to do so…..kakashi giggled by seeing that, and asked nurse to gave it to him and then he approached me and strikes it in my mouth as I haven't tries to discontinue my behavior as it doesn't taste bad. But still as if I knew he won't do anything which I won't prefer but then my mind goes seeing the nurse filling injection with a liquid as she come to me I saw at my father nodding with a frowned face he this time giggled again and leaned closer to my ears and says softly" close your eyes" …..and I did the same without thinking anything else. Then I heard his soft voice again "it won't pain, just wait a second …" when I was deep in his voice. A voice interrupted "it's up…." As I have opened my eyes I saw nurse was up with the injection. and I actually felt no pain I saw kakashi again I realized he was smiling under his mask then doctor checked some of his paper she's absolutely fine she can go home in 2 days.

And word stroked from my mouth "home" and I saw back towards him "….yes your home….OUR home" and kissed my forehead again…..and with a smile doctor left…. .He turn back to me and says "you should rest now…..still you are weak" while scrambling my already scrambled pink hairs. While I gave a calm reply "I 'm fine….pa…pa…"he looked me with all his deepness. He looked thoughtful. then he blowed away from his thought when I gently hold his hand and he smiled back to me "are you hungry?...umm who won't be after 2 days sleep, wait I just bring something to eat for you" I can't manage to say anything but nodded my head….and took back my hand when he goes I try to understand my surrounding as I was so afraid that I don't even try to look around the room. The room was yellow with simply my bed and a washroom which door was locked. A small table was beside me …where some medicines was kept, a water bottle and a flowerwas with some beautiful cherry blossoms .they were really so beautiful, and blossoming and a book was kept which papa was reading when I took that I try to read the title it was hard as was just of 5 but I was able to "I…ch….ch…..a……..aa…ichaicha" as it sounds horrible so I kept it back I glanced over the window which I missed I can see blue sky a sun a tree over which a mother bird was feeding her small bird and listening to their chirping sound. I was totally relaxed forgotten about my fear, an unknown place .I even doesn't notice I was smiling brightly ,it was the first time from my lost memories that I was smiling…..i don't why it attract my attention…..but it was beautiful. I haven't notice when papa enters the room he come across and patched my back and asks "what are you observing" nothing and gave him a pleasant smile with my face got tilted to left and my smile reaches my eyes as of a small kid. He giggled and take his seat next to here are some fruits apple,ornges grapes he peeled them cut into pieces in a plate and he feeds me with his hand. While he was feeding me I pick up a apple and place it closer to his mouth but his mask was stopping me. He holds my hand and intake the apple pieces without removing his mask. I was little shocked with it….then we sat and I ask a lot of questions like my favorite colour,favourite toy, favorite story what I like what I dislike when is my birthday but he took a long time to answer as if he doesn't know. But he answered coolly but his eyes widen and he cough a little when I ask him "who's my mother" he answered "you should take rest it is enough for you today" his brow was in nearly sweat and was hesitating to answer.

Then I kissed him on his cheek and get to the sleeping position but I don't want to sleep because I wake up just almost an hour ago after 2 days then I ask him to tell me a story. "Hmmmmmm…..once upon a time there was a girl as white as snow perhaps called snow white…" I don't even remember when I slept while listening as I don't want to

But maybe this was due to medicine and injection…when I woke up I was night he was still awake reading his book. But due to my moments I caught up his attention and he look up at me then I ask "why are you not sleeping" he answered "I don't feel jus and it's too late for you to awake at night "I cut him "I don't want to sleep I also don't feel like" with a frowned face .I start feeling familiar with him then we just talk but the question struck again "who's my mother?" "Does someone told you-you ask a lot of questions" he assured I just giggled 'may be you had told me…." And we both laugh on it. "You should now sleep…it's late…." "I don't want to" "so what you want to do at the middle of the night" he asked so politely but still he wants me to sleep…. "um…ummm" I couldn't suggest anything because I don't know what to do I escaped my thoughts when he picked me up to his back and I took fun of piggy back ridding for almost an hour but the nurse come in and was horrified to see and she start shouting on him "how can you be so irresponsible, she is not well, you had take care of that" and he can just stood there with bow head. I found it very humorous. She asked me to go to bed and gave me the medicine and injection. When she goes I said "sorry," and we both laugh to it.

Next day was like this only but just saw the similar faces, I get much interactive with the kakashi, and next day go on but still I leaned to him or puff his sleeve when I listened the someone entering the door. I don't know why that fear is in me I don't know but still I feel it is more than just loss of memory but doctor had declared I can go back to home within 24 hours now but ask for checkup once a week. I don't know how hours fled up with kakashi may be because I slept most of the time, as medicines were so strong for me. But in these two days an unexplainable has been created with both of us but still holding the same fear.

Word meanings

Papa: father {Hindi language}

I know I used two words for introduction of father .this has to take with the language but it's used for 2 people. This point will be clarified in later chapter. Still waiting for your reviews….:}