Takes place in the episode "Ambush". Things just take a different turn.

Chapter 1 -

The militia pushed Sam into the shed and handcuffed him to a metal pole. Sam didn't bother to fight it. He knew help was coming. He was more concerned about G. Another hit in the head. How many more could he take? He didn't have to show concern for the kid, but that was G. He felt and cared for the strays and the lost. After all he had been one himself. He always felt the need to make a difference to people who became collateral damage and were seen as insignificant.

Just as they finished with Sam, they dragged G in, dropped him hard and Sam heard his head smack against the cold hard concrete floor. It was a loud thud. It made Sam sick. They grabbed his wrists, yanked him back and cuffed him to an old stove. As the yanked him back, Sam saw a trail of blood left by the side of G's head. Crap, another hit. Bastards he thought. He'd get them back for everything and for G. Nobody treated his partner like that. One thing he knew for certain is that G would to be sore after this mission although he'd never admit it...if they ever made it out.

Sam was growing impatient. 30 minutes he had to wait but Sam wasn't good at waiting. He was proactive. He needed to do something so he aimed his frustrations at the only one available, "G...wake up man. Come on wake up." G lay still. Sam inched his body forward enough to reach G. With his left boot he nudged G's shoulder, "G...enough with the beauty sleep," then he nudged again. Nothing. Sam started to worry. He'd give G another couple of minute then he'd kicked his sorry ass. Nothing. Everything was quiet. He started thinking of his team, of the day he became G's partner and then like everyday his thoughts went to G's shooting. A day didn't go by when he didn't relive that moment over and over again. It haunted him. He kept thinking if only he had driven around the block, if he'd run faster...if he...were the one that took the bullets. It affected him so much he often wondered how could G deal with the nightmare everyday. But then again G was G. He was a survivor.

Suddenly a blast of shots reverberated throughout the entire compound. Kensi and Renko weren't alone, they had the 50 FBI agents promised and they'd come early. They're here, Sam yelled in his head, his team had come through, "G...come on wake up. The team's here man." Sam kicked him this time and he heard a moan, "G wake up. Damn it G." Sam tried to squirm out of the cuffs, he tried to pull against them to get to G, then with the next nudge he heard.

"Man stop kicking me," and with that he saw G's eyes open. Sam leaned back and took a deep breath, "I thought I'd have to bring in Prince Charming Sleeping Beauty." "Huh, very funny. What are you yelling about?" asked G very groggily. "The Feds are here. It's over," Sam said nodding his head.

Another day and still alive. In the middle of his happy train of thoughts he saw Kensi's worried face come round the doorway then change to a smile, "Hey boys need some keys?" she said dangling them in front of their faces.

"Hey Kensi, unlock me," ordered Sam.

"Now now...eenie meenie minee mo...," she sang.

"Kensi please..." G asked with such pain and frustration in his voice. The joking stopped. She looked at Sam who gave her a worried look back, G wasn't fine. She moved over to him and unlocked the cuffs, "You OK Callen?" she asked as she tried to touch the side of his head that was covered in blood. G flinched, grabbed her wrist and glared at her, "I'm fine. Unlock Sam and let's get out of here." Kensi shuffled on her knees over to Sam and whilst unlocking his cuffs she whispered, "His doesn't look good." "Yeah I know. He's been out for a while and hard to wake. He needs to go to the hospital," explained Sam in a worried tone.

While they were having their tet-a-tet, G started to get up, but the whole world spun and he held onto the stove before he came crashing down. Whoa! He hear himself saying, easy boy. Then he looked over to Sam and Kensi, they had missed the whole thing. Good they didn't need to know. G knew his concussion was bad because out of the million ones he had suffered, none of them had felt like this. He pulled himself upright and just stood getting his balance. Meanwhile Kensi helped Sam get up, "You right there sleeping beauty?" he aimed the question at G. G glared back. He hardly ever reacted like that with Sam, then stormed out as straight and confident as his shaky legs could take him. Sam and Kensi looked at each other and followed him.

"Where's Jeff? Have the Feds taken him? He's just a kid. He just got into the wrong crowd and they messed with his head," G asked frantically looking around and trying to stay on his feet. Kensi ran up to him, grabbed him by the arm and said, "Callen he was shot in the crossfire...I'm sorry."

G looked at her as if it was her bullet that had claimed his life. He nodded his head in apprehension then suddenly he felt incredibly sick, he turned to the side ripping his arm from Kensi and was violently ill. Kensi stayed and rubbed his back, then she felt Sam nearby. "G the EMTs are here. Come on, get yourself checked out," he said.

G had finished vomiting and carefully pulled himself upright, "I'm fine. It's a slight concussion. I've had them before. I'll be fine." "Hey man it's not for you but you know how Hetty gets... come on," persuaded Sam and tentatively pulled him along. G knew he had to humour them. He hated being fussed over, he hated doctors and he hated time off work. He had to play this cool.

Now she was cute...strawberry blond hair, the cutest of freckles and about 12. Sam looked her up and down. Last thing he wanted was a prepubescent child administering care to his partner, "How old are you?" he rudely asked while pushing G to sit down. G was too tired and sore, and just did want ever Sam wanted.

The EMT looked him up and down, "Could ask you the same Grampa?" Sam appreciated the humour but still not sure, "You are qualified?"

"Sir, yes I'm qualified and I'm 26. So I'll take your question as a compliment. Now who needs my attention you or your bleeding friend over here," she said as she walked over to G. She flicked on her surgical gloves and lifted G's face up, "Now you're cute! My name is Sarah" she said whilst touching the 2 wounds on G's head. The wound on the crown of the head she cleaned and disinfected. G didn't even have the strength to flinch. It would give him a head ache and probably a slight concussion but nothing more.

Then she angled his head so see could see the bigger and nastier wound on theleft side of his head. She cleaned and disinfected it, but this one was different. There was a lot of swelling and pooling of blood under the skin. She applied butterfly stitches then moved so she could be straight on with G. "Ok soldier, I'm going to check your eyes and reflexes," she explained. G nodded. He was so over everything at the moment. Anger and frustration were getting to a point of explosion. She lifted the penlight to his eyes and G reeled back. The light entering his eyes was like needles through his eyeballs, "Oh man...get that away" he yelled. The EMT removed the light and grabbed one shoulder as Sam had his back before falling onto the ground. "Sorry I usually don't get that reaction. What's your name?" she asked.

G repositioned himself back on the stool and tried to focus on the EMT but she was just askew, he blinked and blinked, then rubbed his eyes, but she wasn't clear, "It's Callen, G. Callen."

"OK Callen, how many fingers am I holding up?" she asked. The question would've been really easy on any other day, but today...she held up three, he said two. Then she held up two and he said four. Not exactly passing the examination. She took his BP, it was low; heartbeat, a bit too fast. She looked at G whilst addressing Sam, "He really needs to go to the hospital for some tests and a CT scan," then she looked up at Sam showing grave concern, a look that needed no explanation.

Sam understood the look. He'd seen it many times when the prognosis was dire. He squeezed G's shoulders, "Come one G, let's go." "G didn't want to go, "I'm fine. I just need to sleep it off. I'm not going to the hospital," he said with a tone brimming with finality. The young EMT jumped in, "Callen, it's not a matter of wanting to go, but having to. The head wound is serious..." Just as she was about to explain and try to convince G, his phone rang.

It took him a while to understand what was going on, "G, it's your phone," said Sam. G fumbled around until he pulled it out and gave Sam a "butt-out" stare.

"Callen," he answered.

"Hey Callen you guys OK?" asked Eric.

"Yep everything is under control and thanks for your what's up?" said G.

"We've got a code blue. You need to get here and fast," Eric said.


"Half an hour ago from the airport."

"OK we're on our way," said G. It was as almost the tiredness and the pain melted away. There was never down time for G. He was needed. Then he looked up at Sam, his blue eyes frozen with shock, "Get Kensi and Renko. Let the Feds clean this up...we've got a code blue."

Sam's face literally fell. Without bothering to ask hence waste time, he paged Kensi and Renko then he turned to G, "When?"

"Half hour ago."

Without thanking Sarah, G got up and headed straight for the car. Sarah couldn't believe the audacity of this person, "Hey...hey Callen wait..." she yelled as she got up ready to bolt after him. The she felt a strong grip around her arm, "Hey Sarah...G's like that. We've got an emergency. We gotta go. I'll keep an eye on him," he said apologetically.

She looked at Sam incredulously shaking her head and looking at him, "No you don't get it. He needs to go to the hospital. I think there's a haematoma. That can lead to cerebral oedema or worse still a brain haemorrhage and that can lead to..." She didn't get a chance to finish. Sam knew damn well what it could lead to. "Ok, I'll stick near him like glue. How long and what are the symptoms apart from the concussion ones," he asked.

She was glad one of them was interested and she spoke quickly and succinctly, "How long, I don't know that's why he needs a CT scan. Symptoms are easy. Things to look out for a sudden severe headache, seizures, weakness in a limb, decreased alertness, changes in vision, tingling or numbness, difficulty speaking or understanding speech, difficulty writing or reading, loss of fine motor skills, hand tremors, loss of coordination and balance and ultimately bleeding from the ear and loss of consciousness. If you see 2 or more get him to a hospital ASAP or Callen will die."

Sam nodded with determination. After they resolved the code blue strategy, he'd drag G to the hospital. He placed his hand on Sarah's shoulder towering over her, "Thanks."

"Yeah...this is my number. Let me know how he goes,"she said and then walked away. Sam watched her walk away. Was she right? Or was she overreacting? He'd keep an eye on G and he'd inform the others. G would be pissed once he found out they'd all be in on the G surveillance pact, but he didn't care. G's life was important.

"Sam now!" G screamed breaking him out of his reverie, "OK..OK." He got into the car and Renko sped off.