A/N: The world has become vampire crazy. Twilight and his minnows have convinced the world that the slayers, hunters and witches are terrorists. Buffy and her new Council have all been found guilty and sentenced to death for crimes against vampires. The world wished to be slayer free. Buffy and the gang choose to grant that wish and leave this world to TPTB mercy...

A wish and they begin anew in a world that will perhaps give them a chance to live normal lives. Well as normal as slayers, witches and were people can live.

This is an AU world where the gang all choose to live after losing to Twilight and let the world have its wishes. They will leave and let the powers deal with the free will choices of humanity.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters of worlds you read about. They belong to their creators and the corporations. They just wanted to come out and play a bit.

By: Fire Wolfe

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Be careful what you wish for...

Part One The Wish

The media were calling it the Execution of the century. The Slayer Queen and her people were going to be executed for hunting and killing vampires. The leader of the Vampire community Twilight was going to be there. The news crews were all fighting for a chance to see him and the Council of Vampires. It seemed that the leader of the Vampires was going to personally watch the slayers be ended. His testimony at their trails had ensured they would receive the maximum penalty under California law. Death.

Buffy could not believe it all came down to this. They had fought for so many years to protect the world. After Sunnydale fell they had hope. She sighed and knew that their world was doomed. There was no way she and the others were going to get out of this. The deck was to stacked against them. They had been portrayed as terrorists by the very clever pr of the Vampire known as Twilight. He had to her eternal horror taken his name from a cheesy book series turned movies. Of course half the world fawned on him. She had tried to fight the tide but a few crazed slayers had doomed them all. They could had tried to find all the newly activated slayers but, sadly some had been taken and turned by vampires and governments into killing machines. In the end they all got painted as evil dark creatures. She looked over at Faith and Xander, Dawn, Oz and Giles. She felt so guilty for their being caught up in this. Willow and Kennedy were fortunately still out there so maybe they could protect the world. Who was she kidding they were likely hiding because they were on the most wanted list. She prayed her friend stayed free and could perhaps find happiness with Kennedy. While Buffy had never been overly fond of the dark haired girl she loved Willow and would protect her. She just prayed her friend would stay away. She could not bear if Willow and Kennedy fell as well. Buffy was tired. For over 10 years they had fought to protect the world and this was the thanks they got? She began to get angry. Well at least she and the others were going to die together. She wondered what this would mean to TPTB balance. She had lost so many friends to the fight. She looked around and saw the humans were eager to see them die. Her heart began to burn with rage.

They were all lead out. One of the wishes they had been granted was to decide how they died. It had been Charles Gunn who had found an obscure statute that let then choose. Buffy smiled feral at that. They would die by firing squad. It was fitting to her mind. It was the one way they could all die together and that they had agreed was best. Of course bleeding Dawn might not be wise but, Buffy did not really care at this point. She just had promised not to leave the others again so this was the best she could do. Besides she had one last idea. One last chance and she decided she did not care as long as her family their slayers and allies were safe. The world could go to hell they had given enough.

Willow moved under the spell with care. She might have power but so did the government's witches. They were actively looking for her and Kennedy. Her girlfriend carried a bag loaded with weapons and supplies. They had one shot at this and one shot only. She just prayed that Anya's old boss would grant the wish she and Buffy had devised. It would create a world of pain and misery but, frankly given what the world had done to them she no longer cared. Willow remembered the mountains that were soaked with the blood of friends and allies who had stood with them at to the last. She and Kennedy had gotten away and it was time to implement the last wish. She would save her friends and the other slayers and then this world could go to hell. Willow quickly cast the circle and began to chant softly. She watched as her friends were lead out. She knew Buffy had intended to just call out the wish and had wanted her and Ken to stay away. However, Willow was not about to leave anything to chance. The sun had just set and the field was lit bright so the world could watch the Queen and her people be killed. The vampires and humans stood side by side chanting for the execution to begin. It was like an insane game to them.

Twilight walked over to Buffy and said with a smirk. "Any last words Miss Summers?"

Buffy looked at him and said. "Yeah, sure why the hell not. I could do that. I mean no way I am not having the last word."

The vampires smug look paled however he had to grant a last confession.

Buffy took a deep breath looked over at Dawn who nodded. She began to close her hand tightly and a small cut opened. In her hand she held a small stone knife. If she could just bleed enough? Would her blood and be enough of a sacrifice and enough power to save them?

Buffy was lead to a microphone. She looked out at the sea of cameras and smiled a little sadly. "You know, for over ten years I have been Killing vampires. I never got the whole vampires are cool thing myself."

Faith laughed at that and shouted. "Angel , Spike?"

"Oh ok so I was a kid. Anyway so not the point. I was asked why I killed vamps. Let's see they are blood sucking fiends. They will turn on you and kill ya. But, I guess you all bought their bull shit and propaganda. The question is this? Who will keep you all safe when we are dead? I saved this worthless world over a dozen times. My friends and I have bleed and died to protect humanity. Yet, you have turned on us. Not once but over and over. I went to hell and heaven then back again for this world. My girls they walked into hell itself to keep you fools safe. Yet, we are all condemned to die. Well, I'm not sure that is right or fair." She looked up to the heavens and shouted to the powers that be. "We did your damned dirty work and this is what we get. Well we are done. Live or die we will never protect this world again! We won't be played for fools."

There was a crash of thunder.

Buffy smirked and said. You know as fun as this is not I think we are done here. I just WISH..."

Twilight shouted. "Shoot her! Shoot her now!"

Buffy smirked as the demon lord of wishes appeared by Willows call as Kennedy pulled off the chains holding the others captive. She sunk a needle into Faith's arm and said. "Give it a sec and you will be ok."

Faith nodded. "Thanks Ken." Slayer power rushed back into the dark slayer. She Pulled out the needle and threw it into Buffy who jerked then smiled as the drug reactivated her slayer power.

"I WISH that this world and its people learn what it is to be without slayer protection, that all the slayers and our allies be sent to a world where we can save people and where we will not be seen as the enemy and freaks."

Even as she cried out the wish Dawn was moving her hand she threw the blood out and a voice cried out. "Wish granted and good luck slayer! With the blood of the key I open a portal and send the champions to a world where they can be safe and I claim this one for my own So mote be!"

"NO!" Twilight called out as the slayers around the world disappeared from their prisons and appeared in the yard. They all ran jumping through the widening portal. Buffy grinned wickedly as she looked at the demon who had been both an enemy and friend. She decided that today she would call him friend. He was more than a match for Twilight. Let the demons fight for the world that hated them and would destroy them. They were done here.


"I owed Anya so now I repay it. Plus I always wanted this world. There is no way some trumped up vampire will claim it."

Buffy grinned "Have fun. Make his life hell!" She pointed at Twilight.

"Oh I shall. And the humans?"

"Not caring. They made their choice. We have another world to save." Buffy said as she watched her people escape to freedom. She and the rest of the gang were the last to go. She watched them all flee to safety and pushed Dawn through. Buffy looked back as the humans looked on in horror as a second portal opened as her sister tossed a speck of blood away from her. Demons and vampires poured through from Hell itself. This world was lost to the dark side. The Powers That BE screamed as Balance tipped to evil because they had not helped their champions in time. They had sought to control the fight and bend the slayer and her people only to have their power crushed.

Part 2 The Arrival

The portal opened and 40 people fell through the veil. As they were falling Buffy and Willow spotted a man falling toward their former home. No one deserved to go to that hell. So they reached out and grabbed him. They fell though time and space and the veil opened and they stumbled through. Alarms went off. Sirius Black stumbled as he fell back through the cold veil of death. He felt powerful arms hold him tightly and carry him along. As he landed hard he cried out. His leg snapped.

"Damn it."Buffy cried as she accidently snapped the man's leg. "Will a hand please."

Willow came over as she staggered to her feet. Kennedy and Faith landed and took up protective positions. Several Wicca's and slayers joined them. Dawn was helped to her feet by Xander who ripped his t-shit to bandage her hand.

Sirius looked up. "We need to get out of here."

"Yeah, well your leg needs tending."Buffy said.

The aurors came running into the veil room. They were shocked to see over 40 battered people. They were all that was left of the slayer and Wicca teams that had fought evil.

Kingsley Shackbolt raised his wand and was joined by Amelia Bones and several other department members. "Halt you are under arrest for ..."

They never got to finish as Willow spun around and raised her hand and cried out. "Wands!"

Before they could stop her their wands were all in Willow's hands. She handed them off to Jade a member of her coven. "Hold these a moment please. I have to check this man's leg."

"No problem Ms. Willow." the teen said with a smile.

Willow turned her back and bent down to check their tag along's leg.

"I would not move if I was you." Jade said softly. "See we have had a really bad couple of months and frankly we are tired and cranky. So, chill. We will be out of here as soon as Miss Willow sets the dudes leg and checks the others."

Faith looked around the room. She was shocked at what she saw. She swallowed hard. They had lost a lot of good people. There had been over 2000 slayers and potentials called. She saw only 40 here. She looked at Buffy who appeared ready to weep. Just then Whistler appeared.

"Slayer, I don't know how you done it but, you transferred the slayer line to this world. TPTB cannot interfere here. The thing is not all your slayers are here. Well they are but, they merged. They merged with their counterparts on this world. The 40 you see here are either dead or not born on this world. You and your friends never lived here. Well except your Watcher. Only his counterpart was killed. Which is a good thing. Anyway you have a new life here. I , oh hell! I am not leaving you without resources. This is going to be a new start for you and your people." Whistler reached into his pocket and pulled out several pouches. He tossed it to Buffy who caught it. Then he tossed another to Giles, Xander, Willow, Faith and Dawn. Kennedy glared not sure she wanted what he was giving out. "Take it Slayer you need it. It won't bite."

Reluctantly Kennedy took the pouch. They opened them and found keys.

"Those are for vaults in the bank. You will have enough there to start in this world as well as identities. Buffy and your core group will be vital to this worlds survival. The others may join the fight or not. Your call. I am not supposed to help you but, this was once my world. So, I am going to help it. Use the money wisely. Oh and Slayer I am sorry for the crap I put you through I had no choice."

"Why?" Buffy asked. "I thought they could not ..."

Whistler looked at her and said."Because I to was forced. Here you have a choice. Be strong and save them. Oh, and Slayer it will be your reward as well. This I swear on my life and Magic so mote be. And as to who I am, well you will find that out in time. But, don't hate me I learned my lesson and as insane as it sounds am working on redemption." He glowed and disappeared.

Sirius looked on confused. That voice it sounded so familar... He saw the group move as one.

"B we gota go more people are coming. So, unless you want to fight ..."

"Yeah, Let's go. Willow is he ok to move?"

"Yeah, the legs set and froze for the moment. I can splint it better when we are safe. I think everyone is good to go."

"Good cause this place is wiggin me out."Dawn said."I feel a little sick from that portal."

"What she said." Xander agreed. "Make with the mojo Willow we got to go." Xander cocked his head and said. "We got incoming."

Willow rose having checked out both Buffy and the man they had saved. She called to her coven. "Everyone form a circle. Hold hands we need to go ten to a group, We need equal number of witches per group."

The groups all formed. Buffy pulled the wounded man up. They heard more people coming.

"Willow now might be a good time."Giles warned. "We don't want a fight first thing."

"Yeah, we need to split." Buffy agreed.

"We need a safe place she said to Sirius. You have one to go to? Think it fast. Show me ."Willow demanded."I must see it." Her eyes turned white.

He nodded thinking of the Shrieking shack. He felt compelled to obey. Sirius was shocked to feel her probing his thoughts. I'm sorry but there is no time to be nice. Her soft apology stopped him from panicking and he hoped he was doing the right thing. Willow nodded and began to chant the other witches joined her as a dozen more people with drawn wands came charging in. However they were to late as there was a flash of light.

"Where did they go?" Called out Mad Eyed Moody.

Kingsley watched in shock. "I don't know the wards should have prevented that."

There was a bright flash and the group appeared inside the broken down shack.

They all fell down gasping for breath. The power drain had been enormous. Buffy set her wounded catch down and turned to check on Willow and Dawn. The Witches all fainted including Giles and Dawn. Willow swayed and Buffy caught her as her legs gave out. She and Faith moved quickly to help the witches so they were not hurt. Xander moved to the window looking out. He motioned to several slayers to join him. They all quickly took up defensive positions. Kennedy pulled the bag around and drew out weapons tossing Xander and Ax and pulling a short sword for herself. Once armed she tossed the bag to Faith who pulled out the Sythe and handed it to Buffy. Her sister slayer shook her head." Hold onto it Faith. I have to check the witches. This took a lot out of them."

Faith nodded and called to Kennedy. "We need to do a sweep. Make sure this place is secure for the others."

Kennedy looked over at Willow. As much as she wanted to go to her side Faith was right. "Let's go. Maybe we can find some water or something to help them recharge. My girl looks tired."

"Yeah, we will do that." Faith agreed. She looked at Buffy who nodded. They both knew security first then amenities. They had learned that the hard way. Besides Kennedy had come a long way she needed to know that she was trusted. She and Faith would make sure the place was as safe as it could be until the witches could set some proper wards and warnings up.

Part 3 The explanations