178. Part 180 History repeats...sort of.

Be careful what you wish for...

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Part 180

The master was not going to go down today. He slipped past Buffy by grabbing the newest slayer. He caught her as she was trying to get up from slipping in the water. His fangs sank into her neck and he took a deep drag. He was not going to kill the slayer merely gain blood to heal and a distraction. He was betting that the blonde woman would not leave one of her own to drown. He then tossed her away and into a deep pool of water.

Blood dripped down his face. "Come on slayer I'm ready to fight again."

Buffy let out a curse and fell back a bit. She risked a look at the girl who charged in. She was face down in the water. Memories flooded her and she just knew that the Master was going to get away. She glared at him. She so hated this bastard.

"I am going to slay you but perhaps not today." No she'd slay him in her own time and enjoy it. Maybe even bring the new slayers along for the fun.

He laughed and backed away. "Hurry little slayer lest that one perish. You humans do need to breathe after all."

Buffy backed up toward the slayer not quite trusting that the master would leave and not attack her in the back. He was not an honorable foe. He would take any advantage. His minions gathered around and she knew she had to let them go. She would not let a slayer drown her own memories of that event were not good at all. Besides no way was she losing a slayer so soon. She was still haunted by those lost in their old world. So many young lives sacrificed for an ungrateful humanity never again.

"Faith we need to save the slayer."

"Yeah B, I got that. Go I'll keep an eye on old and ugly here." She replied glaring at the Master he was almost as ugly as the Greek bastrad she and B had killed when they first met. However she knew he was just as dangerous and just as unpredicatable. No way was she not keeping both eyes glued on his cloven footed ass.

Buffy laughed at that and at the pissed off look the master sent them. She moved forward to begin CPR. Where was Xander when you needed him? However she trusted her first aid skills and would not fail this newly called seemed even in this strange new world history was repeating itself to some degree it was definitely something to keep in mind. She looked over and saw Faith standing guard. She hated turning her back on the master but she had to work the first aid mojo she trusted Faith to watch her back so she turned and ran to save the young girl who raced into the tunnels to help. She was a slayer worthy of the name. Because she was clearly newly called but she still come and still was willing to dive in and risk death to save others. The Master and his minions turned and ran.

Faith threw her stake and ended one but she had to let them go. She was not leaving Buffy alone. She would always have her back. The past was dead and this was a new world and a new world order. She might have to let the vamps go but their time would come. When they hunted they would end the Aurelus line forever. At least this time B was not pining for Angel. Of course Spike might be an issue hell even she might have a hard time slaying him. She hoped he could be saved and as crazy as it sounded...maybe save Dru too. What they had learned about her had shaken both she and Buffy and they had always hated that in thieir world they had to slay the crazy vampiress. She had at times been an ally.

Darla and Angel were soon rejoining the Master they had slipped out a side tunnel. The three master vampires ran knowing that this lair and this plan was a dead end. The Master hated to run but he would do so to survive. He did however swear that the Slayers would pay. He was not the only one making promises of retribution. Angel was so going to kill Spike he had ruined his favorite shirt and sent Dru off on her own. That never went well for any of them. A vampire should never turn on its sire unless they planned on taking their place. Leaving Dru alone in the world was never a good thing she was just as likely to turn a puppy or child as a useful minion and that was always a pain. He hated staking puppies they were always so cute. He liked puppies or well he would deal with it. At least the vampire puppies were good bait for humans.

In another area of the tunnels an deal was being struck of sorts.

"I like the world spinning slayer." Spike said. "Only a fool would end it. I will always help it keep spinning."

Helen glared but knew for the moment Spike was useful so she would not slay him.


Buffy performed CPR and the girl she was working on began to spit up and gasp for breath. Buffy sat back helping her turn so she could expel the water from her lungs.

"Hold it right there. What are you doing to my daughter?" An angry voice called Buffy and Faith both froze as they heard a gun cock. The British soldier was scared seeing his daughter so still and pale and now coughing up water.

'Well looks like this mini has caring family.' Faith thought. She gave Buffy a look.

"She got knocked out sir and I gave her CPR so she would not drown." Buffy said backing away to give the man room to check his daughter. No point in getting shot…again.


179. Part 181

Be careful what you wish for...

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Part 181

Eleanor Perks began coughing and spitting up water. She was cursing a blue streak which made Buffy smile. Well at least this one has spirit she thought.
"Ellie are you all right?" James Stanley asked never taking his eyes off the blonde or her companion and giving a worried look toward where the ugly old man ran off.

"Blood fucking hell what was that thing." Ellie said cursing. "Damn it he tossed me about like a rag doll. I am so going to rip his head off and use it as a bludger."
James laughed ruefully at that. His daughter might not have the same type of magic or she did not but now….he watched as she was pulled to her feet by the blonde. Her hand sparked and both shook them out.

"Looks like you have magic as well as the slayer package." Buffy said looking a little worried because this young lady was about her age. If she suddenly had magic and the other slayers too that could complicate the situation even more.

"Well that would be bloodly brilliant. Maybe Sally could help me with it. Ah…sorry not supposed to say anything about that ….." Ellie said looking sheepish.

"No worries, Sally she's a witch I take it?" Buffy said looking concerned as the idea of all slayers now having magic hit and she grinned at least it would be a back up power which could be good after all they had been through the more defenses they had the better Buffy felt about it.

"Ah yeah, but that statute thingy…." Eleanor said "We aren't supposed to talk about magic to those that don't have it. Well Sally's not supposed to, I really don't see how that law could apply to us though however Professor McGonagall said it was important to keep her safe. I won't risk them hurting my little sister over my slip up." Eleanor Perks looked ready to take both Faith and Buffy on to keep the secret.

"So doesn't apply to B." Faith said laughing "Besides she sucks at keeping secrets. Never could do it no matter what."

There was an indignant "Hey!" from Buffy who then blushed damned if Faith wasn't right about her and secrets but still…"Yeah well Faith and I are witches so the statute doesn't apply. If you are ok we should go back and check on the others that were penned in and help the other slayers, we will need to see who needs medical help." Buffy said. "Come on follow me."

"Why should we?" James Stanley asked.

Buffy sighed and pulled out the MI-5 badge the Prince had given her. "Because for the moment we are in charge and staying alone in these tunnels even though that bastard took off is not of the good. I don't trust him in the least and I don't want you killed or turned because he circled back. Safety in numbers and all that we can do the introductions when we are sure everyone is safe and secure."

"She is making sense dad." Ellie said. "Besides I recognize them and they are Slayers….the Queen and her Heiress….your majesty." Ellie bowed and Buffy sighed as Faith laughed until the new slayer bowed to her.

Just then Xander came running in having repaired the pipe."We came here to help so we should go."
"Wow, looks like I got a princess."

Faith glared at him but Buffy smirked. "Yeah down from Queen C but still, I think Faith makes a great royal. Though I still say she should be queen as the last called slayer and all that stuff."

"Nope, nada, never happening it was you who stayed and closed the hell mouth and you who saved us, so you are queen Buffy. I so don't have that right not with what I did." Faith said.

Buffy moved to her and hugged her. "It's past and you are just as capable as I am but we can argue it later we need to check on the passengers and then get the wounded treated. We then need to organize a patrol to find those bastards."
Faith hugged Buffy and nodded. She still had trouble believing Buffy forgave and trusted her. But B was right sadly now was not the time to deal with her issues. They headed back to see how the now freed hostages were.

Buffy froze when she spotted Spike. Xander cursed and pulled a stake. This was going to be a problem.

Spike was shaking his head as memories kept flooding his mind. He knew he was not the same vampire that rose earlier in the day. It was really strange as he spotted the blonde Slayer. His heart did little flip but deep down he also knew while he had the memories of that other William he was not that vampire. That vampire had been souled by choice.

While he now had a soul he knew himself well and frankly the soul was bitching and a pain. He would never have sought to get one for himself. He sighed as he looked over at the slayer he had fought with and then defended. He had a strange feeling she liked him soul or not. She got he was a vampire but still accepted he was a being of his word. He also saw respect and gratitude in her eyes. She clearly had not wanted to kill that girls father even if he had become and evil git. Ok from what the kids said that really was not much of a change other then the fact that he would have feasted on that child.

That was not something Spike ever liked or approved of. I mean really eating children was just stupid they never filled you up and were often times hyped on sugar. Ekk, ok he was a bit of a softy for a vampire he never even liked Kitten poker. Another reason he knew he was not that other William the Bloody. He grinned at that. He had just rescued several kittens and puppies, ok they were weird looking but still he wondered if the kids would like some pets? He knew it would annoy their mother which was all good he was the big bad after all.
Helen watched as Spike grinned this was so not going to be good. She looked over at her children and knew she just inherited a daughter or perhaps a future daughter in law given how her son was holding her. On the plus side she had been Julia Beauchamp's best friend and she was Jenna's godmother so she should be able to get custody of her.

Thank heavens Julia will had demanded that she be a part of Jenna's life and that she was in charge of the girls trust. It had meant her husband had not been able to keep her from Jenna's life which was probably best now that she was an orphan. Of course proving that without a body might be difficult. However if worse came to worse she could always find a way to prove Beachamp had run off. The man was not exactly quiet about not liking the United Kingdom.

"Buffy what are we going to do about Spike?" Xander asked. He might not like vampires but he had grown to respect the blonde vampire even if he would never admit it to anyone. Ok he wanted to stake him for sleeping with Buffy and Anya but the later was all on him for being an idiot. Plus he knew Anya did it to hurt him and Spike well Anya was hot and Spike vampire or not was a male. So….ok let's not go there this Spike is innocent of that at least.

"I don't know." Buffy said she knew she was going to stake Angelus or Angel or whatever the hell he called himself now days and the Master and Darla and probably Drusilla but Spike was so much harder.

The Blonde Vampire winked at her and said. "Hey I'm a big bad but someone decided to stuff a soul inside….and Well, I remember….but I'm not him."

"No you aren't the question is, are you an ally or enemy?" Faith said. "I saw you save the kids and spare the lady slaying her friend but….you are not the Spike we knew."

"You are not our Spike." Buffy said sadly."I wish you were I loved him and trusted him he was my vampire."

Helen moved in front of Spike to protect him. She had no idea why but…."No he is mine. My Vampire mine to keep and protect, I'm sorry your majesty but I won't let you slay him. I am going to keep him he is family now."

Buffy was about to protest when Petra spoke up. "Helen is right Spike saved us and we owe him, besides the kids like him."

"You don't hurt Spike." Alec said as he moved forward with Adam at his side their hands glowed. "Mama likes Mr. Spike and we want him to be our new daddy."

"He will be a cool Uncle he can be daddies' new brother right grandma?" Alexis said grinning. Her father groaned."I bet he will spoil us all with candy and treats. I want a puppy and kitten can I have one Uncle Spike. Can I please daddy says we have to wait but you will give us one right?"

Spike was flabbergasted he might have been thinking of puppies and kittens or the like but …. The girl grinned.

She winked at him. Bloody hell she could read minds this was going to be complicated but he felt his heart melting as Jenna broke away from the boys and ran to him. She hugged him. "I want puppies too."

He looked at Alexis' father who glared puppies and kittens his wife was going to kill him if he let Alexis bring home more pets.

She jumped into his arms. She glared at Buffy. "He saved me from Daddy. He mine now, he picked us as his family. I am keeping Spike he is our vampire and my new daddy." She glared daring them to try to slay Spike with her in his arms. Damned if it was not cute.

Xander threw his arms up and said. "Well its Spike….so maybe…."

Buffy sighed and nodded. "He's yours then." Her heart broke a bit for her lost love and friend. He was that even if she could not have loved him as he deserved he was her friend she did miss him.

Helen grinned and surprising even herself went and pulled Spike to her and kissed him hard even as Jenna clung to them both. She was keeping this vampire and making a new family with her new daughter and hopefully with Peta and her family becoming a closer part as well.

Petra grinned and her son cursed damn it to hell. I just got a new brother I think as mum likes him too. Oh well I could use a bloke to talk to I love my girls but it be nice to have a bloke to take football with and grab a pint now and again. Maybe eat some wings and just be a mate.

Buffy sighed and decided at least one of the vampires in from their past was still and ally, or would be. Besides if any of the vampires from their world deserved a second chance it was Spike. She just hoped he would get his happily ever after.

Ellie watched not getting it. He was a vampire but, he had fought to protect humans, maybe this was why the Wizarding world protected some of them? Who knew this world was so insane. She looked at her father who simply sighed as he moved to help the downed police officer and get a briefing on what he knew. Hopefully they soon have answers. It was all just a lot to digest and consider.

The Aurors waited to be deployed. Dawish stupidity meant they had to be careful when deployed or else their Muggle counter parts might shoot first and then seek to ask questions if they were lucky. It was idiots like Dawlish that had caused the past witch hunts. Williams hoped the fool get the veil for his cruel act. No copper deserved to be shot down in cold blood by a fellow. It was unattainable to him.


Albus Dumbledore was not a happy Wizard. He could not believe the death eaters had found and trashed his new favorite pastry shop. How was he supposed to get his sugar fix. A man his age needed his sugar to think.

A wizard of his age needed chocolate and sweets to maintain their magic. Then they that fool Dawlish had shot down a Muggle police man. Fool, it was going to cause the witch hunts all over again.

Maybe he should have listened to Minerva about requiring all wizards and witches of pure blood decent to take at least two years of Muggle studies? Sadly he could not even obliviate the other officers as there had been one of those damned VCC cameras and that Intervet and its super highway. Damn the Muggles and their need to watch everyone every second and record even more he just prayed it did not go worldwide if it did Britain would be in so much trouble with the ICW. It was getting so a wizard had to watch every step. Oh how he missed the old days when Muggles could not even snap a picture.

He sighed and leaned back in his bath sipping the hot chocolate Salty had made for him. He would eat his lemon cake later. At least he had the elf who could bake an excellent cake or two. He so needed his sugar to think.

Salty hummed as he baked in his kitchen. It was so good to be serving the Master again. He would make a feast with lots of desserts. Master Albus looked so thin what were the Hogwarts elves feeding him? Oh well he take care of him then pop in to check on Master Abe and Pepper his wife would have the younger brother's family well in hand he was sure. On the plus side he could bake and cook to his heart's content. He grinned it sure beat tending bar he loved to cook and bake.


Back at Hogwarts the children were all sitting in their rooms. They were bored and worried.

"We should go find Mummy and daddy."

"No we are supposed to stay here and keep the school safe Randel." Raven said.
"Mum and dad could be in trouble." Jenna said

"They are fine your parents are excellent fighters."Dawn said with a grin. The kids were so chips off the old block. She could so see Buffy in the girls and the boys were all Giles protective and ready to dive into a fight. Poor Buffy was so going to have her hands full which was cool to her because she might get some free time then. It sucked because she was an adult but Buffy was back to treating her like the teen aged Dawn. Ok she was a teenager but….the point was she was not supposed to be and if Buffy still thought she was an adult well fair was fair right.

The children as one jumped up and began to head to find their parents only to be stopped by Bethany. "No way you lot are getting out and away. Dawn help me put them to bed. Buffy will flip if they sneak out to fight."

"Yeah good point she ground me for letting them out and tie them to the wall in the dungeon."

"Sounds cool," Randy said and Dawn rolled her eyes he was so Giles son.


180. Part 182 Round two

Be careful what you wish for
Disclaimer Please see part One

Part 182 Round two

The damage to the tube was extensive and it would take weeks to repair and it would not be simple or easy as they knew that the vampires who had been with the Master would not be far away. They could not really escape as the slayers and Aurors were blocking the various exits. However even with that there was a virtual maze down there and it would take a long time to find and slay the remaining vampires that was assuming they did not have another way out. Which Buffy did not really believe even back in Sunnydale most of the tunnels had multiple ways to escape even if some did end up opening into sunny lit areas during the day time she was glad the Princes had stepped in and had allowed her and her people to search and destroy the vampires found.

Buffy did not want to take any chances these vampires were dangerous and would likely join Voldemort which was not something any of them wanted or needed he was dangerous enough without the supernatural terror and muscle the undead provided. Of course their helping the Muggle authorities had enraged certain factions within the government but given the situation that Dawlish had caused them had not so far made to much of an issue of it.

Buffy scowled when she thought of that bastard. At least he was going on trail. With luck he would be either sentenced to life in prison a Muggle one or he be sent through the veil. Buffy had a feeling he would prefer the later as if he went to a muggle prison his magic would be bound. Damned pure blood bigots.

Drusilla slipped out of the tunnels Miss Edith had shown her the way. It was time to go on a Walk About as the Australians would say. Sadly her golden Spike had gained a soul. He hated it but it would change him moreover she had seen Helen and how she looked at her one time lover. Her Childe was doomed. He would soon be so tied to the slayer and her family that he would never look back. A tear fell as she thought of all the adventures they had had in their lives. Oh well it was time to move on.

Daddy and Darla never understood that Spike was just too good for them all. She wondered if he even knew how lucky he was or if he had any idea that his patrolling with Helen would one day forever change him and his life? Oh well a Human upgraded Spike would be a good husband and father so perhaps she would not warn him of what Miss Edith had said. She would not could not hunt and kill the Mora demon who would soon change her Spike back into William. William was a good solid name for a husband and father, she giggled and slipped on board the ship bound for Kenya. It was time to save the lost slayer and her father. Maybe if I help her then I can maybe earn a chance at finding a soul for myself….I mean there are so many lovely humans both wizard and Muggle who are now champions if I don't get a soul and a chance to change well…it would be messy. She so wanted an end to the messes. She did not wish to be evil she wanted to be a champion and with the arrival of these new beings perhaps her destiny could be rewritten after all it had been once already when Angelus turned her from a novice to a vampire. "Come miss Edith we must run to save the slayer."

The news media went insane over the events in the London Subway system the conspiracy theories were running wild fortunately for the Wizarding world they never even came close to the truth. Hermione who was listening to the evening news with her wizarding family was for once grateful for human nature.

She smiled at the thought of a Wizarding family is she was honest that was what Harry was to her. It was not that she did not love and adore her parents but this was now her world no it would be far more honest to say Harry was now her world. Thankfully those in the mundane world always looked for simple solutions and the supernatural was so far removed from most people's lives that they could not; would not believe that the "Terrorists" were vampires.

So far the closest theory was that a deranged cult took over the tubes. Well it was at least plausible Hermione decided and it was a heck of a lot better than the world learning of Magic and the supernatural. She did however pen off a letter to her own family to fill them in. She was not going to keep them in the dark. While her parents knew what was going on as they were working with the queen her extended family did not or at least that was the impression she had gotten so she let them know. Unlike many the Grangers never hid the fact that Hermione was a witch from her grandparents and other extended family. It was kind of impossible to do as she had always displayed magic from the time she could crawl. They all simply accepted that it was simply a gift she had like her sharp mind and wits. However the Grangers had also really never explained the dangers of the Wizarding world either.

Of course Hermione wondered if perhaps her family already knew. It hardly mattered she still would warn them best to be on the alert rather than be caught out. The Royals recent shopping trip came to mind. Yes her family had to be on alert and maybe it be wise to order in for a bit. No point in asking for trouble.

Bella moved with the vampires she had been given and slipped into a small shopping mall. It was a just now going on 7 and the sun had set. She spotted the Muggle wireless and giggled as she noted some of the vampires who had been hesitant to join her lord were now running in fear. Well these vampires had been wise and joined them. Granted none were yet masters but perhaps the was for the best in any case as their bloodlust would be far harder to control. She smiled and sent them in to the shopping center telling them to feed and kill to their hearts content. She was going to watch the Muggle wireless for a bit. While she despised Muggles this was kind of interesting. Even as Buffy and the others were cleaning up the mess in the Tubes Bella started another killing spree glad to obey her beloved master and even more happy to hear the Muggles cries of fear and pain it was still her favorite thing in the world to listen too. It made putting up with 12 years in prison and the Dementors worth it. The memories of this would keep her warm and happy if she ever got caught again.