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Chapter 1: When It All Started

It was the last period of the day.

"So, guys, we'll be having a surprise quiz for today."

The class groaned.

"Glad you hear you guys so enthusiastic. So, boys versus girls, how does that sound?"

The class started cheering. A random boy raised his hand up. "Sensei! Sensei!"

"Hai?" he drawled lazily.

"What's the punishment?"

"Punishment? Oh, I'll think of it later."

"Girls, pick four of you."

The girls looked at the pink-haired, lavender-eyed, blonde and weapon mistress.

"Hai, Hai." Ino stood up and went to the left side of the classroom.

Tenten was slightly annoyed. 'Just because I'm smart…ugh.'

Sakura and Hinata quietly followed suite.

"Guys, you know the drill."

The guys looked at the chicken-butt Uchiha, whiskered blonde, lazy pinapple headed genius and silky-haired cousin of Hinata. Yes, Naruto is actually a genius. He's not stupid, just dense and naïve! Adorable too!

They went to the right side of the room.

They all sat down on the chairs and the quiz began.

"YOSH! We will win!" Ino cheered, pumping her fists up. The others smiled as the guys smirked at the challenge.

-After the quiz-

"No!" Sakura shrieked, sprawled over the table, face down.

"WE LOST!" Tenten yelled, shoulders slumping.

Even poor Hinata had anime tears down her face.

"How the heck did we lose?" Ino cried anime tears along with Hinata.

See? Naruto is a genius! Or else, they would've lost. And no, no duct tape, ropes and a bonked blonde were in the process of winning the quiz.

Sasuke went over to Sakura and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, "Sorry for the lost," then smirking, "On the bright side, you're stuck with me, slave."

Sakura immediately sat up, wide eyed. "What?" Sasuke smirked and he then gestured to the board. "…No, it can't be."

On the board, it was written in big letters, 'The losing teams become the winning teams' slave for a week.'

"WHAT?" shrieked Sakura.

Tenten, Ino and Hinata came to Sakura's side. "Hey, what's wrong, Sak?" Tenten asked. Sakura slumped over, crying anime tears, whilst Sasuke's arms were still around her shoulders, a smug smirk still plastered on his face. Tenten glared him before returning to Sakura. "Saku, what's wrong?" Ah, Tenten and her habit of changing things, which in this case was Sakura's nicknames.

Sakura pointed a shaky finger to the board. By now, Sasuke grabbed a chair and sat down next to her, the arm from her shoulder came down and wrapped itself around her waist. Sakura, still crying anime tears, didn't notice at all.

The three girls, even sweet innocent Hinata, glared at Sasuke, who just shrugged, before turning to the board.




"WHAT?" The three girls (Yes, even sweet innocent Hinata) shrieked.

"Troublesome woman, you get to be that, so my first command is to quiet down. I want to sleep."

"What did you say, Shika-kun?" Ino asked with a fake smile, in a fake sweet tone, full of malice.

"Woman, I told you to shut up. As a slave to your master, you do it."

"You will never get me alive, Shikamaru!"

"I think I just did."

"You are boring, Shikamaru."

"I know I am. I know I'm a genius too."

"Why you arrogant piece of-"

"Let's get make an agreement, shall we?" And with that he dragged Ino away.

"This is not fair!" Tenten said.

"Well, since when is life fair?" a voice sounded from behind her.

Tenten glared and growled at him, "Neji."

Neji smirked, "Yes, Tenten-dear?" He said in a fake sweet tone.

"I am going to castrate you."

"Well, slave, you can't."

"You're making me your slave now? I thought I was your bestfriend," Tenten slightly pouted.

Neji patted her head, something he got glared at by Tenten.

"Which makes you my bestfriend-slave."

"That word doesn't even exist!"

"You owe me a lot."


"Saving your butt."

"Friends save each others' butt a lot of times and don't expect to get paid."

"As, but that's where you're wrong. You're my slave for one week. We're master and slave."

"But we're still friends!"

"You owe me for saving you from bullies when we were four."

Sakura perked up, anime tears gone. "You had your share of bullies too?"

Neji smirked, "She was timid then. Maybe as timid as Hinata, if not more."

Tenten flushed. Neji thought she actually looked cuter than before. Oops, shh! Don't tell her that!

"And when you fainted when we were seven, I carried you home and waited for you to wake up."

Hinata nodded, "I remember, in fact, that was how I met Tenten."

Neji continued, "And when you fell from the tree, I caught you." Tenten opened her mouth, Neji interrupted, "No, you didn't fall on me, I caught you." Neji firmly said. Tenten knew she had lost now.

A chibi Ino butted in, miniature hearts in her eyes and squealed. "NEJI! How romantic! Even at such a young age!" As images flashed in her mind that involved Neji, Tenten and kissy faces.

Tenten scoffed and bonked Ino's head, "Keep your fantasies to yourself, Ino!"

"Hinata-chan!" Naruto bounded into view.

"Since the others are taken, mind if you be, uhm, ah, my…" Naruto gulped, as if what he wanted to say was hard, "slave?" he choked out. Indeed it was hard.

Hinata blushed, "U-Un, okay. T-thank you for being c-considerate, N-Naruto-kun!"

Naruto had a microscopic blush on his cheek, "I didn't want to be like those temes over there," He pointed to the chicken-butt Uchiha, lazy pinapple headed genius and silky-haired cousin of Hinata. "I though being nicer would be, well, nicer!"

Sakura squealed, "NARUTO! That's so sweet of you!" As she beamed at the adorable couple, who blushed, "At least someone knows how to be considerate." Sasuke shrugged.

She turned back to the adorable couple, her background consisted of pink fluffiness (like cotton candy!), sparkles and cute pink hearts. Her chibi self had emerald eyes that sparkled and a big grin across her face. At the bottom left corner was a chibi Sasuke on the floor, surrounded by a black background, brooding at how Sakura treated him like nothing. Mumbling something about, "Saku…ushed me…ow I can't hold her…anks Naru…" clearly he already had Sakura-withdrawal.

Naruto and Hinata blushed. "Well!" Naruto started, "I would hate being called slave and…" he trailed off.

Sakura snapped to and glared at Sasuke before running to Kakashi and started to complain and whine.

"Kaka-sensei! You can't do this!"

"Gomen, Sakura-chan, I can."

"Not to your daughther!" Yes, Kakashi's her father. Foster father who sometimes drop by to check on her and her brother dearest, Sasori.

"I'm doing this as a teacher."


"Sakura-chan, if you whine, you have to do more weeks. So, technically, it's two weeks now."

"What? But-"

"Three weeks."

"No! But-"

"A month."

Sakura slumped down, defeated. She, once again, cried anime tears. She felt a hand pat her back, "Don't worry, I'll be nice." A voice said into her right ear. Out of instinct, she slammed her elbow into his torso. And. That. Really. HURT.

Ino and Tenten to the rescue!

"But sensei, that's too-"

"Two weeks for you too."


"Three weeks, such great friends you are."

The collapsed to the ground, right next to Sakura, Tenten kicking Sasuke away. The said male was growling. Why wasn't anyone giving him his time with his Sakura? His future wife? Oops, that didn't meant to come out either. Ino, Tenten and Sakura cried at each others' shoulders.

The bell rang.

Shikamaru muttered 'Troublesome' and went to pry a depressed Ino of them. Neji though it would be a good time to intervene and kidnapped Tenten away. After all, he does need to be with Tenten. And Sasuke? He grabbed Sakura, his messenger bag slung over his left shoulder and Sakura's bag in his right hand and slung her on his right shoulder. He was surprised. She was very light.

"Well, see ya." he gave a salute and went off, ignoring Sakura's pleas and cries of letting her go. Kakashi shook his head.

"Sasori's not going to be happy about this," He said as he thought of the redhead that had a sister complex, obsessed with his baby sister and one and only real family and the guy who is an overprotective brother.


The adorable couple, meaning NaruHina couple, looked at each other before shaking their heads and cringing at Sakura's redhead brother's temper, which was indeed horrendous, scary and terrifying especially with his baby sister involved.

Kakashi shrugged, "Heh, I'll explain it to him soon," and off he went.

Later That Fateful Day~




"WHAT?" a redhead with amber eyes yelled.

Kakashi cringed. "Sasori, it's gonna be a-okay."

"What do you mean it's gonna be a-okay? You practically sold off your foster daughter and MY baby sister to that UCHIHA!" Sasori hissed out the last part.

"Calm down, Sasuke's capable of taking care of her and all…"

"CALM DOWN? It's Uchiha Sasuke!" he hissed, "Sure, his brother is part of Akatsuki, which I which is a gang that that I happen to love very much and enjoy being in it, but him? No!"

Kakashi knew he was lying. Sasori only hated Sasuke because Sakura's involved. In fact, Sasori had nothing whatsoever for the younger Uchiha at all. He didn't care at all.

"Sasuke's capa-"

"And you. How dare you sell our precious Sakura to him?"

Kakashi was indignant, "I did NOT sell her."

"How could you do this? Our precious baby…" as he thought about his precious baby sister.

Kakashi sighed. 'There's no way for him to calm down. Not without Saku-'

His thoughts were interrupted as a struggling-to-be-free pinkette was brought in into the house by the Uchiha Sasuke, who had a smirk on his face.

It was unfair, really. Sasuke had a tall, fit body with broad shoulders, strong arms, raven hair spiked up in a chicken-butt style and all those stuff. While Sakura? She was just Sakura! She's short and petite, has a body that make guys drool, quite beautiful, long pink hair that flows down, cute big emerald eyes and all those stuff.

"Sakura, if you expect me to-"


Sasori growled. He wanted that...mooch (He's not being creative or colourful at the moment, okay? That's Hidan's job! ) to get his germs and himself away from her at the moment.

Sasori stomped to them and tore Sakura away from Sasuke. It was pretty much like the scene from Ouran High School Host Club, except Sasuke wasn't swinging or cuddling Sakura. But... does hugging her waist seems like hugging? Kakashi thought to himself and -ahem- it's NOT like he watches Ouran. Sakura does.

Sakura, on the other hand, was thinking something similar. 'So this is how Haruhi must've felt when Mori snatched her from Tamaki when Tamaki was cuddling her on the, I think, first episode,' Sakura came back to earth AFTER Sasori waved his hand in front of her face.

Sasori glared at the raven-haired 'master of Sakura'. (He didn't like hearing, seeing or saying that.) That guy clearly had done something to make his precious baby sister so dazed. Sasori snarled out to him, "What the heck did you do to her?"

Well, Sasuke crossed his arms. "I did nothing. Hn, who are you?"

Sasori's glare intensified, "I'm her older brother, baka."

Soon, a glaring contest was ensued.

Sasori was winning.

Whoa, no! Sasuke is!





"Kaka-sensei, please stop saying your thoughts out loud…"

"Gomen ne, Sakura-chan. For everything."

Sakura gave a tired sigh. "Nah, it was inevitable. Or as Neji says it, fated. I just wished- WOAH!"

Sasuke slung her over his shoulders. "I'm treating her some sweets, whatever she wants. I'll see ya soon." with that, he saluted and stepped forward, ignoring Sasori's growls and hisses of letting HIS baby sister down. But he suddenly stopped at Sakura's sentence.

"Sasuke-sama!" Did Sasuke's ego boost up, Kakashi's shock of having his baby say that AND Sasori rage boost up on those words.

"Put me down! You're showing my butt to the world! Especially my fanclub(s)!"

The three males tensed up. "What did you say, Sakura-chan?" all of them growled out at the same time. Yes, even Kakashi, who paid no attention when Sakura said she was enslaved to Sasuke.

"Err, I l-love you g-guys this m-much?" she stuttered while flapping her arms as far as they could.

"Koibito-chan," Sasuke addressed Sakura (who had gotten REALLY red), "I know you love me very much," he smirked.

"HEY!" came Sasori annoyed voice.

"But," he continued seriously, "Fanclub? Fanclubs even? What are talking about, Koibito-chan?" though he smirked at the pet name.

"Don't call MY baby sister Koibito-chan!" Sasori yelled in an overprotective voice.

Sakura flushed, staying quiet. Sasuke wrapped a strong arm around her waist. Kakashi held the raging young redhead down, a hand over Sasori's mouth. Indeed, he wanted to hear what Sakura NEEDED to say.

"You see, Sasori-nii-tan taught me this once."


"Sakura-chan!" A fifteen-year old Sasori crouched down to his small baby sister that he adored so much.

"Hai, nii-tan?" a eight-year old Sakura asked, tilted her head cutely. Yes, Sasori taught Sakura to say 'nii-tan' rather than 'nii-chan' or worse 'nii-san'. He said that if you were to say nii-tan, she would be a good girl. A poor naive kid Sakura was. -Ahem- back to the story.

"If you want to get out of an unwanted situation, lie a bit. But, it has to be a white lie!" he explained.

"What situation?" Emeralds looking at him curiously.

"For example, a stranger says he or she wants to give you candy, you say you're not hungry, even if you are. Or when someone you don't know offers you a ride home while you're walking home, you say your house is near or you're on your way home." he explained.

Her eyes got brighter, "I see! Like if a boy says he wants me to go on a date with him, I say that I'm too busy?"

Sasori smirked in pride, "Good-" before exploding (and no, this explosion has nothing to do with Deidara!) "WHAT! A BOY asked you out on a DATE? You're too young!"

•Flashback ends•

Sasori smirked, proud his baby sister remembered that.

"Now, now, Sasori, that's not good. You know how naïve Sakura-chan is," Kakashi chided Sasori.

Sasori scowled, "Shut. Up. It was needed to save her from unworthy people."

Sasuke also scowled before smirking. Sasori and Sakura decided that they didn't like seeing the smirk. "A month and a week."

"Eh?" Sakura narrowed her eyes in confusion.

"Your punishment. How long you're gonna be my slave? Remember?"

'Uh oh...' was pretty much the only phrase that went through her mind at the moment. 'Saso-nii-chan won't like that at all.'

Indeed he didn't. Now he knows why he didn't like that wretched, hateful smirk. It meant no good. Oh, how he hated that smirk. So he exploded. "WHAT!" he turned to Kakashi, "Kakashi! Stop him!"

"Sorry, no can do."

"Why I ought to-" As he got more red from anger.

Sensing danger, Sakura leaped into action. She hugged her brother dearest and cutely asked, "Nii-tan! Is there something that you wanted?" Oh-ho, she knew Sasori had a weak spot for her. After all, she's his baby sister that he loved and adored very much!

Sasori smiled, "Un, some food would be nice."

"Okay! Let's get cooking!" Sakura grabbed his arm. As they went into the kitchen, Sasori turned back and glared at Sasuke before dissapearing into the kitchan with Sakura.

Sasuke (manly) pouted. "Why can't she be like that to me?" he whined. "If she's going to be my future wife, why won't she practice making things for me instead?"

Kakashi bonked Sasuke's head. "ITAI!"

"That's what you get from being a baka."

"Why isn't anyone agreeing with Sakura and I spending time together?"

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