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There he lay in bed, in a cold Friday night. Thinking of Sakura and their... 'relationship'. Week one had passed by quite fast, to Sakura's relief and Sasuke's disappointment. Indeed, he was really disappointed. Which means...probably a month more of slavery. Darn it. He knew that he would be spending his, sorry, their eternity together, he made sure of that. But! It's not that his Sakura-chan knows that.

Then an idea popped in his head. He smirks.

'Every mistakes she does, a week more she gets.'

Cue evil laugh.

Fortunately for him, and of course, unfortunately for her, she was a clumsy person. Indeed, the Uchiha Sasuke, was not one to be underestimated.

Sakura lay in her bed, tossing and turning. She laid on her back as she thought about the past week. 'Glad that's over with.'

'Yeah, and another thirty days to go!' as she sighed out loudly. She glanced at the clock to her. It glowed 9.47 pm. Sighing again, she turned to her side, hugging the pillow.

The past week's memories flowed through her. She groaned at the torture she was getting. On the first day of being Sasuke's slave (it was also the day they got announced -ahem- forced to be slaves) she was carried out his oh so broad shoulders everywhere!Not to mention, she was wearing a skirt. A freakin' skirt. Good thing she wore her shorts! But it didn't cover up the fact that her butt was exposed to her fanclub(s). Yes, she has fanclubs. They were lucky that the one they're idolizing is Haruno Sakura, for she is one caring person.

'Sure they get annoying at times, but if I told Sasuke, Sasori and EVEN Kaka-sensei about that, Konoha would mourn over the loss of almost half of the male population of Konoha. They deserve to live, eat, have fun, get married and stuff too!'

On the second day, Sasuke commanded ( yes, commanded -insert anime tears- evil Sasuke-kun! ) her to come over the house, sorry, mansion and cook for him and the family. That time was when she first met his family. And where he declared she was his girlfriend to them, the liar.


"Sa-suke! Let me go!" as he dragged her to his house, err, mansion.

"But Sakuraaa-chann, I want you to meet my family!" Sasuke whined and then smirked. Now he knew why Naruto liked to call Sakura's (and also Hinata's) names with suffixes. 'It is,' Sasuke inwardly sighed, content, 'adorable!'

"You should do whatever your master orders you to do."

"B-but, Saso-nii-chan-"

"Do you want to be carried around like yesterday too?"

That silenced her. He smirked. He looked back only to see his blossom murmuring to herself about how cruel this world, her foster father and her 'master' is, with a pout on her face. Did she look adorable or what? He pinched her cheeks with both of his hands.

"Itai! What was that all about?" her pout still evident on her lips.

"You are adorable. Kaa-san will love you!" Sasuke grinned.

She stiffened. ...Kaa-san? So he wasn't joking when he was going to bring her home? If that's the case, then- WOAH!

Sasuke had carried her. Bridal- style. 'Ohno,ohno,ohno!' kept on chanting in her mind.

She snapped back to reality as he said, "You know what Sakura? You should calm down more. I like carrying you when you're not moving so much! Not that I don't like carrying you though."

"Hey, hey, let me go!"

He stuck out his tongue at her, "Too bad, we're here already!"

"All the more reason to put me down!" she squeaked as he approached his door.

Before he could retort, something or rather someone squealed.

"Kyaaa! Sasuke!" as a hyper brunette female rushed to him and Sakura, squealing. "Such an adorable girl! Who is she?"

Sasuke smiled at his mother before putting Sakura down and snaking his arms around her waist. "She's my girlfriend but shall we go inside first?"

Just as the duo stepped through the door, Sakura was tackled into a hug. Mikoto hugged her with all her might, rubbing her own cheek against Sakura's. "So kawaii!"

A trio of males came down the stairs, trying to find out what was all the ruckus about. "Sakura-chan?"

Sakura looked surprised. "Tobi?" she smiled as she saw the orange mask and also the two long-haired men next to him. "Itachi! Madara! Nice to see you again!"

Before Sasuke questioned her, he was pushed aside by his cousin. Tobi replaced him, doing something similar to what his mother did, except on the other cheek. "Sakura-chan, Tobi missed you so!"

On the other hand, the youngest Uchiha was brooding to himself. How he agreed on Sakura saying how cruel this world was. For not letting him have his time with his future wife. His one true love, his Juliet, his princess, his slave, etc.

Sakura struggled to move her hand and pat Tobi's head. She gave an awkward smile before saying, "I missed you too, Tobi. How have you been?"

Before Tobi could even answer, Mikoto squealed to her husband. "Ne, ne! Fugaku-kun! Do you think we can keep her? She's so adorable!"

The said man looked up at his newspaper before looking at his wife then the pinkette and then his youngest son. The stared at each other for a second or two, giving silent messages of approval. Mind you, not the approval for keeping her. Of having her as his son's girlfriend and maybe soon-to-be daughter. Mikoto squealed in happiness to see her baby loving this cute girl.

Itachi sweat-dropped at his mother's behaviour. "Kaa-san, please don't. Her brother, Sasori, who is also one of my bestfriends and fellow gang member, will panic and cause havoc if you take her away from him. He loves her very much," as he pried her and Tobi's hands from Sakura.

"Why, hello, love! Good to see you here, Saku-chan! Came here to drop by or dragged by Sasuke?" as Madara greeted as he gave Itachi a helping hand after ruffling her hair.

Sakura smiled before giving her saviors a hug each. "Sasuke dragged me here."

Sasuke pecked her on her lips, "I did not," as she blushed crimson.

"What's your name, dear?" Mikoto asked.

"Oh, where are my manners!" she giggled as she bowed, "Haruno Sakura, nice to meet you, Uchiha-san!" as she held out her hand.

"Oh my, how polite of you, Sakura-chan! But let's cut the formalities, please just call me Mikoto."

"Oh, okay then, Mikoto-san."

She felt someone tugging at her arm. She turned around to see a pouting Uchiha Sasuke. Even she almost melted at the sight! "You promised you would cook for me today. Could you make me tomato soup?"

Mikoto squealed at the couple in front of her. But then frowned, "Sasuke, you shouldn't have asked her to cook."

But Sakura just smiled at her, "No, a promise is a promise! And maybe I could cook for you guys too! I insist!" Inwardly she thought, 'Even if I never made the promise...'

Mikoto looked at her concerned, "Are you sure? I mean-"

Sakura gently laid a hand over Mikoto's and gave her a cute, irresistable smile, "I want to!"

Itachi gave his mother an assuring hand, which he laid on his mother's shoulder. "You don't have to worry about the taste."

Tobi jumped into the picture, "Yeap! Sakura-chan makes the yummiest food ever!"

Madara nodded, "Since most if our meetings are at Sasori's house, Saku-chan usually cooks for us. It's always delicious!"

Sasuke felt jealous that his own brother and cousins had eaten food cooked by his future wife. He should have eaten first! He tugged at Sakura's arm that he had previously held and dragged her to the kitchen.

Let's say, dinner at the Uchihas was noisier that usual as more looks and nods of approval, squeals, whining, squeals of adoration as Sasuke asked (forced or demanded) Sakura, his girlfriend (slave, you mean) to feed him, sighs and facepalms were done more than usual at the table that night. Once, Sakura even choked because Mikoto squealed out to Sakura to marry Sasu-chan! She choked, but thanks to Itachi, who gave her a glass of water and as she gulped it down, he patted her back. After all, he inwardly smiled, he does have to take care of his future-sister-in-law. Oh, how the Uchihas liked the idea of having a pinkette in their family.

Flashback ends•

Then after that, in that week, nothing important had happened. Maybe a few things here and there, but nothing as big as dinner as the Uchihas.

She felt herself get drowsy and soon, drifted to sleep. After all, she was exhausted! Especially after a week under Sasuke's (harsh, tiring, stupid –stop, stop, stop! Shh, he might just read her mind and add more punishment, the heartless jerk!) reign was enough to make someone sleep that long, that Sleeping Beauty no longer holds the title of 'The person who slept for a long time, without meaning dieing.' Ahh, Sakura's life is so stressful.

Sleep while you can Sakura, because Sasuke has a lot planned out for you...

Which, may extend to pass their college life. Damn. That is, if it Sasuke is that merciless, as people say.

As a slave, Hinata wasn't asked much by her 'master' Naruto. He would ask things like making ramen for him (Typical Naruto) or asking her to lend him her homework, but that was all.

Nothing out of them norm. Infact, Hinata began to feel as if Naruto had no intentions of making her his slave. 'Indeed he didn't, you baka!' she told herself.

She turned. She thought of day one of being Naruto's assistant. What? He insisted that instead of slave. That sweet boy. So! On day one, Naruto just told her to hang out with him, during and after school. After Ichiraku for a snack, they went to get ice-cream.

Hinata blushed in realization. '...if I didn't know better, that actually felt as if it was a date...' as she giggled softly, happiness bubbling inside her. She was one of the luckier girls amongst the four. Her master was a kind, compassionate, adorable, nice, considerate and everything she wanted as someone to have as a boyfriend. In fact, she wanted him. Not anyone else.

She thought over the past events in her head, giggling every once in a moment. On the second day, he had brought her to a funfair! A funfair, seriously! You shouldn't bring your slave to a funfair! Because well, that isn't just normal!

But then, Hinata's thoughts trailed to the master himself. He himself does not look normal. I mean, sure, maybe blue eyes and blonde is common. Yeap, very common is Konoha. But the problem is, they have DYED blonde hair. Probably rough too, due to lots of bleaching and stuff. (Not that Hinata knew, she never wanted to!) That's where Naruto was different, he (like Ino) had NATURAL blonde hair. Silky too! (She'll explain later!) and, those whisker-like scars. Or birthmarks. Whatever it was, Hinata loved them. It gave him a more attractive look. To her at least.

It was then Hinata concluded Naruto wasn't at all normal. So, she guessed, him taking her out on a funfair date wasn't at all...weird. Just like he shouldn't treat his slave like a girlfriend! No, Hinata is quite grateful, but it's quite weird to do that you see. Gah, nevermind Naruto, he's not anywhere near normal.

So! On their second date, sorry, day, he took her to the funfair. The funfair. They indeed had the most fun a master and servant had ever done. In fact, this may be the first time a servant and master had fun on a funfair date. And so, they went to th roller-coasters, which Naruto and Hinata both vowed to NEVER to ride on again, Ferris Wheel and so much more! Even the Tunnel of Love (Naruto insisted!)

Indeed it was like a date.

After a long day at the funfair, they decided to go to nearby hill, to watch the sparkling, twinkling stars.


"Gah! I'm beat, Hinata-chan!" Naruto collapsed to the ground bringing Hinata with him. "Are you?"

"Kya!" as Hinata made a thud sound on the floor. She then gave a tired giggle, "Yes, I am too, Naruto-kun." She properly shifted her legs so that she could fold them underneath her.


Just as she finished folding her legs, Naruto plopped his head on her lap, eyes closed. He took her hand and placed in on his forehead, making her finger tangle with his blonde hair. "Ne, ne, Hinata-chan! Pat my head?"

Hinata smiled at she soothingly ran her fingers through his hair, massaging his scalp. Naruto smiled. It was so relaxing and soothing, it even made an energetic soul like him all relaxed and soothed. He hugged her waist, burying his face into her stomach. Hinata smiled at the fox-boy who nuzzled her.

He released his grip, but looked Hinata in the eye, silently messaging her to not stop running her fingers through his hair and scalp before looking up to the sky, filled with twinkling stars.

Naruto's outburst caught her attention. "Hinata-chan! A shooting star!"

"Where is it?"

"There!" he pointed to it, and there it was. A shooting star. "Make a wish, Hinata-chan."

They both made a wish.Unknowingly, it was the same wish.

'I wish that for this moment to not stop.'

Then, the shooting star disappeared. Silence ensued. And Naruto being Naruto, just had to break it. I mean, being best friends with Sasuke gives you the privilege of breaking most of the silences in the world.

"Ne, Hinata-chan! Which part did you like?"

"To be honest, Naruto-kun, everything."

Naruto chuckled, "Yeah, me too!" and then he frowned, "excluding the roller coaster."

"Yeah, excluding the roller coaster. That was scary."

"Yeah! We kept on hugging each other and screaming!" Naruto laughed.

Hinata also laughed. "Yeap! It was kinda fun though."

"Oh, oh! The Ferris Wheel! That was beautiful! We were at the topmost, and as if on the cue, it was sunset! How perfect was that?" Naruto excitedly asked.

"Perfect. It was so beautiful." Hinata smiled.

Naruto got up, and stuck out a hand to the lavender-eyed girl. "Let's go. I don't want your family members getting all martial art-y on me for bringing you back home late." he grinned.

Hinata smiled. "Oh, Hinata-chan?" Naruto pointed to his cheek, giving Hinata an irresistable pout. Hinata blushed and giggled before giving him a peck on his cheek. Naruto hugged her, and brought her to his car.

Indeed, it felt like a date.

•Flashback ends•

Hinata grinned like an idiot (Seriously, Naruto rubbed off that on her!) whilst thinking about their so-called date. Maybe they could do that again, except, now, not as master and servant, but something else.

Hinata blushed at such thoughts and smothered herself with her comforter and with a smile on her face, fell asleep.

On the other side of the Hyuuga compound, Hyuuga Neji was thinking of his feisty bestfriend-slave-and-soon-to-be-lover. Like Sakura, Tenten was oblivious to anyone who liked her. As in like-like her. Partly, because the Uchiha and himself were overprotective (-cough-possesive!-cough-) over their woman. Also partly because he liked her. As in, like-like her. Indeed, he did. Partly because he knew they were fated to be together, he knew to trust Fate than anything else.

Their first week together was...amusing, to say the least. The arguments they found themselves were petty, but he liked them anyway. He liked Tenten when she gave him this adorably annoyed face. Not that he didn't like her when she smiled, he likedeverything about her. If not, loved.

Her tempers were quite the ones to smirk at too, because if you were to smirk at her, she gets more annoyed. She would snarl and snap at him, sometimes, even hiss at him, making witty comments if he talked to her. He found himself smirking more, making her more irked. If she gets tired of it though, she would pout and turn away, arms crossed. Or sigh and do something else. Or apologize (half-heartedly).

It started out on a breezy, beautiful day at the park.


They were at the park, bickering as usual.

"Why are you smirking, Neji?"


"I asked you something. I expect you to answer with WORDS. Not a smirk."

Smirk wider.

"Seriously Neji, someone else would've thought your smirks are sexy."

Neji stopped smirking. "What?"

"Not the answer I was waiting for, but at least you stopped smirking."

Neji smirked, again. "You called my smirks sexy."

Tenten rolled her eyes, "There the smirks go again. Why, hello smirks! How are you today?" she said sarcastically. "And no, Neji, I didn't. I recall saying someone else would've."

"Aa, but you implied it."

"Indeed I did, but not under my name. As I recalled, I did say 'someone else would've.'"

"But you still implied it."

"You are repeating your words, Neji-kun."


"Which means, you probably suck at making witty comebacks."

Neji glared, "I do not suck at making witty comebacks."

"You just proved you can't."

"Tenten, shut up."

"Make me."

Neji was tempted to do what Sasuke told him to do when your girlfriends, sorry, slaves, were too noisy. Kiss them. He told Neji earlier the week, after Sakura was whining to Sasuke. It didn't help it happened right after eating shaved ice. So, Sasuke had a great time tasting lemon shaved ice, if you get what I mean. Sasuke told Neji to kiss them, it would shut them up. And so, the boy did.

Tenten shut up, in obvious shock. She gasped, then pouted and crossed her arms, turning away. Neji just laughed at Tenten. Indeed, he found her cute. Maybe, making Tenten annoyed wasn't such a bad thing at all. In fact, it was adorable.

The day after that, Tenten ignored him. Completely ignored him. No one, I repeat, no one, ignores Hyuuga Neji. Especially completely ignore. Whenever he wanted to talk to her, boss her around like the master he is, she kept on ignoring him. Deliberately ignoring him, which is again a no-no in his dictionary. ("Psshh, like heck he has a dictionary!" – Tenten)

And, dare he say it, it really hurt his pride.

His pride was, and is, never meant to be scratched. It was immune to scratches such as ignorance from Tenten. '...Okay, that may be a lie. It is a lie. If it wasn't, then... Ugh!

This has to stop right now!'

As if on cue, Tenten came into the picture.

"Ah, Tenten! Just the person I wanted to see." Smirk.

'I hate you, Hyuuga!' Tenten inwardly seethed, and outwardly snapped, "What is it, Neji-KUN?" Ohh, she hissed.

"We need to talk. Oh, Tenten?"

"What?" she snapped back.

"Remember, any misbehaviour will lead to a week more of enslavery. You will do as I say."

Tenten's chocolate eyes widened and she paled for a second before muttering out a meek, "Fine," and she walked closer to Neji, "What is it that you wanted, Neji-kun?"

Neji just smirked ('Oh, I'd like to wipe that smirk off his face!' Tenten inwardly seethed again.) and began to drag her to the ice-cream parlour to have a... talk with her. Or at least, as much as Hyuuga Neji could make, you all know his dictionary is limited, right? ("Like I said, if he had one," – Tenten)

"N-Neji-kun? W-Where are you taking me? Hey, let go! HELLPPPP!"

Cue evil laugh, courtesy of Neji.

One thought ran in Tenten's mind. 'Creeeeepyyyy.' Shudders.

Flashback ends•

Neji chuckled, before turning around and shut off the lights.

He then knew, that his dreams tonight, would be preoccupied by his chocolate girl, Tenten.

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