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Chapter 55 – I will love you always.

He landed in the valley and surveyed the scene, slowly he made his way over to the knelling figure. He frowned looking down at the still laughing boy. His gaze swept over to the unmoving figure lying in front of them, taking note of the holes in his torso.

"You were taking your time." His gaze turned back to the kneeling figure. "I see you were preoccupied. Orochimaru is waiting for us. We'll heal your wounds there," he placed a hand on Sasuke's shoulder stilling the laughter.

He knelt down, his hands glowing with chakra moving to Sasuke's knees. "Your teacher is on his way here; we won't have much time." He pushed healing chakra into the boy's legs and stood back up as the boy finally pushed to his feet. "It's a shame," he glanced back at Naruto, "I really wanted to pay him back for taking my hand." He kicked Naruto's body harshly in the side breaking a few more of his ribs. He started walking away to the forests edge, Sasuke trailing behind him.


Doctor Yori Takumi knew something was wrong, he wasn't a ninja but he had an uncanny ability of knowing when something bad had happened. He slowly pushed himself out of bed and made his way to the window. The heavy rain obscured the view of the village but he could just make out a few shadows darting across the roof tops, the shinobi were all rushing to a point in the village. He coughed violently, his entire body shaking from the tremors. He felt the hand on his shoulder and turned to see the concerned face of his wife. He tried to give her a reassuring smile, he knew he had failed when she rested her head against his shoulder, he reached out and covered her hand with his own.



Shikamaru stands rooted to the spot the moment he lays eyes on Kakashi Sensei. The man is covered in blood. He knows instantly that it is Naruto's. He feels his knees shake. Sasuke had scarred Sakura, could he really have hurt Naruto? Yes, he wasn't the same person that graduated from the academy, none of them were. He thought back to all the times their teams had interacted together. Sasuke still thought of himself as high and mighty. Still liked to throw Naruto into the ground and beat him. But that didn't make any sense. Naruto was stronger than them, he was smarter and faster, he could outwit ANBU, he had been made Hokage, so why did he let Sasuke win? Konohamaru would know the answers Naruto didn't keep anything from his brother. But where was Konohamaru?


Doctor Yori and his wife made their way into the hospital, both of them would be needed there, they shared a look as an explosion across the village shakes the hospital. She gives him a meaningful look and pushes the rain water dripping from her wet fringe away from her face.

"Get this hospital into lockdown!" Yori orders, watching as his wife moves over to her department. "Critical injuries only, get the trainees outside to assist with minor injuries and processing!" he watches as medics and doctors scramble to get to their stations. "All priority patients need to be within close proximity we cannot afford another lax in security is eyes drifted over to Gaara who was sat in the waiting area. He stopped and looked at those assembled in the waiting area, the three suna ninja from the chunin exams, the Nara heir and Kakashi, covered in blood, and he finally understood that bad feeling that had woken him in the night, his eyes flicked to the operating room that they were all waiting outside of. Behind those doors was Naruto Uzumaki.

He helps the staff move the four genin that are into recovery into one room down the hallway from Naruto's operating theatre, he will get the genin already in the hospital to act as guards, especially as the hospital has yet to upgrade any of it's security measures. Every now and then the building shakes, and he makes a note that the walls need to be reinforced. Even though he cannot sense it, he knows that Shinobi are moving civilians into protective bunkers, many of which had been newly built due to Naruto's leadership, that lead under the hokage monument. It is early morning, so most villagers will be escaping while those shinobi still in the village will be making their way to wherever the battle was taking place. He dashes down to the main entrance as the first shouts for medical assistance are called.

(Konoha Hosiptal waiting room.)

Shikamaru looked up at Kakashi when the explosion rocked the hospital. He was zoned out clutching a scarecrow doll in his hands. He didn't register the explosion, his mind turned inwards. Shikamaru moved forwards, the village would need him. He placed a hand on Kakashi's blood coated shoulder and felt the man stiffen, next thing he knew he was on the floor kunai pressing to his throat. He stared up at the man as slowly he came back to himself. He watched him blink, recognition crossing his face. Slowly the kunai pulled away from his neck. Kakashi sat on his toes hovering above Shikamaru, his head tilted as another explosion rocked the hospital.

"You need to go, you can't help Naruto from here." Shikamaru spoke in a whisper. "I'm not going to leave." He watched Kakashi nod and stand he turned in a swirl of leaves and was gone. He felt hands pulling him up and turned to see Temari and Kankuro pulling him into a standing position.

"You four should probably stay here, whatever is going on outside it can't be good." Doctor Yori suggested. "Actually, since our security has proven quite lax I need you all to help guard our patients, your friends have all been moved into that recovery room down the hall," he looked at Shikamaru, "You need to make sure that no one goes in there, they are high risk patients being prominent members of clans in this village. Shikamaru, I cannot help Naruto until we secure and get this hospital ready to deal with whatever is going to come in those doors, but I promise you will not leave this floor, do you understand?"

Shikamaru nodded, his eyes flicked to Naruto's door, he placed an hand on the door and nodded again. "Where do you need us?"

Doctor Yori smiled and had the children securing the floor from either end of the corridor. He dashed back down to the front entrance helping to move those in need to the right designations. He stops a moment to rest leaning heavily against the wall as a bone shaking cough erupts through him, he doesn't have to look at the handkerchief to know there is blood in there. He pushes himself off the wall and wipes the side of his mouth, it is too important for him to stop fighting.

(Konoha Hospital operating room)

Tsunade and Shizune share a look as they sense another explosion of chakra both are too busy hands deep in Naruto trying to keep the boy alive to even question what is going on outside the hospital. They had to trust in the shinobi of this village.


Their corridor gets more and more filled as the day begins to break, the rain hasn't stopped since Kakashi brought Naruto back, it is going to be a wet and miserable day. Shikamaru and Gaara help to move newly immitted patients into rooms along the corridor, Kankuro and Temari checking on each individual and making a mental check of them as they leave the room. Medics had rushed past them at first taking up precious time to get the patients into bed before Doctor Yori had shouted at them and got the genin involved, freeing up the medics for the next wave of injured shinobi.

When an exhausted medic was expelled from the operating room it was Temari who was rushing off down to the front lines to get the next medic to replace them as Gaara helped them into the sleeping quarters where they could rest and get their chakra back. The hospital would continue to shake from more explosions, chakra had flared and dissipated. At one point they heard Tsuande calling for more blood. Naruto was type B, Shikamaru ran down to desk, shouting for the location of the blood bank and retrieving several bags of blood labelled type B. It was running low. As he skidded to a halt outside of the room and handed over the blood bags to the exchanging medics the door swung to. Naruto was hooked up to a massive machine and Tsunade was wrist deep in his chest while Shizune had her back to them.

Hours tick by and the hospital is starting to get cramped. Explosions still rock the building as the sun begins to set behind a curtain of rain, the only constant is the steady trickle of medics tagging in to help with Naruto and the constant cry for blood that comes out of the operating room. Kankuro and Temari have started a blood drive from any able bodied person in the hospital, the constant calls for more blood worry them all.

Doctor Yori finds himself looking across the room at his wife, she turns sensing his presence, and she smiles sadly across the room at him, she takes a shuddering breath as tears pool in her eyes, she mouths the words "I love you" at him, he mouths back "as I will always" before turning and walking down the corridor.

The explosions have long since stopped as he makes his way to the only operating theatre still active. Many shinobi have taken up residence in the waiting room where a mini blood drive has been set up, he glances into the room seeing the mop of scraggily silver hair as he gives blood, he glances into the room that was left for Naruto and sees Asuma sitting besides Konohamaru who is lying in bed fast asleep, Asuma looks over, he is also giving blood. He walks over and checks Konohamaru's chart, he brushes a hand carefully through the boys hair, his wife will see Konohamaru the moment he wakes up, she will need the distraction he knows. He nods at Asuma and continues on his way to the operating room.

When he walks in the room he stops for a moment, Naruto is hooked up to every machine imaginable Tsunade and Shizune are exhausted, the other medics in the room are working on both Tsunade and Shizune. As he walks closer he sees the holes in Naruto's torso, he knows that if it was not for the kyuubi then Naruto would have died at the valley of the end. Stepping forwards he sees the extent of the damage, he knows that Naruto has died three times already, and that he is barely clinging to life even now. The two medics have tired their hardest, he reaches out a hand and touches it to Naruto's cold and clammy hand checking pulse, he scans his body and it there that he sees it. He pushes his chakra into Naruto until he finds the heat that he knows is the fox, he feels the heat as it consumes him. He doesn't hear Tsunade or Shizune as they ask just what it is he is doing, no he concentrates on the heat and that vital point that they have missed.

He had heard rumours of a dangerous technique developed in the sand, a unique jutsu that could bring life back to those that were dead. He hadn't found it but he had been able to create his own version. He pushed more of his chakra into Naruto and closed his eyes.

"Hello Kurama," he opened his eyes to see the gates that the fox was usually stuck behind buckled and broken open.

"You shouldn't be here." Kurama attempted to snarl.

"He needs a heart," Doctor Yori looked to the tails were Kurama had wrapped Naruto up trying to keep him warm, "Give him mine."

"You'll die," Kurama snapped.

"Rather one of us than all of us," he coughed.

"You are already dying? You'd give up you life for him?" Kurama looked straight through him.

"He will do so much good, if he was just given half the chance after all," He coughed. "Take my heart Kurama help him, like you always were supposed to do. Let Naruto prove himself to you. Take care of him, he's going to have a long journey ahead of him."

"How did you know my name?" Kurama asked.

"He speaks about you quite often, he always wanted to find a way to free you, why didn't you leave when he freed you?"

"Because he would die, he freed me, he didn't want me to feel everyone's hatred, I wanted to see what he would do next," the fox admitted.

"then you know what you must do, I know you are tired that's why I'm here, Good bye Kurama and thank you for helping Naruto," Doctor bowed.

Shizune burst out of the room, "Hikaru!" she shouted.

Hikaru walked steadily over as the other medics left the room. He paused as Shizune whispered in his ear, his eyes widened and he stepped into the room. He paused seeing the two people lying deathly still on the beds in the room. He wanted so desperately to rush to Naruto's side, he turned his attention to the only other person in the room, he knelt down in front of her as she lifted a very frail and wrinkled hand up to meet his face.

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