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Chapter One

Amelia POV

"Welcome to the palm woods and if you have any problem I'm always here." Mr Bitters was trying horribly to flirt with my mum, which she was not enjoying.

My name is Amelia and I was 'discovered' during a singing contest in my home town Michigan and now some big producer dude wants to make me famous. So my mum, brother and me are now sitting in apartment unpacking. We finished about an hour later

"Kids why don't you go check the place out while I make dinner?" Mum asked us.

We both ran out the door and headed for the elevator. When the elevator came up, a boy wearing a helmet and a boy wearing bandanas came running out it nearly knocking me and Mason over. We were walking out the lobby when this girl slapped Mason full force across the face.

"How could you Sean. I loved you and you threw that back in my face by hooking up with Alice. Alice!" And then she ran off.

"What the hell was that about." Mason asked while rubbing his cheek. We saw a brown haired boy hiding behind a plant pot.

"That's Camille. She's a method actress. I'm Logan." He waved.

"Hi I'm Amelia and this is my brother Mason." I waved while Mason done that 'I'm trying to be cool' nod. "Hey wait a minute you're in Big Time Rush, no way I love you guys."

Logan blushed. "Thanks." He grabbed my hand "Come and meet the rest of the guys." At this point, Mason had spotted a cute girl and had went after her. Logan dragged me to the pool were I spotted the two guys who had passed us in the elevator.

"Guys this is Amelia, she just moved here. Amelia this is Carlos, James and Kendall" They all gave me a wave. We all sat talking and I have to say Kendall is GORGEOUS! His blonde hair sitting messily, his green captivating eyes and his smile Oh my good god, his lips were so kissable. I just wanted to grab him from the deck chair and kiss him till I pass out.

My phone vibrated in my pocket.

Hey Am, dinners ready Mason xoxo

"Hey guys I have to go, see you later." I said while getting up. I was nearly at the elevator when I heard someone behind me.

"Hey, we're having some people over for a movie night tonight if you want to come over." Kendall stuttered out.

"Yeah, that would be fun. What room are you in?"

"2J" I couldn't help but smile.

"I'm opposite your room." Now he was smiling.

"I'll give you a knock later." By this time the elevator was here. I gave him a wave when the doors were closing.

Kendall POV

"CARLOS GIVE IT BACK OR SO HELP ME GOD!" James was shouting at Carlos. Carlos had stolen James's lucky comb and was now getting chased around the pool. James had dressed up as bandanna man and had already ran around the whole hotel. God knows what Logan was doing, probably avoiding Camille, she has an audition later.

James eventually caught up with Carlos and had gotten his comb back. We were all currently sitting sipping smoothies. Logan came out of the Palm woods, dragging a girl.

"Guys this is Amelia, she just moved here. Amelia this is Carlos, James and Kendall" She gave us all a shy wave. We all sat talking, telling her all about the Palm woods and the kids here, mainly just to avoid the Jennifers and always help hide Tyler from his mom.

I couldn't help but notice how pretty she is. Her long reddish brown hair flowing over her shoulder, her big deep brown eyes and her cute shy smile. With a body like hers, she must do a sport of some kind.

She checked her phone and told us she had to go. I watched her walk away and Carlos had the greatest idea.

"Why don't we have a movie night tonight so we can get to know Amelia better." When he said this I don't think my smile could have gotten any bigger.

"I'll go ask her." I jumped out my seat and the guys just looked at me. I ran up called her name.

"Hey, we're having some people over for a movie night tonight if you want to come over." I managed to stutter out. She gave me a little smile

"Yeah, that would be fun. What room are you in?"

"2J" I couldn't help but smile.

"I'm opposite your room." Now I was smiling.

"I'll give you a knock later." By this time the elevator was here. She gave me a wave when the doors were closing.

I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I get to spend all night with her. I headed back to the pool and the guys were waiting on me,

"So is she in?" James asked. I just smiled at them and shouted.


Amelia POV

When I got out the elevator I swore I heard someone shout I call dibs. Man this place is weird.

"Hey little one how was the pool?" My mum asked when I got back to the room.

"It was great. I met a band Big Time Rush. They've invited me to a movie tonight, is it ok if I go?" By this time, Mason came out of his room.

"Who asked you where?" Typical big brother, any mention of a guy and he goes all protector on my ass.

"Kendall asked me if I want to go to a movie night at their room tonight, and I said yes before you start." Mason just smirked at me and gave me that 'that'll be right look'.

"Well you won't mind me dropping you off before my date tonight then will you?" His smirk got even bigger.

We haven't even been here a day and he's got a date. Can you say man whore?

There was a knock at the door an hour later. Mason ran to answer it pushing me back down onto the couch.

"Hi I'm here for Amelia?" Kendall asked.

"Yeah she's here. Who are you." I began to move towards the door now.

"Kendall Mason, Mason Kendall. Now everyone knows each other lets go." I tried to escape, but Mason grabbed me back.

"Where is your room Kendall so I can come get little one." I hit him in the ribs for using his nickname in front of Kendall.

"Well Mason do you see that shiny door right across the hall? That's Kendall's room. I will be back later. Bye mum!" I shouted, grabbed Kendall and Slammed the door on Mason's smug face.

"Sorry about that, he think's he's robo cop or something." Kendall laughed at my reference.

"Don't worry about it. If it was my little sister Katie had a guy at the door I would probably be so much worse." He opened his door and motioned for me to go in.

I was greeted with hugs as soon as I entered the room.

"A dog!" Carlos shouted as he ran off the couch to greet me.

"C Dog I shouted back at him. Next to hug me was James. Logan had retreated to the kitchen and was doing something. We were heading to the living room when I felt someone pull me back.

"Kendall what's wrong?" He looked quite hurt.

"James and Carlos got a hug, and I didn't."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. Come here." I felt so bad.

Kendall wrapped his arms around me, lifted me off the ground and spun me around. We both laughed and headed over to the couch.

"Right Amelia, we have a choice of films here. Its either the saw films, Lord of the Rings trilogy or the Final Destination films." I saw all the guys faces light up at the Saw films.

"What about the Saw films, I haven't saw those ones." all the guys cheered and they all went to set it up. Kendall came back with covers.

"So how are you with blood and guts?" He asked while handing me a blanket

"Not that great why?" His face paled slightly.

"This is basically all the saw films contains" Oh crap. Kendall saw the look on my face. He sat next to me on the couch. The film was just starting when I heard Kendall whisper in my ear.

"Don't worry, I'll protect you." My face started to redden.

We got to the first gore scene and I had to look away. I hid my face in Kendall's arm. He then put his arm around me so I could hide my face in his side. When it was safe to watch it again, I went to pull away from Kendall but he wasn't having it. His arm tightened around my shoulder and he pulled me back into him. That's the last thing I remember before falling asleep.

I woke up to gentle snoring. I looked around and saw Logan asleep on the other side and Carlos and Logan asleep on the couch. I went to move, but again, Kendall wasn't having it. He pulled me so I was lying on his chest and I fell back asleep to the beat of his steady heart,