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Child Who Is Cool


Martin Wilson-Marr


Chapter Eight

Amelia POV

I stood staring in the mirror, fidgeting with my outfit. Mason knocked on my door.

"You ready to go sis?" I walked up to him and fixed his tie.

"As ready as I'll ever be." I headed out of the apartment and over to the elevator. When we got to the lobby, Kendall was sitting there on the couch. I walked over to him and he wrapped his arms around me.

"I thought you could use a good luck kiss before you met with your dad." He leaned down and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips.

"Thank you babe." I leaned up and kissed him back. I headed out to the car with Mason. Dad was meeting us at the restaurant. He was at a table when we got there. He came over to give me a hug and I flinched slightly.

"Hi kids come on grab a seat." We sat down at the table. It wasn't until we were all seated I noticed there were three extra seats at the table. I looked over at my dad.

"Why are there three extra seats?" I knew the answer to the question. Mason tensed up next to me.

"Pauline will be joining us with Sarah and Jonathon." Mason got ready to get up, but I grabbed him back down. "They're on their way and know you're here." About two seconds later, three people appeared at our table. My dad got up and kissed the woman. He introduced us to each other; Pauline had a slim figure, you could tell she was a business woman, with they way she dressed and presented herself. Her daughter Sarah, was the same age as me. She was the opposite to me. Her dress was basically none existent and her heels were so high she nearly towered over me. Her make up looks like it took her hours. Her brother was dressed very sharp. He wore a shirt and dress trousers and reminded me a lot of Logan, but I doubt that he was as sweet as him.

The whole meal was awkward. Mason refused to speak to anyone but me. Jonathon tried to speak him, but all he done was grunted. Sarah just kept going on and on.

"So how many hot celebrity guys have you met?" I nearly sprayed her with my water when she said that.

"Erm none. I'm still just on the studio. No offence, but its none of your business who I have or haven't met." She gave me an evil glare.

"Now Amelia, be nice to your sister, she was only making a conversation." My dad scolded me. This time I stood up from the table.

"She is not my sister and you have no right telling me what to do. You chose your family when you walked out on us for her." I pointed to Pauline. I grabbed my bag and stormed out the restaurant, Mason hot on my heels.

"Am slow down!" He hugged me when he caught up with me. "I have waited near enough my whole life to see you blow up at dad." He let me go and directed me to the car. I was quiet the whole car ride home. Surprisingly all the guys were waiting in the lobby for us. They all enveloped me into a big bear hug.

"Mason gave us the heads up." James whispered into my ear. I smiled at them all and gave them all a kiss on the cheek, apart from Kendall who moved his face to get a proper kiss from me. I explained everything that went down at dinner and they all looked sympathetic.

"Don't worry about it. Just think of the fact that its nearly Christmas!" Carlos shouted in the quiet lobby. I looked at my friends and smiled. They had unnoticeably filled the whole my dad left in in my heart all those years ago.

We all hung out at our apartment and all fell asleep on the couches. The next morning mum made us breakfast and we headed down to the pool. We were all having a great time until I noticed four people walk into the lobby that I never wanted to see again.

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