Separating Fact from Fiction

Chapter 1


Unspeakable Rowling

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(Takes place a month after the final battle)


Harry ruffled his shaggy, untidy black hair before pushing up his glasses. Ron and Hermione (who had just gotten engaged) had ditched him to help Headmistress McGonagall clean up the castle, which had been destroyed in the final battle. Though Harry knew it was a for a good cause, he wanted throttle them for leaving him to do an interview alone.

Ever since the truth came out about the Hocruxes, him side stepping the killing curse, twice, and defeating Voldemort for good, everyone wanted to thank him or write an article about what happened. He had thought it was a good idea and went to the first interview, along with Ron and Hermione.

This proved to be a mistake because the second they stepped into the pub where they were supposed to meet the reporter, they were instantly mobbed with rabid fans, shouting thanks, and some (who had the nerve) even shoved there bra's into their pockets.

Harry had burned his share in the middle of the night.

Since then, the true story remained hidden and wild rumors spread across the public. One was even that Harry and Co. had sneaked into the ministry using the Rotfang conspiracy. There was another that Harry was planning to overthrow the Dark Lord to become the next Dark Lord, but that rumor was easily passed and forgotten.

However, the ministry had sent him an owl that an Unspeakable name Jo Rowling wanted to meet him in Hogshead for an interview. Though he was reluctant, he knew that it wasn't some reporter, people were scarce in Hogshead, and Abeforth would scare the frenzied fans that happened to see him away.

He had asked Hermione and Ron to come, and they accepted, albeit hesitantly. Now it was the day of the interview and they had ditched them to clean up the castle. Harry knew it was an excuse; the castle was almost nearly rebuilt, ready for the new term.

Harry bit his lip before taking off his glasses and putting it in his inside robe pocket. Taking a large pinch of floo powder, he took a deep breath and said, "Hogshead," before throwing the floo powder into the fireplace and disappeared in a whirl of green fire.

Moments later, Harry appeared, soot covered, in the back of the pub. Coughing light, he brushed soot off his clothes and hair before taking his glasses from his backet and putting them on. Nodding to Abeforth, who was manning the bar, he had scanned the rest of the area. There was only one other occupant in the room and Harry guessed it was the Unspeakable he was supposed to be meeting.

She looked rather young, but was aging gradually. She had wrinkles around her eyes and a small smile on her lips. She had silvery grey hair the ended above her shoulders and was wearing black crisp robes.

"Are you Jo Rowling?" He asked once he sat down in front of her.

"That is correct," Jo said. "Hello Harry Potter, it's great to finally meet you."

Shaking her outstretched hand, Harry smiled. At least she wasn't mobbing him like the other reporters who tried to get an interview.

"You wanted to meet me about my life on the run from Voldemort and write an article?" Harry asked, fingering his wand which was in the pocket of his trousers.

Jo shook her head, "No, not exactly.

Harry was confused, "Then why are we here?"

"I don't want to write an article about your life on the run. I want to write a book series about your years at Hogwarts, staring at your first year of Hogwarts," Jo smiled serenely.

"A book series?" Why a book series, Harry thought to himself.

"Yes, a muggle book series about your life. They'll think it was just a book."

"Well, why?"

"Wizards and Witches have been slipping up about the entire wizarding world. The temprorary minster suggested I write a book series to ease there curiosity of the muggle word. They're getting highly suspicious."

"Well, what about my name?" Harry asked. "I like to visit the muggle world every now and then and if everyone knows about my life story and think it's just a story, wouldn't that arouse more suspicion?"

"In the book, I'll just state that all the names I used in the book were friends of mine," Jo said.

Harry frowned, "How many books are you planning on making?"

"Seven. Each for one of you books of Hogwarts. I'll also release it into the wizarding world to get the fans off your back."

Harry sighed; it was like she knew his weak point. "All right, it's sounds fine."

Jo smiled, "Do you also mind if we have regular interviews? I don't want to go rifling through your memories."

Harry thought about it. Ginny wasn't going to graduate Hogwarts until next year and Ron and Hermione were busy with the wedding. It would've been nice to have someone to talk to.

That was how the weekly Sunday meetings with Harry and Jo started.


It had been several months since Harry and Jo started their weekly meetings and Jo's first book, titled Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, had just came out. They were now working on the Chamber of Secrets.

"So, people actually though you were Slytherin's heir?" Jo laughed while Harry nodded sheepishly.

"Well, I think that's enough for today," Jo said, tucking her muggle notebook into her sling bag. "Also, please don't be offended when other's start joking around about your life. They do think it's just a story."

"What?" Harry asked.

"You and Hermione aren't the only ones who can travel through time," Jo winked.


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