Hi everyone! Yukihime211 here. Well, I was bored and I had this idea of making an OC based story. I wanted to see if I could make this happen cuz it looks like none of my fav. stories have updated in forever. I'll be trying to take your OC's and keeping them as much in character as possible. I've noticed there wasn't an OC story for the next generation of the Lovely Complex crew and decided to give it a whirl. (Sorry if I'm mistaken and there actually is.)

I'll be adding my 2 OC's in so sorry folks but Risa and Otani are already taken as the parents. Feel free to choose from the other canon characters as the parents though. I'll probably only take about 10 characters five girls and five boys as the "main crew" but feel free to send in students, teachers, rivals ect. ect.

The story will generally take place in high school. I'll update as soon as I have enough people. Although, I might only do a few chapters unless I get feedback. If I do update, it won't be regularly as I already have story going that I MUST update regularly plus school and stuff. But that doesn't mean I'll throw this aside. Well, here's the little bio thing so you can submit your OC. Thanks. ^-^


Name: Kanna Otani



Birth Date: April 18


Looks: She has transluscent and well cared for skin, hazel/golden eyes, and her hair is a light brown that is slightly wavy past her waist. She wears a white headband and has bangs that fall a bit below the eyebrows. Hour glass figure.

Personality:A bit like her father as she can be clueless when it comes to things like love. She is rather on the serious side and takes offence easily. Tends to keep her thoughts to herself, unless it has to do with fashion and cute things which sends her off into girly-girl mode which leads her to be more talkative. She is slightly klutzy.

Parents names:Otani Atsushi and Otani (Koizumi) Risa

Sibiling(s):Hiroshi (older brother)

Likes:Fashion, reading, singing, and kittens.

Dislikes:Slobs, her height, and running. Umibozu *gasp*

Phobia:Lygophobia (fear of darkness)

Health Issues:Gets sick easily since her immune system is low.

Best subject:literature and home ec.

Worst subject:P.E.

Hobbies:Styling hair, karaoke, and star gazing.

Love interest:Open

Other:She thinks her brother is way too overprotective. Oh, did I mention the two of them are twins?

Name: Hiroshi Otani

Age: 15


Birth Date: April 18th


Looks:Slightly tan and toned, light brown hair in Kazuki's style (La Corda D'Oro) brown eyes. Usually has a few scrapes since he plays sports.

Personality: He's a happy go lucky guy with a serious sister complex. Only ever serious when guys come on to his little sister. He enjoys sports and lives life to the fullest without much care in the world. Sometimes acts like a stalker.

Parents:Otani Atsushi and Otani Risa

Sibling(s): Little sister Kanna.

Likes:Video games, racing, and playing basketball.

Dislikes: Homework, cleaning his room, nags and rainy days.


Health Issue:Healthy as can be. No health issues.

Best Subject:P.E.

Worst Subject: Math

Hobbies:Track, hiking, gaming and messing with little sister.

Love interest:Open

Other:Thinks his sister is a little too uptight and should be more open once in a while.




Birth Date:









Health Issue:

Best Subject:

Worst Subject:

Love Interest:


A/N Well, I'll start working on the first chapter right now as I wait for you guys to send in your OC's.