The Only Exception

I don't own the characters. Except the guy name Chad. Dick Wolf does. It's based of the song The Only Exception by Paramore. I started writing it this summer on the road to Illinois.

Olivia Benson walked into the precinct and yawned rather loudly, remembering that last night had been a complete disaster and she couldn't wait for a cup of coffee to jolt her awake. She saw Elliot already at his desk and looking at her rather intensely "What Stabler?"

"Long night?"

"You could say that," as I smirked and then sat down at my desk where a cup of coffee was eagerly awaiting me.

"What's his name?"

I sensed a little jealousy in his voice and also some small trace of genuine care. "His name was Captain Boring. Remind me to not let Alex set me up on a blind date again."

"Sure thing Liv. So nothing happened," as he locked gazes with me.

"Well he took me to dinner and by the entrée I wanted to crawl out the bathroom window."

"Poor guy," as Elliot chuckled.

"Easy for you to say. All he talked about was how the weather is slowly getting hotter and that the icebergs are melting."

"I take it that kind of small talk bores you."

"That's a nice assessment El," as I smiled and took a careful sip of coffee.

"What was his name I want to look him up."

"I'm not telling you," as I pretended to be completely serious about it.

"Fine I'll get it out of Alex," as he stood up and walked towards my desk.

"No she won't tell you because she owes me so her lips are sealed."

"Well then it's a good thing I'm a detective."

I didn't want Elliot digging around in my personal life so I quickly added "we have work to do El let's get to work."

We caught a case and went to investigate. A young girl had gone missing and the parents were clean and had solid alibis. They had been running around the city and had finally found the girl, in a van in the meat packing industry. The van had a puppy in it and the girl had crawled inside conveniently ducking behind a crate as they closed the door sealing her in but she was too busy playing with the puppy to notice. No charges were pressed since it seemed to be an accident so they returned to the precinct and had just sat down when Alex came in "hey Liv."

"Alex," as I tried to hold back the anger boiling inside of me.

"What," Alex asked defensively.

"He was a total dud."

"Yeah sorry about that but I owed him a favor."

"Well now you owe me."

"Fine, a friend suggested this guy named Chad and I think you should meet for drinks."

"Alex," I said with a warning in my voice.

"Before you say anything he's really hot. He was in the last NYPD calendar."

"We have a calendar, I asked befuddled.

"Yes here I'll pull up his picture," as she typed in a website on the computer.

The guy who appeared on the screen had short brown hair, sparkling green eyes, and a great smile. I decided that he didn't look to bad "ok Alex what time?"

"Eight at the bar across the street."

"Liv didn't you tell me this morning to not let Alex set you up on another blind date?"

"It's not a blind date. I just saw his picture."

"Fine tell me if he's boring."

"Let's go Liv we have to pick out an outfit."

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