The Only Exception

I don't own the characters. Except the guy name Chad. Dick Wolf does. It's based off the song The Only Exception by Paramore. Sorry I haven't updated in a while.

Elliot and Olivia headed to the hospital and talked to the victim, questioned her, and took the rape kit to be tested. They were walking into the precinct when Olivia heard a familiar voice "Olivia."

Liv turned around slowly and saw Dean standing there like he hadn't hurt her the last time he saw her. "What are you doing here?"

"I had to talk to Cragen about something."

I saw Elliot step in front of him and realized that this wouldn't be good. El was already starting to ball his fists and the last thing I needed was for my partner to get suspended. Porter wasn't worth it. "El, just back off. He's not worth it."

"Liv how can you say that? He gained your trust, your friendship and then he smashed it like a fucking piƱata and now he deserves to be smashed."

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Cragen coming towards us "Elliot walk away."

I don't think Elliot heard him; either that or he was ignoring him.

"Stabler my office!"

Elliot didn't budge, he was still staring Dean down. I moved towards them and was about to be in between them when Dean punched me. I uttered a cuss word, and then he realized what he did "Liv I'm so sorry. I didn't see you," but it was too late Elliot was on Dean like a hungry piranha. In a second Elliot had Dean in a chokehold "You better apologize you son of a bitch, and you better mean it."

Dean started turning blue and before I knew it Munch and Fin had pulled El off of Dean. They took him to Cragen's office and made sure to keep him in there though he kept trying to break out. Personally I didn't think anything could get El to calm down, except maybe me. I knew that El would never hurt me, at least physically. Emotionally I wasn't so sure and yet my emotions got the better of me. I saw Dean lying on the ground gasping for breath and made my way over to Elliot "El, you have to calm down babe before Cragen sends you home and then you won't be able to watch my back."

I knew what I said was slightly manipulative but unfortunately I knew it would help make him come back to reality. Dean was taken to the hospital by a fellow officer and Cragen held Elliot in his office to talk to him, while I was forced to sit at my desk. I saw Munch and Fin trade glances "What?"

"We were just wondering if Dean's punch hurt."

No, he hits like a girl."

They exchanged another glance and then burst out laughing, and then Elliot emerged from Cragen's office looking oddly serene. He approached my desk "Liv, can we talk for a second on the roof?"

"Yeah, sure," as I got up to follow him out. We were down the hall but I still heard Munch and Fin laughing.

"Why are they laughing?"

"They were wondering if Porter's punch hurt and I said no and that he hits like a girl."

Elliot smirked "I don't doubt that for a second. Rat bastard." We reached the roof and as the door closed behind me I felt nervous and hoped whatever El had to say didn't shatter my heart.

"I told Cragen."

"Told him what," as I fidgeted nervously.

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