So long have I bravely fought

To save my sons, my daughters

brothers and sisters

mothers and fathers

At last I am ready to rest

to end this unforgiving night, this wasteland of time and matter

But it is not to be...

Again I am called

Again I must fight

fight the traitors of the endless night

For with my father, I shall go

Too late, the toll has been taken

Brothers and sisters

sons and daughters

mothers and fathers

taken by the dayless void

Onward I must forge

a shepherd to these lost sheep

the last protection against the sinful goats

And so I forge on...on into night

I bear my scars with pride

They are the very signs of my devotion

my unyielding spirit

but they yet take their toll

my body aches with each step, crying out in futile prostest

My arm lies limp, my twin swords cut to one.

My sons dwindle in number, many daughters are no more

My fathers are swallowed by the cold void

My mothers lose their souls to the endless night

and so my soul weeps

My bones ache endlessly

My feet drag upon this unholy ground

and yet on I must forge

I must not lie down within this field of darkness

this land of death

of darkness

of pain

and so on I go...

One last fight

my bones cry their dire warning

My arm lies bloodied by my side

but I...must...fight...

Their numbers overwhelm me

White arrows pierce my flesh

my cries of pain echo into the soulless dark

But at last they stop

my strength has overcome

I fall upon the ground, unable to rise again

My legs betray my will, moving me naught

But I see the meadow just before me

I must go on.

With my hands I crawl forward

at last, I have reached it...

My time has surely come, my body aches as no other

So my brethren say their farewells

we prepare for one last journey through the night

But my father lingers, his eyes follow my scars with pride

and in his pride, I find my own

This hard man, a face of stone from which no tear can fall

When at last he goes, I see the sadness in his eyes

No matter how the others weep, I shall remember those eyes...

And so on we go, back into the ni-


A light shines forth

The mother of all things shines before me

Her smile greets my bludgeoned skin

And such it seems to heal

But on my face I can show no such thing

but my heart knows radiant joy

On I go into the light, the beauty overcomes me

Daybreak...has come

See you on the other side

So say we all

A/N: Meh, just something I came up with while hearing "Your Destiny is Coming" (awesome song, by the way). I just happened to notice how few poems there are about Galactica herself.

And for some reason, the freaking editing thing WILL NOT let me center this like I wanted to. It's been giving me a lot of trouble lately...