Hi, guys. How you all doing? I've decided to write a bunch of Jyler one-shots just something I'll update when I get a random one pop into my head they'll be poems, song fic ect. I will also be taking requests so if you have one send me a message or leave it in a review. So, yeah, favourite, alert, review and all that stuff.


Jeremy sighed as Tyler continued to dodge his questions, it was getting stupid now. He wasn't going to be a sex-buddy for Tyler to rub up against whenever he felt like it, he needed to know whether or not this was moving forward or if they should just stop before one of them got to attached, "Tyler? Would you just answer me, already?" Jeremy complained. Tyler rolled his eyes as he pulled up his pants and looked around for his shirt.

"Look, Jeremy, we don't need to get into this right now, OK?" Tyler found his shirt and put it on, "We've barely been seeing each other. There is no need to start thinking about stuff like that. Where's my other shoe?"

"Over there," Jeremy said pointing over to his trainer, "I'm not saying that I wanna know if you're going to fall in love with me or whatever I just wanna know whether or not we're wasting our time." Tyler sighed. He might as well tell him something to get him off his back.

"I don't know if this is going to turn into a big relationship or not, Jeremy," Tyler said and he was being honest, "But I do care, alright? I do, it's just I don't think about stuff like when will I tell my mum? And...My God I'm giving ideas, aren't I?" Jeremy laughed as Tyler wrapped his arms around his waist, "Ok?" Jeremy nodded his head and smiled; Tyler leaned in and gave him a quick kiss. Jeremy turned to leave but Tyler pulled him back and thrust his tongue into his mouth exploring the already know territory.

Ok, so, maybe he did have more feelings for him. He didn't need to know.