Incredible Spiderman

by Mathieu Leader

Spiderman is owned by Marvel and created by Stan Lee and not by myself:

This Fanfiction contains original characters:

Note: This Fanfiction is set in an alternate universe to mainstream Marvel and is set within Spiderman's early career:

Chapter One Stark Secret

New York City Daily Bugle:

The fresh form of Peter Parker entered office of the Assistant Editor of the Daily Bugle a man called Robbie Robertson who had greying hair with dark eyes surrounded by a pair of thick glasses, wearing his usual attire of a black suit with a red tie.

In his usual stern tone he said "Peter I want you to interview Norman Osborn today, would that be too hard for you as your friends with Harry his son,"

"I'm sorry Mr Robertson when have I got to complete the interview?" the pale faced Peter Parker asked gingerly.

"Oh you know the usual debt line of a few weeks," Peter spoke cheekly only for Robertson to give me a disapproving stare. "NO you idiot Peter remember your place," Peter's conscience roared

Midtown High

Peter Parker had grown his chestnut hair to have a long fringe that flapped across his eyes; he wore a set of blue jeans and a red shirt which had seen far too many days of action. He now looked excited as he approached his friend Harry Osborn a chubby teen with pimples, jet black short hair and green eyes who was smartly dressed in a blue suit.

"What's got you so excited?" asked Harry rather glumly

"Hey Harry I've been given this massive project at work" Peter answered enthusiastically

"Wow that's great, what it is" exclaimed Harry with glee

"I've got to interview your dad" said Peter

"Great" said Harry moaned at being constantly in his dad's successful shadow yet again.

"Harry that's enough sarcasm for one day, do you know anything interesting about your father or your family?" inquired Peter

Harry's eyes shone with eagerness as he started to speak in a hushed whisper "Pete you must have heard of Stark Enterprises?"

"Yeah I have the multibillion dollar defence contractor and technological company owned by Anthony Stark, what the company has to do with you?" questioned Peter

Harry answered rather nervously "Well my dad has got a younger half-brother believe it or not, called Julian, my father was separated from him when they were children as he lived with his father, then his father and stepmother where killed in a tragic car accident afterwards Julian's father's company was left to Julian's half brother on his father's side Tony,"

"So your saying your Tony Stark is your uncle?" said Peter shocked

"Yes but all records of the affair has been hushed up and Julian was sent to an international school in Zurich and later became a diplomat and relationships between him and dad have been frosty at best,"


The form of Norman Osborn with his black hair neatly combed and parted dressed in a grey suit was filing away paperwork.

Then suddenly a loud crash sounded and the alarm rang shrilly the door was unhinged there stood a rotund man with cropped blond hair with grey misted eyes dressed in a Kevlar white suit with eight riving bronze forearms.

"Who are you?" inquired Osborn angrily

The man did not reply at first merely a large elongated bronze forearm was jettisoned, and captured Osborn.

The man now spoke in a firm Germanic accent "I'm Otto Zelman, please allow me to explain my . I had a lack of movement as a child, I was diagnosed with a condition called dysphasia, but I had a brilliant mind my parents came into contact with a brilliant neurosurgeon that came into with me. Then grafted me a new set of marvellous limbs and since then I've been a researcher of science but I needed some money to carry on my research,"

He continued coolly "But luckily a kind relation of yours donated some money but in order for me to get the money. I need to kidnap you"

Speechless Osborn was whisked away in the calm of the night.

Aunt May's Apartment:

Peter rushed in from school he saw the kind elderly figure of his Aunt May looking distraught.

She said shocked "Peter you've never guess what has happened! You know the business mogul Norman Osborn has been kidnapped by what the TV is calling a criminal they've nicknamed Dr. Octopus,"

"What! Where's Harry?" shouted Peter with worry

"Oh don't worry Peter, he's been left in the care of his uncle Julian Stark the famed diplomat," Aunt May cooed sympathetically

"Also your boss Jameson called from his condo in Miami, due to the allegations of kidnapping and threats of lawsuits from Stark Enterprises the article has been dropped,"

Peter thought to himself his now cancelled assignment was more interesting and an excellent mystery to solve for Spiderman.

Unknown location

The drowsed form of Norman Osborn awoke after being sprayed with chloroform from one of Zelman's tentacles.

He was bound and gagged he mustered a feeble plea "Where I'm I?"

The rich fruity tones of Zelman's voice echoed from an intercom "Ah hush Osborn I've arranged a little family gathering,"

The sliding metal door from Osborn's cell opened a man with curly black hair and brown eyes with a curled beard entered the room wearing a beige pinstripe suit.

Osborn gasped with a mixture of shock and rage "Brother!"

"Ah it is good to see you again Norm, it's been three years since mum passed on I must say we do look alike," said the man cheerily

"Julian why have you kidnapped me?" said Norman tearfully

"Ah that is simple for the foreseeable future I'm CEO of Stark Enterprises. As my younger playboy brother has succumbed to the demon drink, and if I have that brothers company so another family asset will soon be in my grasp,"

"There's more to your plan Julian don't play dumb with me?" shouted Osborn hotly

"You where always the fairytales prince in shining armour, but I'm the greedy goblin in this yours life story what I'm doing for AIM is to sell Tony's armour. Alongside Your experimental superhuman formula to create a better world," Julian spoke eagerly

Julian continued darkly "But dear brother before you die witness the metamorphosis of me into a superior being!"

He pulled out a vial of grey fluid and then he swallowed it whole.

Osborn stared in horror as he saw his brothers face contort in pain, and his skin became hardened ridges. These ridges became tinged with a dark green. Now his brown eyes now became pitch black and two green horns sprouted from his forehead.

He smiled revealing a set of yellow fangs and he began to speak in a much hoarser deeper voice "I have truly become the goblin in your fairytale life, but now it is to end your life with not a so happy ending well not for you it will be happy but it will be happy for me,"

To be continued in Chapter Two Hostile Takeover:

Now that Norman Osborn has been captured by Julian Stark will Spiderman get help from the man who hides wears a suit of armour?


I've modelled Julian Stark on Tony Stark's nephew Morgan Stark, as well as incorporating some aspects of the Ultimate Green Goblin as well as Justin Hammer.