Incredible Spiderman

Chapter 6 Everything Changes:

By Mathieu Leader

St. Jude's Hospital

A small white brickwork hospital stood in the secluded woodland, this hospital is known as St. Jude's. This brought the rich and powerful to their doors to assure a lengthened lifetime with happiness and healthiness...

Recently admitted to these doors was Jonah Jameson, the celebrated editor of the Daily Bugle it was my job to question him me FBI Agent George Hector Stacy. I got out of the car into the deserted ward the nurse quietly escorted me to the sitting room, a tastefully decorated room with flowers and laid out on the plates where sugar cookies.

On the other side of the table was Jameson in a wheelchair looking significantly ill with tubes attached to him everywhere regulating his medication.

"So Agent Stacy what is it that you want?" gruffly asked Jameson with a discontented look on his face

"I want to know about Michael Minnelli the boxer who fought against Spiderman as an opponent in Peter Parker's wresting career?" sternly answered Stacy to Jameson's question.

"Look Stacy, Minnelli was just an insignificant cog in the machine of criminality that operates in our fair city. Why is the information about him so important to you?" Jameson asked with calm authority

"Minnelli might have been portrayed as insignificant cog. But the truth could be contrary to his low level status. Because two enforcers with superpowers called Electra, and the Chameleon, have decided to kill Spiderman forgoing Fury's plan to lure Spiderman by going in and rescuing the damsels in distress," Stacy said tersely his eyes coldly staring at Jameson who had helped himself to a homemade cookie.

Jameson smiled and spoke kindly "Relax Stacy, c'mon have a cookie to settle your nerves,"

"Don't butter me up Jameson I know about the piece on the underworld you did!" exclaimed Stacy with rising anger at Jameson's flippant attitude just continuously eating cookies and sipping coffee.

"Alright Mr. Grumpy, I'm just trying to lighten the mood," Jameson sighed whilst wiping the cookie crumbs from his iconic toothbrush moustache with a navy blue embroidered napkin.

"The New York crime scene is particularly complicated as you get the plainclothes folks, the heavy hitters, then the kingpins, however with the growing number of mutants some criminal kingpins have been contracting and employing these odd sorts of mankind to spread fear and intimidation throughout the states with their specialities." Jameson said curtly

Stacy said coldly "With these changes I just hope humanity can cope,"

Jameson said calmly with a tear in his eye "My son went up into space he underwent a startling change. As he had to adapt to his condition as a living rock but his three friends who went with him also changed Richards is now able to stretch his mind further into many possibilities then there where the Stromberg Siblings, the first Johnny is now guiding flame in this heroic age and his sister Susan is able to be a strong presence so strong that within her presence crime becomes obsolete together these foursome are fantastic ..."

"I see that these mutants can be both a source of good and evil profitable. In these times morality is decaying faster, and faster replaced with the rampant wave of amorality that is spreading to every corner of society." Depressingly replied Stacy with a look of discontent and misery on his lined face

"Enough of the socialist whiny crap can it Stacy, I've accepted my sons different outlook on life perhaps you should do the same. Mr. Minnelli worked for the Schemer quite the rising star when it comes to shady characters in the Forrest Hills area," Jameson whispered curtly

"Thanks Jonah you've helped a desperate man find answers," Stacy said relieved his tears brimming in his eyes

"No problem Stacy this kidnapping is a disconcerting arrangement glad I could be of service in my condition," chuckled Jameson whilst coughing a dry wheeze from his chest. As he waved goodbye to FBI Agent Stacy who had left the sitting room a broad shouldered man with sand blond gelled hair came in wearing a blue plastic medical gown.

Jameson wheeled himself around to the man Jameson spoke aloud in surprise "Connors it appears your now on the road to recovery?" pointing to the small stump of hand that was growing on a pale arm that was encrusted with dry skin and iodine that was this mans newfound limb…

"I've been operated on by a new experimental procedure whereby a reptilian's regenerative capability is sampled and placed into new stem cells and injected into me to give me a renewed arm. Then I'm given these monthly injections to maintain my new limb till my body accepts it as its own," Connors said coolly

Jameson replied jokingly "Who knows you might turn into a monster?"

"Maybe then I might call myself Dr. Croc, or the Alligator, or Jurassic Man!" exclaimed Connors gleefully

"Nah as a journalist these nicknames are cliché, how about the Lizard it commands a certain sense of authority. As well it's simple to remember," Jameson spoke calmly after a momentary pause Jameson then continued asking curiously "How did you loose arm anyway Connors?"

"I was a doctor in the medical corps for NATO. Our encampments in the Afghan mountains got bombed by the Taliban and let's leave like that," Connors spoke quietly with a sense of overhanging resentment.

"What are your plans once you've undergone your treatment?" Jameson spoke softly

"I plan to apply for a residency at ESU to further my medical research," Connors spoke eagerly "But what of your plans Jameson?" asked Connors

"Due to my cardiac arrest I will settle down and retire from the Bugle new things will come its way that's for sure,"

Connors said intrigued "This headline maybe of some interest to you," handing him a new copy of the Daily Bugle.

Jameson read "Osborn has taken control over the Bugle, in what people are calling the Bugles Rebirth having executive Kathryn Farrell. She is assuming editorial control of the company with its slogan "the Daily Bugle sounding out the peoples concerns for all to hear never sounding as strong!" Jameson smiled and said excitedly "Well things for the company have has had a turn in good fortune I wonder how Eddie is doing,"

The Daily Bugle:

Eddie Brock had just started his second week at the Daily Bugle, as a reporter even in such a sort space of time. Eddie had noticed a swift change to the newspaper from having a brash smoking loudmouth as its editor to a calm neat resourceful woman which was Kathryn Farrell.

Eddie was filing away paperwork until the doors opened and Mrs. Farrell had entered the room a slim woman in her early forties with a mousy brown bob and wore a crisp grey suit.

"Eddie what is your background?" She said coolly

"Why do you ask Farrell?" asked Eddie curiously

"According to our records you're listed under a different name," Farrell said surprised

Then took a deep sigh speaking thoughtfully "apparently my real father was a boxer called Minnelli, who died from a stroke due to a boxing injury that's why birth name is Gino Minnelli. But I took my middle name and the witness protection agents changed my name as my mum did not want any negative influence on my life," sadly lamented Edward

Well this is going to be interesting because I just got a call from your father's executor, who thought Michael Minnelli had a son from his second wife Anne. As the rest of the Minnelli clan are criminals they're unfit to claim the inheritance," said Kathy said softly

"So does this mean I inherit my dad's money?" said Edward curiously

"The amount is over half of his money he had got during his career as a boxer the other assets are unfortunately unavailable to you as they've been made through criminal activities," Farrell said coolly

The doors suddenly swung right opened revealing a uniformed man with short greying blond hair with watery blue eyes "My name is George Stacy I'm here to accompany Mr. Minnelli on the way to his meeting in regards to his fathers estate for his own protection on the advice of the family attorney Mr. Murdock,"

Silent Edward Minnelli went with Mr. Stacy from the office through to the cafeteria where Mr. Stacy began to talk in a hushed voice.

"Look son the speech I gave to your boss Mrs. Farrell was a cover story. I've been advised by your lawyer in your best interests, it's not wise to inherit the money as it has been entrusted to the Schemer rumoured to be generous philanthropist. Richard Fisk who is your godfather according to information gained from my associate Mr. Murdock," Stacy spoke in a serious stern tone

"Who is the Schemer?" said Edward scared slightly at the name

"A very bad person who has caused a rather sinister turn in the criminal circuit with hiring superpowers at any given moment to rub out competitors," said Stacy calmly

"Then I'll just go anyway your just scaring me not to claim my inheritance!" Edward shouted angrily

"Ok just go kid," Captain George Stacy sighed resignedly

3 Days later Parker Household:

The elderly figure of Aunt May came into Peter's room "Those two girls are back Pete your girlfriend Gwen and Anna's granddaughter Mary, it turns out they where not kidnapped at all they just went out on a sabbatical sponsored by Fisk Futures the charity that raises educational prospects for city kids,"

"Good," replied Peter groggily as for the last three days Peter had been overcome with a summer bout of the flu which stopped Peter from attempting investigating the case.

Aunt May left the room picking up Peters jumbled clothes into the hamper downstairs to the laundry room.

Then in a red orb of light the Daredevil appeared cross-legged at the end of Peter's bed.

Peter groaned miserably "Oh it's you Murdock you must be hallucination brought on by my fever,"

"Don't be silly I'm very real. Or is that the Spiderman, who is friendly in the neighbourhood is just an urban myth told by kids to comfort them when something goes wrong..."

"Fine Murdock just quit speaking in riddles; it's really annoying and retarded!" Peter moaned

"I have come to you Peter to foreworn that the Venom is going to rear its head very soon as foretold on the day of the Lone Watcher's return,"

"Lone Watcher what is the Lone Watcher?" Peter said confused

"His exploits have been recounted worldwide throughout the earths history I channel his spirit ever since the secret of the Cosmic Cube was unlocked,"

"I see but there has got to be more to more to your visit than me being told of Venom is there anything new for you to tell me," Peter said bitterly

"Yes one crucial piece to the puzzle to the ever thickening web that fate has spun for you Parker there are others like you. But the death of your parents still troubles you; the answer lies with the Professor X,"

Then suddenly the Daredevil disappeared in an orb of red light and then the door swung open and Aunt May appeared with a thin smile on her face "I know Peter you where hoping that your uncle was going to teach you genetics. But I had a call from ESU it appears that the college is restarting its semester due to the untimely death of Professor Addams they've got a new teacher a Mr. Kirk Connors to replace him and I passed along the information to him," Aunt May cooed sympathetically to her ill nephew.

"Thanks Aunt May," Peter grumbled indignantly to his Aunt May who had left Peter a cup of minestrone soup for his lunch.

Peter had realised his brief sudden reprieve from his studies was over although Peter did not like the relentless onslaught of bullying and teasing that he'd experienced at Mid-Town High, it was a normal everyday school. Unlike the Empire State University which he was enrolled at was shady secretive and Peter suspected from his conversations with Fury which implied that ESU in reality was a secret SHEILD training facility.

Peter got up took some aspirin and his antibiotics to lessen the severity of his symptoms and packed his bag for his return trip to ESU commencing in a weeks time.

Peter thought to himself how his girlfriend Gwen and his best friend Harry where doing in their week before returning to ESU.

Peter as he thought this saw his friend Harry walk by the street going up to his house, accompanied by George Stacy and Peter Parker heard their footsteps seeing George Stacy entering the room immediately.

George said excitedly "Guess what Pete, I'm running for mayor after Mayor Jensen retired she did a good job but age got to her... "

"That's good but where's Harry?" asked Peter intrigued

"He's coming Pete he too has some interesting news to tell you," George said excitedly

Then the door suddenly swung open once more revealing Harry Osborn who had a big grin on his face "Dad told me that the headmaster, at my brother's school is going to do a guest seminar on mutant relation Charles Anthony Xavier. But people call him Professor X for short,"

At Harry's words Peter stood in silence but when Peter mustered up the courage to speak "Professor X knows how my parents died,"

After a quick dinner Peter just went to bed trying to sleep off his cold...

Meanwhile as Peter slept something big was happening at SHEILD Base Alpha Omega.

Nicholas Fury's personal assistant Maria Hill came in she said coldly "It appears I've done something to upset you sir,"

"Cut the sentimentality, I know who you really are and you do know why I'm upset, Chameleon Operation Incognito was a resounding failure!" Fury commanded angrily

Then the Chameleon changed back into his featureless form "But Fury as a solider with years of combat experience you know not to trust an enemy of yours..." the Chameleon hissed darkly

"There's an old proverb that states. It is good to keep your friends close but having your enemies even closer is a good strategy to have at hand," Fury spoke coldly

"I'm here to up an end to our contract and the only way to seal the deal is for you to die a quick death!"

Then the Chameleon launched into a furious attack of melee kicks and roundhouse punches with deadly accuracy but Fury remained calm having absorbed his attacks.

Then the Chameleon pulls out a revolver and shoots Fury straight in the chest.

Nick Fury fell to the floor with a thud, blood haemorrhaging everywhere spitting out blood and teeth.

"Is there anything you would like to say before you die Director?" the Chameleon said gleefully grinning at the dying man.

"I have a very important question to ask you Anatoly, do you believe in reincarnation." Fury said smiling happily at the deranged madman.

"No I don't!" the Chameleon shouted heatedly

"Well I'm going to make a believer out of you today," Fury laughed

At this remark the Chameleon just stared at Fury pitying him, but the Chameleon's eyes now widened as Fury's old body began to glow bright red and in an explosion of golden flames. He was now instead of the superhuman elderly solider he was a stocky African American in his twenties dressed in a blue suit with cool hazel eyes with a rugged jet black beard.

"Fury you're a mutant?" gasped the Chameleon said shocked

I'm neither mutant nor man I am something between those categories. I guess I'm the first of evolutions newest creatures its way of compensating for the rise in mutants and through my existence we can understand mankind for what it really is," Fury said proudly

"But if this power makes you get a new body when you die how on earth did you know you had it?" the Chameleon said perplexed

"Usually my healing factor heals me and retards my aging, so I applied this theory to a killing situation. Your assassination attempt just put my theory to the test I thank you for that Dacha,"

Fury suddenly closed his eyes and opened his eyes again Fury's gaze was cold and hard and the Chameleon was paralysed.

"From now on everything changes my old outlook on life is gone, my focus for trying to get Spiderman on our side was a risky endeavour I need to focus on stopping crime," Fury said relieved then Fury commanded coldly "Tell me everything Chameleon,"

Without any control the Chameleon just spoke in a flat withdrawn tone.

"I work for Richard Fisk the Kingpin; he's amassing a superhuman army of crooks forming a syndicate of mobsters with literally powerful connections."

"Richard Fisk the son of Wilbur Fisk the Old Don of Manhattan, is planning this he's got ambition that's for sure," Fury said excitedly

"Also Fury... You know how you wanted to have Spiderman in your ranks well it appears that Richard Fearless Fisk has found perfect candidate to become Venom,"

"Who's the candidate and how on gods green earth did Richard got a hold on the pills?" Panicked Fury

"Simple really, the candidate is one Gino Minnelli son of a minor lieutenant of Fisk's empire called Michael Minnelli. That the serum comes from the takeover of Julian Stark's old pharmaceutical company Pill Concern, which has access to Weapon X's cloning development and Weapon X tech we've changed the Venom Serum and reconstituted it into pills."

"I've heard enough," Fury whispered stressfully

Then the Chameleon's mouth was shut and silent once more and issued two guards to put the Chameleon in a jail cell.

2 days earlier Rendezvous Point

Gino Minnelli stood in a black leather jacket with a helmet on a scarlet motorcycle on the docklands and a thin man with blond hair and green eyes spoke softly "You've taken your pills now you can be the hero that Spiderman could never be and outdo him at every turn just as you wanted Gino,"

"Yes indeed I used to watch Spiderman when he used to fight crimes on the television Zeke inspired many to become heroes and now I can fulfil his legacy as Venom," Gino laughed coldly

"Glad you have come to your senses we've paid your tuition to go to ESU. Just remember to keep your eyes Mr. Parker and make him quit as Spiderman for good, and do your dads death justice by putting a sticky end to Spiderman," the blond haired man said eagerly with malice flashing in his eyes.

"I will Mr. Fisk thanks for persuading me to come here," Gino said proudly

"No need to thank me Mr. Minnelli. I'm just helping you inherit your power and great responsibility that comes with becoming an adult," Fisk spoke with sheer delight.

To be continued

Next issue Welcome Back Parker Part One:

Peter returns to ESU to have a seminar with Professor X to uncover more about his parent's death. But there is something on Parker's mind, finding out that Captain George Stacy campaigning to be mayor will the Daredevil's vision of death happen for Peter's girlfriend Gwen... Also the cryptic clue of Venom rearing its head comes in the form of new transfer student Gino Minnelli?

Story notes:

I've decided to reinvent the healing factor in Director Fury's case to give it a more futuristic feel, similar to Doctor Who's regeneration sequence which I based off my envisioning of the healing factor. To give the old patriotic Fury some time to shine but realising the old ironclad guns blazing approach to SHEILD is a bit of outdated in the mainstream comics in my opinion.

So I decided to change tact what if Fury becomes more subtle and more open-minded so I gave him a completely overhaul further adding a more Ultimate Spiderman feel to my series.

But in a future arc of this series you will see Old Fury and New Fury interact together at some point.

Also now the stage is set for a villain to appear Kirk Connors will be the Lizard and Venom will be here in a rival anti-hero type role in the series.

The possible future as seen by Spiderman in Chapter 4 of my comic book series with Stacy campaigning to be Mayor and Venom's arrival is rapidly coming to pass. But who shall be wearing the Green Goblin mask. and I ask you how would handle the next issues of my series, Incredible Spiderman if this arc does culminate in Gwen Stacy's death the choice on if Gwen does die is up to you yes, or no, in your comment in this chapter and suggestion of future issues will be greatly appreciated?