Incredible Spiderman

Welcome Back Parker Part One

By Mathieu Leader

Peter had got his things packed and had taken the subway to get to ESU and sat next to a teen who was a similar age to Peter with black spiky hair with bronze highlights.

"Hey Peter it's been a while so where are you going?" the teen said happily

"Do I know you?" asked Peter confused

"Oh my name is Michael Minnelli. Your replacement at the Daily Bugle, but now I've left too to join ESU," Michael said happily

"Whatever happened to the D.B anyway?" Peter asked curiously

"It's now shifted overseas as it's cheaper to run," Michael said quietly

After an hour the subway had stopped and Peter walked to the elegant gardens of ESU where the elegant brick college of ESU stood and went inside.

In the auditorium it was packed and a short stocky man with brown curls with horn-rimmed glasses stood on the stage speaking. He spoke proudly "My name is Charles Anthony Xavier. Founder of the Xavier Institute, although I'm a mutant difference did not stop me from making a difference in this world. I'm proud to visit with these great schools without them we cannot school others in tolerance to teach tomorrow to be tolerant to all..." Xavier spoke coolly

"I have a question what was your role in the Parkers deaths?" Peter shouted angrily

"Well I was a solider in Israel and I was in the ESP division of the CIA I was drugged so I did not know what I was doing," Professor X shaking his head in anguish speaking scared at the event that happened a long time ago.

"Is there anything else you would like to say Professor?" Peter questioned Professor X angrily

"Yes there is Peter when I came to I managed to mentally teleport your father Richard to Alaska save and sound as to your father's current status I cannot figure out as I blocked his mind from my telepathy so I could not draw any unwanted attention from the authorities,"

After the speech and Q/A from Professor X, Peter returned to his room to find that Michael Minnelli sitting on Harry's bed eating a bag of crisps.

"Mike I think your in the room this mine and Harry's room?" Peter said unsure of him staring confused at Mike's unexpected arrival.

"Oh I'm sorry allow me to explain Harry has been relocated to the other side of the campus to focus on his studies," Mike spoke kindly

"I heard that the previous professor was your uncle Peter?" asked Mike curiously

"Yeah ESU does not have much luck with their professors I bet the position of Applied Genetics is cursed like Defence against the Dark Arts from Harry Potter?" Peter chuckled happily

"Yeah perhaps Professor Connors is a monster," Mike laughed hysterically

"But laughter and fun aside I think Mr. Parker you have a competitor in the superhero business," Mike said seriously

"What do you mean?" Peter stuttered baffled at Peter's statement

"Oh let's just say you and I are quite alike..." Mike grinned sinisterly

Then Mike clicked his fingers and a thick white string of fluid gushed from his fingers and hit Peter scolding his face.

"That smarts what did you that for?" Peter shouted angrily

"For fun, I cannot really control my powers yet. Sorry I guess I have a sadistic sense of humour," spoke Mike apologetically with shock on his face

SHEILD Base Alpha Omega:

"Nick how many bodies have you had exactly this has come to be quite a surprise?" spoke Dugan coldly

"Hmmm I don't know as with each time I change the memories of my earlier bodies fade away... But I do remember being Achilles, or a solider called named in the honour of Achilles,"

The door suddenly swung open a woman with wavy black hair wearing an orange jumpsuit with silver moon shaped earrings whose left arm was a shotgun.

Dugan grumbled "Who are you supposed to be?"

"Oh honey you don't recognise your leader when you see him," the woman said sarcastically

"You're Nick Fury! I thought Fury's superpower could not get any weirder?" exclaimed Dugan in shock

"Well Nicolas would not be such a good name for a man would so I've gone for Nikki instead,"

"That still does not explain how and why another incarnation is in my office!" shouted Nick Fury

"Quite simple really soldiers. It is that the fate of world hangs in the balance in that Parker boy he must die after all Parker is really Ben Reilly Ben Parkers son, and Peter Parker is really that X-Man?" inquired Nikki calmly

"What do you mean are you saying that orphan Scott Summers is the biological Peter Parker?" Dugan questioned bitterly

"Precisely why else would Professor X save the Parkers and teleport them to Alaska long enough for May to give birth to her son in Alaska..." Nikki said calmly

The End of Vol. 1

Story notes

This is the end of volume 1 of Incredible Spiderman.

With the end of volume 1 being that Scott Summers is really Spiderman and Peter Parker is really Ben Reilly will their paths cross?

Find out in Vol. 2 sometime in 2012