I ran to my room crying, I couldn't take it. My name is Rose Hathaway, yes daughter of the famous Janine Hathaway. I don't know my dad, all I know is that he is Turkish and must have wicked cool hair. My best friend is the last Dragomir, Lissa. But back to the point of why I'm crying. I never cry so as you can tell this is a big deal. Dimitri Belikov did this, he caused it. He was my mentor- notice how I used the past tense- I fell in love, and he broke my heart. He left to be with Tasha Ozera. He thinks it would be better for me if he's not around, because After my best friend Mason-well best guy friend- Died I was a wreck. We had decided to pick up my training again, but after killing two Strigoi on my own I haven't been able to focus and Dimitri thought it was because I was being distracted by him and he didn't want me to be, so he left. Plain and simple. So there's my story of why I'm crying. Because if you thought that's all that has happened in my 17 years of life you must not know who I am. A lot has happened I ran away from school with my best friend after being brought back from the dead- yes I said dead. Don't hassle me about it.- Then we were brought back to this hell hole of a school, by non other then Dimitri himself. Well he did have backup, but if it weren't for him we wouldn't be back. Then I had to go and fall in love. But back to the present, there was someone knocking on my door. If anyone knows me they know I don't like them knocking on my door when I'm in a good mood but if I'm in a bad mood they should all run. They should also know that if I want to see anyone then my door will be open or I'll be out there hanging with my friends. And who the hell is up this early? The only reason I am is because I had training, and I'm back an hour early, so really there shouldn't be anyone up. As soon as I opened the door Lissa hurled herself at me. Guess I don't need to use a glare this time. And shit I didn't dry the tears!

"Rose, I got sucked into your head! Oh my god! I had no idea you felt like that towards him! Don't worry he's not worth it! He doesn't deserve you!" And that's what's happening now I'm being comforted by my best friend while I cry on her shoulder. I don't know how long we sat on my bed for but it doesn't matter. I am done crying! Rose fricken' Hathaway NEVER cries. And certainly not over a boy. I break boys and there hearts they don't do that to me. For the first time in what felt like forever I felt myself slip back to the old ways. Where I didn't care about anyone -except Lissa- or anything. For the first time since I got back I felt my old confidence comeback, with it my old attitude. No boy or man will ever hurt me again. With An evil smile on my face I pulled away from Lissa, but before she caught the smile I put on my guardian mask.

"Liss, you should get going I'll see you in the commons. 'Kay? And thanks." I say while untangling myself from her and standing up heading to my shower. Yes while everyone else has to share a bathroom I get my own. Just because no one likes getting on my nerves and lets face it its easy to do That.

"Sure Rose see you. And if you need to talk, remember I'm here for you." She said while waving and leaving my room.

After my shower I went to my closet. Taking out all the clothes in the front I went straight to my stash that only Lissa knew about. It had my most revealing, most sexy, most rule breaking clothes. I found my black and red corset, and a mini jean skirt that barely covered my ass. After throwing that stuff on my bed I dropped to my hands and knees and looked for a pair of shoes. When I found a nice pair they were black maybe 31/2 or 4 inches. And they had red lace on the back and bottom of the shoe. After I put those at the end of my bed I went to my drawers I found my black and red lace bra and thong, after I put them on and the rest of my outfit I went to the bathroom and put on some smoky eye makeup and blood red lipstick. On my way out of the bathroom I spotted my black clutch so I threw my lipstick in there. When I was just about to walk out I thought I should grab my jacket. It was a black leather one that I got when Lissa and I were on the run. So I threw it on. Just before I went out the door I thought one thing and one thing only. "Watch out boys the Bitch is back." Then I walked out the door, smiling my man eater smile. Wait till the boys see me.

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