Ok, this is my first attempt at a Pokemon story so forgive me if it's a little rough. It's based off of Pokemon Colosseum and XD, sort of. I plan to add some of the characters from those games, so it should be interesting. I'm not sure how long this story will go, but I hope to make it long as long as the ideas keep coming on. Please review this story if possible, for I may need some feedback.

Okay…..Now enjoy the prologue!

My name is Maria Nicole Rose. I have two blue eyes and violet colored hair that goes slightly past my shoulders without a curl to be seen. I'm 17 years old and I stand at a medium height and am skinny as a stick to some. My life growing up has normal for a kid in a good society. I had friends, enemies, and acquaintances alike and a family that I cared for very much. Everything was, well, normal. I even became an accomplished pokemon trainer.

But why, then, did it have to change? That is a question that has plagued me for a long time. But, don't get me wrong-some of the things that have happened have been good. It's hard to explain…You have to go through it all yourself. You have to continue on down the never ending road no matter how bumpy it made be. You have to face sorrow, change, pain, and regret. But there are times when you smile, a sincere smile and laugh through you troubles. There's also love and happiness. This…This makes me believe that there's light always at the end of the tunnel so don't give up. Just keep pressing on….truly press on and don't turn back.

Perhaps your confused at what I'm talking about, so it's probably best that I explain with a story of my own. The story of how my life changed for me forever in both good and bad.

Prepare yourself…..

We'll start at a high point in my life to start it off, at a point that always makes me smile…

Ah, those were the good old days…

The stadium was filled with heavy tension as I stood in the arena. All eyes were on my opponent and I as we contemplated what moves our pokemon should do next. Each of us were down to our last pokemon, so there could be no mess ups from either side or the battle would be over immediately. My Blaziken panted from exhaustion as it stood on the battle field of the arena, not yet overcome by the blows of my opponent's just as tired Salamence. Standing tall and fists clenched, the fire pokemon seemed to be going on through sheer force of will and its complete trust in me.

It's trust in me to win the battle.

That trust added to the weights on my shoulders, pushing me further into a hole of shame and disappointment if I lost.. My heart pounded harder against my chest as I thought more and more about it, the pressure began eating me alive.

Sweat dripped down my face as I focused onto my opponent through my nervousness, my legs stiffening and wanting to give out. Shaky and wanting to faint, I probably looked like a mess to everyone. My opponent was just as tense as well, although he did his best not to show it.

He was a tall beefy man that looked to be in his early thirties at the very least and had small chocolate brown eyes that looked like they were being sucked into his very face. He also had tan hair that almost reached his shoulders and a body that even bodybuilders would be envious of. Compared to me, he was a giant of mass proportions. And the way he battled wasn't bad either; how else would he have been able to get this far?

Muscles and Brains…you don't see that everyday.

"Hey girl, I've had fun and all, but now its time to end this battle, already. Don't you agree?" The man asked, his voice carrying a rough English accent.

I smiled. "I couldn't agree more….Ready Blaziken?" I asked.

"Blaze! Blaziken!" The fire/fighting pokemon yelled.

Then let's do this. "Blaziken, use flamethrower!" I commanded.

And so with a powerful cry, the pokemon unleashed a breath of fire from its mouth, sending the attack toward Salamence, almost as if it was alive and wanted nothing more than to consume the dragon whole, flesh and all.

My opponent let a bellow of laughter. "You think we'll fall that easily? Don't make me laugh! Salamence! Block that attack!" He commanded.

The Salamence nodded to its master's command, spreading it's large crimson wings in front of itself for protection.

The flames then hit the wings of the Salamence in a forceful way that was evidently failing because the dragon didn't even flinch an inch. However, busy shielding itself from the attack, the dragon pokemon was too preoccupied to notice what I did next.

"Blaziken, use quick attack to get closer to Salamence!" I shouted.

The fire pokemon nodded obediently and literally sprang into action. Its long legs began dashing across the arena and the dust followed in its wake, making a miniature dust storm that had a enough wind behind it to blow me back a few feet.

That's the way to do it Blaziken. Keep on at it! I inwardly cheered.

Closer and closer Blaziken got to Salamence, until it was only a few feet away and close enough to throw a powerful attack that would finish Salamence off once and for all. With my pulse racing, I was only too happy to order the next attack.

"Now Blaziken, use Sky uppercut!"

Blaziken growled in reply as it approached Salamence, its fist starting to glow pure white. Charged with power, its fist was just an inch away when my opponent made things even more difficult.

Snorting, the man barked, "Salamence, counter with brick break!"

And faster than lightning, claws and fist collided in a flash, causing the air to explode with a loud smacking sound. The collision caused both pokemon to be pushed back a few feet from the force of it all, and already both pokemon were showing more signs of weakness.

My Blaziken was doubled over in exhaustion, gasping for air as it fought to stay conscious. It seemed intent on winning this battle no matter what would happen and when I started to take out its poke ball, its amber eyes turned to glare at me.

"Blaziken…" I whispered in awe, no more words able to suffice. Its expression softened in reply, however its eyes still remained filled with that unquestionable strength of trust and determination more or less saying: Its not time to give up yet, Maria. Not yet.

And Blaziken was right.

We exchanged nods after a moment's glance at each other, and with rebound strength, the pokemon turned and stood with confidence to look at our opponents.

Salamence's head hung low as it breathed in deep gasps of air and fought to stay up. Scratches covered its body from head to toe and its claws had forced themselves into the ground. It's eyes were bloodshot and weary as it forced to keep its head up, and it looked like it wanted to collapse at any moment on hard unforeseen ground. I felt sorry for the poor thing in a way.

Its trainer however looked even more frustrated and angry at the direction of which the battle had taken and refused to admit that his pokemon was weak from exhaustion. His fists clenched and tight, he pointed at Blaziken and screamed," We aren't losing yet Salamence! Use Aerial Ace!"

The Salamence's head shot up in response to the command and it let out a battle cry (or roar) with the last bit of its strength. Then, straitening its body into a battle position, the pokemon used its massive wings to lift it up in the air. Flapping its wings in a rapid motion, it flew forward in a quick fashion, gaining speed in the process.

I gritted my teeth. There was no way Blaziken could avoid that attack, considering how weak it was. We only had one choice: face the enemy pokemon head on or Blaziken was done for.

"Blaziken, I said calmly, it looks like its time we resort to drastic measures."

It turned its head to face me. "Blaze…Blaziken?" It growled questioningly, knowing exactly what I was talking about.

"Yes, Blaziken. It's our only chance." I explained. "Think you can do it?"

It nodded. "Blaze. Blaziken."

I wiped the sweat from my eyes. "All right then. Blaziken, meet Salamence head on while using thunder punch!" I commanded.

With a growl, Blaziken started running. Electricity began building from its fist and crackled with pure 1000 volt power as Blaziken's body also became surround by electricity from the intensity of it all. The cloak of electricity was both beautiful and menacing and justly reflected how much training Blaziken underwent in the past.

The crowd of people were going nuts now after the long pregnant silence of which they had, the cheers of excitement echoing around the whole stadium. It was both rejuvenating and scary of how pumped up the stadium was. But, it was hard to say who they were cheering for, and who they thought was going to win the battle. Was it me and Blaziken? Or was it my opponent and his Salamence? All of it was nerve racking.

I shook my head in frustration. I was panicking. Panicking like a girly girl who doesn't have a dress for the prom.

Focus Maria. You can do this. Just remember how much training you and your pokemon have undergone for this moment. There's no turning back now. Focus. I told myself.

I sighed. No matter what I said, I was panicking. But I needed to focus on the battle as I was doing it, that much was certain.

Blaziken and Salamence were now so close that they looked as though they collide at any moment, the cloak of electricity around Blaziken even brighter. This was it, the final move that would be the decision of who would win this battle.

Now they were just a few feet apart, like wolves who fought each from dominance. It was time for me to end this battle.

"Blaziken, now jump up and hit Salamence on its back, using all the electricity you can muster!" I shouted.

My opponent looked wide eyed with shock. "Wh-What? No! Salamence stop!" He protested.

But it was too late. With a savage cry to the heavens, Blaziken jumped up and delivered an electrified fist of pure power on the Salamence's back. It sent Salamence and Blaziken down onto the ground in seconds, and left the air filled with a loud boom. Dust covered the crashing of the two upon the ground and once it cleared, there stood a victor.

The pokemon was covered with scratches and bent over in exhaustion, but still conscious as it stood on the other pokemon's unconscious body. It was Blaziken.

The crowd went nuts again at the sight of the victor, sending a wave of pride washing over me at my pokemon's impressive win.

"And Joshua's Salamence is unable to battle! The winners are Blaziken and Maria!" The judge shouted in excitement.

Joshua, the name of my opponent apparently, looked shocked and heart broken beyond belief. He looked that way for a moment before saying with a proud, but heavy heart," That was a great battle Salamence. You were great my friend of old. Now take a nice, rewarded rest." And with that he returned Salamence to his pokeball.

I don't know exactly how I felt. I don't know if it was shock or happiness or both. But I know one thing for certain. I was proud of Blaziken and all of my other pokemon. Proud of how far we had all gotten. I ran with eager vigor toward Blaziken on the battle field, and immediately hugged the fire pokemon with such happiness that I was crying, saying "You were great Blaziken. You were great."

The pokemon looked down at me with reflected happiness and hugged me tightly in response. To say I couldn't breathe was an understatement, but sill I was happy. Happy beyond belief. We had won. Won beyond a shadow of a doubt.

A day had passed since the battle between Joshua and I. I was still naturally in a state of shock because I had won the Hoenn league championship. But then again, who wouldn't be? After all, this was a step closer to facing the actual elite four of the Hoenn, which were some of the most powerful trainers in the entire world. It was simply nauseating to think about it in all honesty. But yet I had come so far in my quest to become a pokemon master, and so it wasn't time to quit from pressure.

The ceremony for winning this championship was just like they way I had seen it on TV when I was little. The winner and her pokemon were rewarded a trophy, medals, and a cash prize of 5000 poke dollars, along with a congrats by the host, which was the retired champion of the region (who's name was Steven). And then the winner would receive a good luck for the future battles with the elite four.

The trainer in second place would also receive a small cash prize, along with medals for accomplishing much even though they lost in the end. And for the other trainers, they'd be told to come back again next year and try again.

I can say that I was happy when the ceremony was completely over. I was exhausted and wanted nothing more than sleep, but my pokemon were still hyped up from winning, and therefore it would be impossible to put them in their pokeballs. So, instead of getting some shut eye, I decided that it'd be best if they could release some of their energy in a grassy area right by the Ever Grande city pokemon center.

I sat on a bench as I watched them play with each other and relax. The first thing I saw was my Meganium run around with Flaaffy on her back and my Altaria chase after them, pretending that it was a hungry predator. I also saw my Miliotic swimming around in a small pond without a care in the world and Blaziken lounge under a tree close by. And to top it all off my Delcatty was playing with a ball of yarn that it found on the ground. It was impossible for me not to laugh and watch them play around all day. It was so…peaceful. So relaxing.


I yelped in surprise and fell off the bench onto the ground. "Ouch. That smarts…" I muttered, sitting up. I looked up a second later to find a woman with pink hair and a white nurses dress looking at with a concerned look on her delicate face; it was none other than Nurse Joy.

"Oh goodness! Are you all right?" She asked.

I rubbed my head and smiled. "Yeah, I'm all right. You just startled me Nurse Joy. I'm ok."

"Sorry…" She muttered, helping me up with surprisingly strong hands.

" It's ok." I assured her. "What was it you needed from me?" I asked.

"Your mother, Rebecca, just called just a moment ago. She wants you to call her back."

" My mother? What did she want to talk about?" I said.

Nurse Joy nodded. "Yes. She wants to talk about you going home for a small celebration soon."

Home? The Orre region? I thought surprised. Then again, I should of expected this. It was bound to happen eventually. After all, I haven't been home for two years and I imagine my parents and brother would like to see me in flesh and blood; not on a TV phone. Eh, what the heck? I'm not battling the elite four for a few months, so a small vocation wouldn't hurt.

Nurse Joy cleared her throat. "Um Maria…?" She asked hesitantly.

I blinked. "Oh I see." I said. "I guess I better go talk to her then."

She nodded once more, and with a smile upon her face she said, "Follow me then."

Then we both headed for the pokemon center.

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