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"Dino Cavallone?"

The blond turned his head to look who spoke.

"Good afternoon," she said, her English heavy with Sicilian accent. "Can I speak with you for just a moment?"

"…" he stared in to her greenish brown eyes, lost in them.

"Cavallone?" she repeated, "Is it not a good time…?"

"No," Dino blinked, his cheeks flushing in embarrassment. "I was just… lost in thought for a moment. I apologize." He tried to smile warmly, although he felt his smile was stiff.

The girl smiled back. "Someone from the Luchesse family has been admiring you for a very, very long time now," she said cheerily, her raven black locks swaying in the mild breeze.

Which family are you from? Dino thought to himself, noting closely how beautiful she was, and not paying attention to what she was saying.

"Senior, I believe she's madly and deeply –"

"Elena!" a girl shouted, running toward the girl with greenish brown eyes.

"Oh, there she is." she stepped back, smiling mischievously. "I just told Dino that you're in love with him, Michaela!" she shouted in their mother tongue.

The girl Elena called Michaela gasped and within a second her cheeks were red. "How could you!" she answered in Italian and chased her. Elena laughed and ran away.

"Elena." Dino murmured and followed the two girls with his eyes. He commits her face to his memory as he felt his heart skip a beat.


"EH?" the young Vongola staggered back, eyes wide. "D-Dino-san is…Y-You're…"

The blond Cavallone laughed. "Why? Aren't you happy for me, little brother?"

"Well…It's a little…sudden." Tsuna blushed and looked down.

"So the time has come, huh? You're finally in that stage of life." Reborn smirked, and then sipped from his espresso. "Congratulations, my student. And tell that unlucky girl that she has made a very big mistake when she agreed to marry you. You're still useless without your subordinates, after all."

"Can't you at least stop teasing me, for the sake of the occasion?" Dino asked, hoping.

"No." Reborn took another sip like he could care less.

The Cavallone laughed. "I figured so."

"He's still heartless as ever!" Tsuna thought and cleared his throat. "I never knew you had a girlfriend, Dino-san."

"The thing is… I don't have one."

"What?" Tsuna blinked. "Then how…"

"I see. It's that kind of marriage." Reborn looked at his student.

"I'm afraid so." Dino replied and then smiled.

"What?" Tsuna looked pretty much confused. "What do you mean by that, Reborn?"

"From what family did she come from?" Reborn ignored Tsuna's question and inquired further.

"Zaffiro. Isabelle Elena Zaffiro." Dino answered with a grin.

"She got released just yesterday, hasn't she? I'm surprised you agreed to marry her in the first place." The arcobaleno lifted his cup to his lips once more and took a sip.

"I don't want the violence to continue." The blond reasoned. "And they're practically offering me their princess, so…"

"You're just being lustful." Reborn teased and put down his cup.

With this Dino's cheeks became flushed. "I am not!"

"I'm completely being ignored." Tsuna thought to himself and sighed.

"Anyway, I can't stay too long," the blond stood up. "I have to return to Italy today. Make sure you bring your whole family in my wedding, including Kyoya, of course. Ok Tsuna?"

"Hi-Hibari-san?" the tenth of Vongola turned pale.

"It's an obligation," Dino chuckled. "See you then!" he jumped off Tsuna's window.

"W-Wait!" Tsuna looked at him through the window, but he just caught a glimpse of him as the Cavallone's limousines sped away. "Gone already… Hey Reborn? What do you mean by the thing you said earlier?"

"Hmm… Who knows?" Reborn sat back and placed his cup neatly on his little table.


"Boss," Romario called out, voice steady. "She's here."

"She?" Dino raised his eyebrows and stopped signing documents.

"Zaffiro. Nobody is with her. Our men saw her walking toward the gates…"

"What?" the Cavallone's jaws almost dropped.

"Shall I let her in?"

"Of course, of course." Dino arranged the scattered paperwork on his table.

"Are you sure you have to do this?" Romario asked with a cautious voice. "It's clearly a trap."

"We discussed this matter numerous times already, Romario." Dino sighed. "I'm going to be ok."

"Their lust for our blood won't change." He reasoned still.

"You'll never know if we won't try." His boss smiled and sat back.

Romario sighed, defeated. "Don't call for me if she attacks you." He walked to the door and left.

Dino chuckled a bit but as soon as the door closed, he felt a coldness envelop him. It's not impossible for her to attack him now. If she managed to kill a hundred of his men four years ago, she wouldn't hesitate to do it again, or to him. And now that she had a taste of being in Vindice…


Her cold voice made hairs on his back and arms stand. He looked at her as she stood there. He caught a glimpse of Romario making his worry face as he opened the door, and then closed it as the expected guest entered the room.

"Elena." Dino called out, his throat suddenly dry. "Welcome."

She didn't even flinch nor react. She looked pale. Her frame now became incredibly thin; her dress appeared too big for her. Her whole face looked like she was sucked out of life and vigour. She no longer exudes a warm and charming aura that made the young Cavallone's heart race wildly.

Vindice made her a completely different person.

"You look surprised." She commented, her voice hoarse.

"I…" he started but he cleared his throat instead. "You've changed."

"Vindice isn't very… pleasant of a place." She walked toward him, stopping when she's about an arm's length from his table.

"…Please sit." He motioned and avoided her eyes.

"Promise me you'll stop the murder." She said plainly and ignored his invitation.

"The fighting has stopped the moment we had an agreement."

"Good." She replied as if relieved. "If someone lays a finger on my men, you Cavallone," she glared, staring at him as if planning something grim.

"The Cavallone keeps their promises." Dino assured, "But in return, you…"

"Give me one week to recover. After that, I..." She answers for him and looks away, as if disgusted. "The Zaffiro will bow before you." She turns her back and heads for the door.

"Wait, Elena," Dino stood up and tried to say something, but she already left the room.


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