Slave or Torture

This was the dark times Bakura hadde finally succeeded to take all the millenium items and take over the world.

Those who resisted were killed or captured to be tortured slowly. Those who gave up become his slaves.

One night, two of his slaves came with a young woman with brown hair green eyes and curves and throwing her against him.

Female squinted and looked at his feet and slowly looked up in hes eyes.

He just smirk and said slavery or be tortured. Slavery woman said without hesitation.

She knew what he was capable of but she hates herself for the answer.

She was a coward when her siblings were brave enough to say the opposite.

Bakura prefer when they do not say slavery so much funnier.

But as it is now so ... Very well you will become my new bed slave I was the only tired of my current.

Take her to my room. She was very pale and could not move she just let her self be dragged to the room.

You can count yourself lucky for the moment woman masters bed slave has it better than his other slaves.

As long as you keep him pleased. How do I do that. I dont know I'm not a woman.

Later that day Bakura entered the room and smirk.

Mm I see that I have received some new meat to taste. You fear me dont you. She nodded.

Tell me are you a virgin. She nodded again. What can you not talk Bakura said in a teasing tone.

So you are a virgin. Yes sir. Bakura raised an eyebrow. I mean master.

Good now undress you self. She did as he said and began to undress until she was completely naked.

Good now up on all fours like a dog and beg me to enter your do it now. She was rigid with fear but did it.

Please fuck me master. Good say fuck me like the bitch I am. Now say it!

Master fuck me like the bitch I am. He drove his cock into her and began to humping her. When he was finished he turned to her and said.

I want to see you in the eye so you better look me in the eye. He began to enter her again this time they met face too face.

She was so scared that she closed eyes. Open your eyes bitch he roared. She opened her eyes.

Thats was better he laughed like a maniac. You are my like the whole world as well.

So do not lie just thereget started and do the blow job. She began to suck his dick.

Good my little slave yes you will do fine.